15 Best Summer Jobs For College Students

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

Summer is here again and as a college student you want to make the most of it, isn’t that right? Here are the best summer jobs for college students to earn money while gaining valuable work experience.

The summer season lasts for about 3 months and during this period, there is usually a school break. Both high school pupils and college students are on holiday during this period. Students who live on campus usually come back home to see their friends and family once again. It is usually a fun time in the life of every student mostly because there is no more school work and you can have all the fun you want.

At this time, streets, beaches, malls, restaurants, and attraction sites are usually packed with locals and even tourists, as it is the best time of the year to travel, and this leaves employers looking for more hands in their businesses. This is usually an opportunity for students who are back home to pick up some jobs, earn money, and gain some relevant working experience.

Students who have been saving up to buy a car, dress and makeup, a new smartphone or PC, or anything at all usually earn more money during summer breaks by working. If you fall into any of this group of people then I have a list of the best summer jobs for college students to show to you.

There are a lot of summer jobs for college students to do and because of this it can be challenging for you to pick a suitable one but don’t worry, this blog post has made it easy for you as we have compiled all the best jobs for college students to do during summer breaks.

Summer breaks are not the only time college students can work and earn money. Even while in college and attending classes, there are some online jobs they can engage in that do not require experience. Check our previous article on the best online jobs for students with no experience to find legit side hustles you can do online to make money on the side while going to college. There are also online jobs for high school students as well, not for college students alone.

The best summer jobs I have compiled below are the jobs that pay the highest, do not require any experience to do them, and help you gain relevant work experience. And you are also likely to get employed almost immediately at these jobs. Read further as I expose those jobs below.

Best Summer Jobs For College Students

Are you in your first, second, or third year in college and looking to earn some money during the summer break? Here are the best high-paying jobs you should apply for:

1.     Cashier – $11.71 per hour

Cashiers mostly work at retail stores like gas stations, grocery stores, general merchandise stores, or any environment that requires a cash register. The job is easy and is usually in shifts so you can take as many shifts as you can handle depending on your financial situation. The job involves managing a cash register during customer transactions and calculating and storing money in a safe.

2.     Bartender – $16.00 per hour

Bartenders formulate and serve drinks of all kinds to customers. They can work in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. They are also responsible for maintaining the supplies and inventory for the bar. This is one of the worst jobs for introverts but great for extroverts, so you may want to put your personality into consideration before applying for the role of bartender.

3.     Customer Service Representative – $18.01 per hour

Customer service representatives are usually employed by organizations to interact with customers by handling and resolving their complaints, processing orders, and providing information about the organization’s products and/or services through phone calls or email. They mostly work in retail stores and call centers. However, these days, Customer Service Representatives work from home.

Aside from being one of the summer jobs for college students, customer service representative is also one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students, and also one of the best jobs for ambiverts.

4.     Store Clerk – $11.29 per hour

Store clerks work in retail stores and are responsible for assisting customers with any questions they may have regarding the products and services of the store and helping them find products. They also restock shelves and keep all areas clean. If this is a job you can do then consider doing it during the summer to earn money and gain valuable work experience.

5.     Lifeguard – $13.37 per hour

This is an ideal summer job for those who like to swim, surf, and participate in other water sports activities. In fact, it is an ideal job for college students on the swim team. If this is you, then this is the natural summer job for you. Although you may have to go through some agility and endurance training and do some tests to ensure you are fit for the job. Whatever test or training you will take, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

As a lifeguard, you can work at a beach, the local swimming pool, water park, river, or lake. Your job is to ensure that no one drowns and safety precautions around water bodies are practiced.

6.     Housekeeper – $11.66 per hour

Here is another flexible job you can take up during the summer. You can combine this job with others if you wish to earn more money. Just as the name of the job implies, you will be paid to take care of a house such as cleaning and vacuuming the place, running errands, preparing meals, and ensuring everything and everywhere is neat and in order.

7.     Parking Attendant – $12.30 per hour

Parking attendant is one of the best summer jobs for college students. They typically work in parking garages. Their main job is to monitor and maintain parking lots and take parking fees from customers. This job will require you to pay attention to details and be sharp.

8.     Delivery Driver – $18.45 per hour

Are you a good driver? Then have fun driving around town as a delivery driver for a company delivering food and other items to customers who ordered for them. Personally, I think that this is a fun job as you get to drive around town, meet new people, and see new places while you are at it. This is one of the highest-paying summer jobs for college students.

9.     Tour Guide

People travel a lot during summer, this is because the weather conditions are the most favorable for traveling and having a good time too. Many of these people who travel around are tourists and remember when I mentioned earlier that during summer, streets, beaches, malls, and attraction sites are jampacked with locals and tourists.

During this time of the year, attraction sites and many other places are crawling with tourists, you can work as a tour guide if you are a local and make good money. It is important that you have good story-telling abilities to be a good tour guide.

10.  Barista – $14.96 per hour

A barista is a person who works at a coffee house. They prepare and serve coffee drinks, beverages, and sometimes with pastries, to customers. This job will not just earn you good money but it will help you develop your abilities in customer service and communication which are two useful skills in the job market.

11.  Farm Hand – $13.14 per hour

This is an ideal job for college students who grew up on a farm or like animals. As a farm hand, you will be responsible for caring for the animals on ranches or farms. The tasks include feeding, bathing, and monitoring the well-being of all the animals. You may also be taught how to operate some farm equipment.

If you are looking to become a farm owner one day or pursue a degree in agriculture or veterinary medicine, this is also ideal for you.

12.  Library Assistant – $13.80 per hour

If you are looking to become a librarian, then start by working as a library assistant during summer breaks to gain real-world experience. As a library assistant, you will assist the librarian the maintaining the library, checking in returned books, organizing library resources, and assisting visitors check out and finding the books they are seeking.

13.  Dog Walker – $15.62 per hour

This list cannot be complete without Dog Walker. It is one of the most popular summer jobs for college students that pays well. If you love dogs and being around them, then this is an ideal job for you. You can walk the dogs of different customers at the same time and earn a higher amount of money.

14.  Swim Instructor – $17.32 per hour

Here is another ideal job for college students who are part of their college swim team or who are just really good swimmers. Summer is the best time to swim because of how hot it is and therefore a lot of people would want to use the opportunity to learn how to swim. This is where you come in.

As a swim instructor, you will train kids and adults to learn to swim by teaching them proper swimming techniques and enhancing their abilities as swimmers.

15.  Babysitter or Nanny – $17.67 per hour

Do you love kids? Do you like being around them and taking care of them? If yes then this is an ideal job for you. As a babysitter or nanny, parents will leave you in charge of their kids to care for and look after them while they are at work or on a date night. It is also one of the highest-paying summer jobs for college students.


This wraps up the list of best summer jobs for college students. If you read up to this point you must have seen a few jobs where your strength lies in naturally to do in the summer and earn money. Good luck!


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