Top 15 Highest Paying Future Jobs in Demand (2021-2030)

Last Updated on July 4, 2022

Some of us are taking a break from the pandemic to reassess and set goals for the next few years. Of course, others need a new job right now to pay bills.

Evidence of future employment trends should be useful no matter what group you are in. You can think of the job you need now as a “day job” while looking for your “dream job” or a long-term career.

Future Jobs in Demand 2021-2030

Future Jobs in Demand 2021-2030

On July 7, 2020, one of the leading job sites, posted a list of the “most in-demand” jobs. These in-demand careers have “the most anticipated growth rates over the next five years.” Below, we’ve resorted their list from highest to lowest annual average salary.

Job Title

National Average Annual Salary
 1Software developer$105,090
 3Information Security Analyst$81,555
 4Physical Therapist$74,672
 5Health Services Administrator$70,147
 6Web Developer$72,040
 7Registered Nurse$70,366
 8Financial Advisor$66,083
 9Operations Research Analyst$61,457
 10Medical Technologist$56,368
 11Truck Drivers$57,616
 12Physical Therapy Aide$33,238
 13Construction Worker$31,616
 14Nursing Assistant$28,454
 15Home Health Aide$24,918

Medical and technology skills will be in high demand

The most sought-after skills, according to this analysis, will be healthcare, IT and data science expertise. We noted that seven of the 15 job categories or nearly 47% are in healthcare. Software development, information security, and web design account for three of the six highest-paying jobs on the list. Data science related careers including statistician and operations research analyst are also on the list of most sought-after job categories.

You are not out of luck if you prefer to work outdoors, work with your hands, and do not have a college degree. Truck driving and construction work are also among the top 15. These are jobs that cannot be outsourced to workers in other countries. You have to be present to do them, at least with current technology. (Companies in the US and abroad are working on self-driving trucks, but they are not here yet.)

The only sales occupation on the list is Financial Advisor. It’s also a technical job requiring some facility with mathematics, statistics, and analytical software tools.


You should consider statistics such as high demand jobs, salaries, and job market change forecasts in the context of a total career plan. Other factors include your experience, interests and aptitudes. No career coach, career advisor, interest and aptitude test, or resume writer can tell you what job you should pursue—it’s your choice.

Thanks for reading! We hope the above information has given you the satisfaction you needed as regards highest paying future jobs in demand.

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