Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In Denmark 2022

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Last Updated on August 31, 2022

Denmark is one of the countries around the globe that has the best work-life balance, excellent business atmosphere, and an efficient welfare state, which are some of the few reasons why foreigners migrate to Denmark. Are you a foreigner and you aspire to work in Denmark? Bear in mind that having the right profession is very crucial in securing jobs with high demand in the market in Denmark.

Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In Denmark

In this article, we shall consider the most In demand jobs for foreigners in Denmark 2022.

Most In Demand Jobs For Foreigners In Denmark

Here’s a look at some of the best jobs for foreigners in Denmark

1. Surgeons / Doctors

Surgeons / Doctors ranks top on the list of the most In demand jobs for foreigners in Denmark.  They are perceived to offer high value and they earn between 77,100 DKK to 233,000 DKK per year.  It’s a profession that involves high risk and it requires an extensive knowledge and a lengthy duration of learning. They are responsible for providing care and support for the general welfare of human beings and also generating revenue.

2. Judges

Judges are also among the most In demand jobs for foreigners in Denmark. They are placed with a high responsibility of deciding people’s fate which is not an easy task, and the job requires an extensive knowledge which is why they earn quite a high salary. Lawyers can earn from 64,800 DKK to 196,000 DKK per year.

3. Lawyers

Lawyers are highly demanded due to the high perceived value they offer to their clients. They are also revenue generators. A successful lawyer can earn from 52,400 DKK to 158,000 DKK per year. 

4. Bank Manager

A bank manager in Denmark earns an annual salary which ranges from 49,400 DKK to 149,000 DKK per year. They are responsible for critical tasks such as risk management in funds and investment which certify for the large salary they earn.

5. Chief Executive Officers

 CEOs are also one of the best jobs for foreigners in Denmark. They are responsible for managing, directing and overseeing the overall business operations in an organization. The success or failure of an organization solely lays the shoulder of the CEOs. Due to the high risk involve, they can earn 46,300 DKK to 140,000 DKK per year.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Any job that has to deal with management of money attracts a high pay due to the high risk involve. It requires an extensive experience and a high responsibility in managing budgets, spending, cost, and revenue which has direct impact on the operations of an organization. Chief Financial Officers can earn between 43,200 DKK to 130,000 DKK

7. College Professors

Being a professor is not an easy task as it requires persistence and a higher level of knowledge which is why they are highly required and also paid high. Being a College Professor is a prestigious career. They earn 37,000 DKK to 112,000 DKK per year.

8. Engineers

Engineering jobs are among the best paying jobs for foreigners in Denmark, they are highly demanded. Are you then a qualified and an experienced engineer, Denmark is a place you ought to be as you have a great chances of getting a job in Denmark.  Engineers in Denmark can earn up to DKK 590,502 per year.

 9. Pilots

Pilots are responsible for the safety of thousands of people that uses airplane as their means of transportation. It’s a career with involves high risk, extensive experience and which undergo rigorous training programs. Pilots in Denmark earns between 30,800 DKK to 93,100 DKK per year.

10. Specialized mechanics

Mechanics such as the long haul heavy trucks mechanic, train mechanic, drilling equipment mechanic, underground construction, rail, and road or bridge construction are all very high in demand in Denmark. Mechanics in Denmark earns up to 175,000 DKK yearly.


Denmark is exceptionally one of the well-functioned and family-friendly places in the world. Aside from offering the best jobs for foreigners, Denmark  has other  numerous job opportunities with high salary and  work benefits that cannot be overemphasized part of which includes; its ability to provide a great quality of living, world-class infrastructure, safety and security and  the ease of starting your own business. Denmark has a lot that can make you feel at home and have a balanced work-life.

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