12 Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada for International Students

Last Updated on January 27, 2024

Lack of finance can be a major challenge for international students in Canada. Fortunately, they can work and earn an income as students. Curated in this article are the best in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. Carefully go through the list to know the kind of job with good pay you can do in Canada while you study.

In-demand jobs are occupations that are in high demand as a result of their level of importance to man and the environment at large. When a job is in demand, it also shows that people working in that profession, sector, or field are not enough to meet the needs of the public. Therefore, more people are needed to work in that field to meet up with the demand.

When very few people are involved in a profession, it makes the pay of such a profession high and this is why these professionals are rich folks.  

As an international student schooling in Canada, you should know that you can work and earn some income on the side. In this article, I have shared with you a list of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students.

In-demand jobs in Canada for international students are a very good system that makes it easy for international students to earn money on the side to sponsor their education, living expenses, and any luxurious life they may want. International students working without an extra source of income may find it challenging. Being able to school and work part-time to earn extra money will make it a much easier ride as you study in Canada.

Canada as a country in North America has provided the opportunity for you as an international student schooling in Canada to be able to earn enough to foot your daily and academic bills to study with ease. Other countries also have in-demand job opportunities for international students but are not as enticing as Canada.

Working an in-demand job in Canada as an international student offers many benefits, including growth rate and potential career path. They are still competitive and it takes research to determine which direction you want to go in. However, if you have no experience, there are online jobs for students with no experience to take on and earn money.

This blog post will guide you in making proper decisions on the best type of in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. To get you started, we’ve broken down some of the most in-demand jobs, what they demand from you, and the requirements for attaining such jobs.

Requirements to work legally in Canada as an international student

There are very specific requirements to secure an in-demand job in Canada as an international student. These requirements make it possible for international students to work in Canada legally. Some of these requirements are:

  • You were already able to work off-campus during your previous studies.
  • You have a valid study permit or you applied to extend your study permit before it expired.
  • You received written confirmation from your current school that you completed your program.

    How much per hour can an international student earn at most in Canada?

The top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students have no specific pay but vary by the type and nature of the job. Hourly pay for foreign (international) students in Canada varies from $13 to $25. However, depending on their work type and expertise, international students may make as much as $30 to $75 per day in Canada, with the minimum wage ranging from $11.45 to $22.50 per hour.

The above figures vary from one job to another as regards the qualifications and how demanding the job could be. Imagine working an in-demand job and saving up the little you hourly for months or a year, it will sum up to a relatively huge amount of money.

 Best In-Demand Jobs in Canada for International Students

Searching for an in-demand job in Canada as an international student that can earn you enough money and live with the standard you want as a student? The compilation below is for you.

1. Server/ Bartender

When it comes to finding the highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students, server/bartender is the top option. Not only that this job classy, but they also pay well. An average of CA$13 per hour. Plus, because tips are standard at 15% to 20%, you can make a decent amount of money. Plus, working nights and weekends only adds to the appeal. This makes server/bartender one of the best in-demand jobs for international students in Canada.

Most servers and bartenders start with just the minimal training needed, so you can get started right away. These jobs are also known as waiter or waitress, so if you’re looking for a name to use when applying, that’s a good start.

2. Sales assistant

A sales assistant is a part-time job that can be very lucrative for international students. They typically work in retail establishments, selling items such as clothing or groceries. The work is usually stable, and reliable. Sales assistants can earn small commissions on sales.

The main benefit to this type of job is that it provides you with a wide range of transferable skills, which can help you build a successful career and this is why the job of a sales assistant is one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. Sales assistants are expected to possess excellent communication and people skills. The average hourly pay for sales assistants is $14.

 3. Barista

A barista is an espresso machine “coffee artist” who has extensive knowledge about coffee and prepares, decorates, and serves drinks to the customer.

Working as a barista can be a rewarding experience. Many café owners appreciate the skill set that baristas bring to the table, and the job often offers flexible hours. Plus, coffee lovers will love working in a café, where the atmosphere is always buzzing. Imagine working with flexible hours as a student, this makes it one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students.

 If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a barista, be sure to look for positions that match your skills and interests. The average income of baristas typically is CA$ 14 per hour.

4. Dog walker

Dog walking is a relatively new and growing industry in Canada, which is great news for international students who are looking for a part-time job. You will work on-call, so you won’t need to schedule an appointment beforehand to take care of dogs for clients.

This is so good because you can work whenever you’d like, so there is no need to worry about scheduling time off from work. You could also earn some extra cash by offering to walk their dogs. This job pays an average of CA$ 15 an hour. This, dog walking is one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students.

5. Tutor

Have you considered tutoring as a part-time job that can make you some extra money? Tutoring can be a great fit for anyone interested in teaching new skills, providing a flexible schedule, and working with students in a wide range of academic disciplines. Tutoring can also lead to additional opportunities in the future like professional job employment.

 Tutoring makes you learn more while earning making it a win-win for you and this makes tutoring one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. Tutoring can often lead to part-time employment. Tutors can typically expect to earn between $30-$60 per hour. If you are interested in tutoring, contact your local universities or colleges to inquire about their tutoring services.

6. Ride-sharing driver/delivery driver

Do you love driving but want to make some extra money? Ride-sharing could be the perfect part-time gig for you! You drive people around in your car, and may even pick up and deliver groceries. It has lots of flexible hours, so it’s ideal for college kids who want to earn some extra cash.

This may seem like a simple job, and that’s because it is. But it comes with your work schedule, an uncapped earning potential, and the opportunity to meet new people every day making it one of the to in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. Earning between $17 and $22 an hour.

7. Freelancer

A freelancer is an independent contractor who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis, typically for short-term work. Freelancing can be a great way to make some extra money while you’re studying, and it’s flexible, you can work as much or as little as you want, and you can charge whatever you want for your services and this is why it is one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students.

There are many different types of freelance jobs out there, so you can find something that fits your skills and interests. And because you’re free between classes, why don’t you set aside some time each day to work? The pay scale of a freelancer differs with the type of job but can range from CA$20-$40.

8. Nanny

If you’re looking for a part-time job that lets you spend time with young children, becoming a nanny may be the perfect fit for you. In most cases, hours are flexible and the pay rate can vary, depending on the responsibilities you assume. In addition to caring for the children, organizing their daily schedules, transporting them to and from school, cleaning, and doing laundry, you may also be responsible for ensuring that the children are fed properly.

Becoming a nanny can be a great way to supplement your income while you’re studying in Canada. Since the hours are flexible, you could work on your homework while you care for the children. It is also among the simplest part-time jobs you can do making it one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. The part-time job salary is CAD$14.67 per hour.

9. Translator

Translators can work in an organization or they can work independently. It is important to note that translators need to have excellent language skills to be successful in this field. They need to have all-around proficiency in the language they are translating. And, to be a successful translator, it is also helpful to have some knowledge of the culture and the context in which the language is spoken.

The pay for a translator varies depending on the skill and experience required. But, in general, translators can earn between $14 to $55 per hour.

10. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is the process of recording your company’s financial transactions into organized accounts daily. It can also refer to the different recording techniques businesses can use. Bookkeepers are in high demand in Canada making it one of the top in-demand jobs for international students, as they are responsible for a wide variety of tasks and are essential in any business.

These tasks can include banking, accounting, and finance, which are all common positions for a Bookkeeper. Bookkeepers typically usually have a university degree in accounting, finance, or a related field, and also need to have strong computer skills and organizational skills to perform tasks efficiently.

The amount of payment received by bookkeepers varies concerning the organization for which they work. But the average pay of a bookkeeper is $25.9 per hour.

11. Customer Service Assistant

Looking for a part-time job that pays well and offers great customer service? Look no further than the customer service assistant position! In this job, you’ll answer customer inquiries, provide information, help customers resolve their problems, sell products and take orders, arrange services for customers, and resolve complaints. This helps you to solve a lot of social problems of people in the society. As more people would like to patronize and need you so you earn more making it one of the top in-demand jobs you can find in Canada.

Good customer and guest service skills are required for customer service assistants. Earning up to $21 an hour is not uncommon in this position. So if you’re looking for a part-time job that offers great pay and excellent customer service, the customer service assistant position is definitely for you!

12. Cook

Cooking is a great job and one of the top in-demand jobs in Canada for international students as it is a way to gain work experience in a foreign country while still attending school. It also offers Canadian students the opportunity to work in a challenging and rewarding field.

Working as a cook in a foreign nation can be a very gratifying experience. Cooking is a skill that requires planning, following recipes, and ensuring food is safe. It also requires skills such as organization, time management, and critical thinking. Working as a chef in a foreign country is an incredible opportunity if you have a flair for cooking. And this job pays about CA$13 per hour.


Conclusively, as an international student in Canada who would like to work while schooling, you have a variety of choices to make. Also, know that the type of job you choose to do requires specific skills and a bit of training which you must possess. By this, while seeking jobs you should search for those are you can do with a level of perfection. This will give you an added advantage in the future.


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