9 Best Student Jobs in Germany for Local and Foreign Students

Last Updated on January 27, 2024

Are you a local or foreign student in Germany looking to work as a student? Here are the specific student jobs in Germany curated in this article.

A large number of university students face financial challenges. They spend so much money monthly, especially on study materials and living expenses, that makes it tough for them to live on only the stipends that they get from home. So, they need more money to support themselves financially and the only way for students to earn more money is to get a part-time job as students.

It is very common to find college students taking up part-time jobs as waiters, bartenders, working with the university, or working remotely. If you want to work remotely, there are awesome online jobs for students with no experience to apply for and earn a good income plus the flexibility that comes with working online.

These routes are taken by students to earn more money to support themselves in college, and also to gain experience of what the outside world is like when they graduate. The experience can help them prepare better.  

Some countries permit domestic and international students to take up part-time jobs while others permit only local students to take jobs. There are always strict rules set in place for either local or international students work part-time.

Germany is one of those countries that allow both foreign and local students to work part-time as students so that they can earn money on the side to sustain themselves, support their education, and gain real-world experience.

This article is a compiled list of the best student jobs in Germany to help current students in Germany and those preparing to go study there know the best type of job they can do as students. These jobs are described as the best because they offer good income, flexible to some great extent, and offer you real-world experience of life after school.

Also, all the jobs are part-time so that you can concentrate on your studies as well. Working a part-time job as a student in Germany can help you balance your studies with your finances, and earn just enough to keep you above your feet and you could save some money too. Another importance of doing this is the financial discipline you will gain from it.

How Easy Is it to Find a Student Job in Germany?

According to CBS International Business School in Germany, it is very common in Germany, especially among international students and there are many opportunities to consider. As a student, you have even more options than “normal” employees. For example, you can work as a student trainee or intern. The sticking point is usually the obligation to pay social security.

As an international student in Germany, you are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days per year, and before they start working, they will need permission from the Federal Employment Agency and the foreigner’s office.

How Much Can A Student Earn in Germany?

A student working a part-time job in Germany can earn up to 522.50 euros per month without having to pay tax to the German state.

Best Student Jobs in Germany

Here are the best jobs in Germany for international and domestic students:

1.     English Tutor

Germany is not an English-speaking country and only a tiny percentage of the population can speak fluently. If you are a native English speaker or have fluency in the English language, you can cash out as an English tutor and this is because some of the citizens are looking to learn English for personal and business purposes.

Working as an English tutor in Germany is lucrative and you can decide to tutor your students online, in person, or both. In addition, there are online platforms where you can get an online English teaching job in Germany. Working as an English tutor is one of the natural and best student jobs in Germany for English speakers.

2.      Waiter/Waitress or Bartender

You can work in a bar or café in Germany as a waiter, waitress, or bartender. This is a common job among students in Germany and with the bars and café everywhere it is easy to get a job as a waiter or waitress or bartender in Germany. However, as an international student who cannot speak nor understand German you may not be able to work as a waiter, waitress, or bartender.

This is because you need to have fluency in the language to work in any of the jobs as most, if not all, of the customers, would be Germans. Also, this job can be demanding so it is best done during the summer holidays. It is one of the best student summer jobs in Germany.

3.     Courier

A courier is also known as a delivery person. They deliver important messages or packages to their owners. You can do this job whether you know how to speak German or not because conversations are not necessary. But you will need to learn how to say “sign here” and “thank you” in German.

You can work as a courier for a logistics company, an e-commerce store, or a restaurant to deliver food and other items to customers.

4.     Student or Academic Assistant

Student assistants work in a university with a professor in a field of their studies or a related field, it is usually the most sought-after job among students and also the most popular job among students as they can easily combine working hours with studies. The tasks of a student assistant include working on experiments, compiling materials for lectures, providing administrative support, and assisting with research.

Student assistant can work longer hours above the 120 full days or 240 half days per year rule given to all students who work other jobs and they can earn more than 522.50 euros and not pay tax as students in other jobs are required to do. Many benefits come with working as a student assistant and many students are scrambling for the position. It is one of the best student jobs in Germany.

5.     Babysitter

Are you good with babies? Do you love being around babies and taking care of them? Then a part-time job as a babysitter may be good for you. The job is flexible allowing you to choose when to work, therefore, you can combine it with studies effectively. You can do your assignment or study while babysitting.

6.     Cashier

You can work part-time as a cashier in Germany but not like a bank cashier – you would need a degree for this – but a store or restaurant cashier. Many students do this job and the task is quite easy. You simply record payments made by customers. You can work at a retail store, restaurant, café, or anywhere a cashier is needed without a degree or experience.

7.     Retail Shop Assistant

A retail shop assistant work in a retail store to help customers find their way around a store. Now, if you speak English, French, Spanish, or other languages with German the store owner may prefer to hire you so that you can help foreigners that speak any of those languages find their way around the store. Good communication skills are necessary to work as a retail shop assistant.

8.     Internship

You can apply for internships at any company with an open position related to your field to learn and gain experience in the business world and skills that will see you through life after school. However, not all internships pay, so, if you are solely based on making money then an internship may not be what you need but if you are looking for real-world experience then an internship is.

However, you can always contact the company to inquire whether there is a pay or a stipend for interns at their company. International and local students are usually hired for internship positions.

9.     Call Center Officer

A call center officer is like a customer care representative where you answer phone calls and respond to emails on customers’ complaints, requests, or inquiries. To work in this role, good communication and interpersonal skills are necessary and you need to be fluent in German language.


As an international student, taking up a part-time job in Germany is vital for your study abroad experience. It is an opportunity for you to interact with the locals, learn German, gain experience, and enhance your resume, networking, financial support, independence and self-reliance, and professional development.

During the semester, students are restricted from working more than 20 hours per week but during semester breaks, students can work full-time.


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