10 Best Online Jobs For Students With No Experience

Last Updated on January 21, 2024

Are you a college student with no experience looking for a side hustle where you can earn money online? You are welcome to peruse our list of online jobs for students with no experience to find an online job for yourself quickly.

As a college student, the need for money is never going to end, which shows how expensive college is. It is even tougher when what you get from home is barely enough to cover your expenses. This leaves you with no choice but to find a side hustle. However, the problem is that most jobs require applicants to have some level of experience to be employed.

But the internet is gradually changing that.

There are some online jobs for students with no experience to get into and earn an income. But you will have to agree to on-the-job training to learn the tasks involved. This training could be paid or unpaid, always check the job description to be sure. Although the job may not require any experience, you must know your way around a PC or a smartphone so that you can be easy to train.

Since the job is online, you will most likely be working with a smartphone, PC, or tablet and if you don’t know how to easily navigate around any of these devices your application could be rejected.

As a college student looking to earn extra money on the side without disrupting your academics, an online job is the best option for you. I have curated a list of online jobs for students with no experience to get into and the possible earnings they should be expecting. Let’s get started.

Best Online Jobs for Students with No Experience

Just like you, I was once a college student and there was never enough money to cover my expenses. As a freshman, I had no experience in any digital skill unless I had to start learning one and then there were many challenges that makes impossible to learn a skill while doing school work.

My only option was to look for online jobs that do not require experience, and trust me, it was a hard, long search that still ended up fruitless. Today, there are many resources, just like this article, that will guide you through the kind of online job that you can do without any experience. At least, you know what you’re looking for but at my time, I had no idea what I was looking for because there was limited information online and remote jobs were not as popular now compared to back then.

You have to have experience to do most jobs but today, it is gradually changing and it owes to the fact that many people, especially young people, are tech-savvy. My breakthrough came when I found crypto airdrops, it was the only thing I could do without training, experience, or the need for capital. All I needed was my phone and an internet connection.

So, I started doing every crypto airdrop coming my way. I learned to find them on my way, joined groups and forums for crypto airdrops, and in the process gained a deep knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With this knowledge gained from my experience of doing airdrops, I dived into content writing for various crypto projects, and the rest is history.

As you can see, my journey was quite tough but it doesn’t have to be so for you. Simply read through this guide, learn about the jobs you can do online as a student with no experience, and do more research on where you can find such jobs.

The online jobs for students with no experience are:

1.     Social Media Influencer

No experience is needed to become a social media influencer. Some of the most popular social media influencers are students and all they need to gain such popularity and earn so much money is their smartphone. You will spend a lot of time on your smartphone engaging in posts, creating posts, and building your audience but you don’t need any experience to begin.

The most important thing to note is to concentrate on a specific niche and gradually grow, which may be difficult but with consistency, the growth will come. As you are growing, you are racking up experiences that you can apply along the way.

2.     Writer

If you have a talent for creating written content then I suggest that you practice with online samples to develop the talent. You could also watch YouTube videos related to the kind of writing you do to improve your skills. This is because the writing space is now saturated, therefore, potential clients and employers, require writers to have solid experience and work samples.

Before you decide to take up writing, ensure that you know the different types of writing, and if you don’t look at the list below.

The common kinds of remote writing roles are:

  • Technical writer
  • Content writer
  • Ghostwriter
  • SEO content writer
  • Copywriter
  • UX writer
  • Medical writer

You can get started in any of these remote writing roles. Simply look for videos on YouTube that explain the responsibilities involved in each of the roles and start working on how to get started.

3.     Customer Service Representative

The majority of companies hire students for the role of customer service representative. I have two friends, who are students, who have customer service rep jobs. They were employed without experience but took training that lasted for a few hours to learn the ropes and that was it, they were employed on the spot.

Customer service rep is one of the most common options for students looking for an online job. Their tasks include texting customers and helping them solve their problems or refer them to a higher person who can resolve their issues.

4.      Online Tutor

Online tutoring is one of the best online jobs for students with no experience. There are websites where you can work as an online tutor. You will teach students from across the world on a subject that you know best. Don’t worry, the platform will give you an assessment to test your knowledge on the subject before employing you.

So, if you know chemistry, biology, mathematics, English, or physics to a great degree you can go on any of these online tutor websites and apply as an online tutor. The best part is that you can be an online tutor on more than one platform and earn from all of them but you will be putting in extra work.

5.     Community Manager or Moderator

I was once a community manager for a cryptocurrency exchange. Of course, I had no experience as a community manager but I got hired and was given instructions on the dos and don’ts of handling the role. So, the community manager is one of the online jobs for students with no experience but, in most cases, applicants may be required to know the community’s niche.

As a community manager, your major tasks are to add and remove people from the group, answer questions, moderate group discussions, ban and remove spammers and bot accounts, and organize the audience of the brand. The community could be on Telegram, Discord, or Slack so you have to know how to navigate your way around these applications.

6.     Translator

Are you bilingual or can write fluently in more than one language? Then you should become an online translator. You don’t need to have experience working as a translator to get a job, your bilingual abilities are enough to get you hired. This is one of the best online jobs for students with no experience but who can speak and write more than one language fluently.

Translators work in a variety of fields including but not limited to law, marketing, healthcare, and education.

7.     Video or photo editor

Some people can easily find their way around a video or photo editing app or software and I think this is cool because they can earn money from it, especially these days where video advertisements are popular. Plus, you can always go on YouTube to improve your skills and charge clients more.

With video or photo editing knowledge, you can get a variety of jobs from different fields. This is an awesome job role without the need for work experience and students can get into it with ease.

8.     Transcriptionist

This is a job you can get without the need for experience and here is how it works; you listen to audio recordings and write them down accurately. The key is to be extremely accurate, and not just that, it requires you to type fast too. So, if you know your way around a keyboard and pay attention to details you are a transcriptionist.

9.     Data Entry Clerk

My friend recently got hired for a remote role as a data entry clerk, and guess what? He has no experience. Although he is not a student the company, and many others, also accept students. If you get the role, you will be trained on the job in like an hour.

The task of a data entry clerk involves entering data into a computer system or some type of secure file system. You can work as a data entry clerk for more than one company.

10.  Virtual Assistant

Back then in college, while I was working as the community manager for a crypto exchange my roommate was working as the virtual assistant for the CEO of the company. He had no experience before taking up the role, he was simply told what to do and received some guidance on the first two days of the job, and that was it, he continued on his own.

As a virtual assistant, your tasks include booking flights, scheduling meetings, data entry, email, and social media management. You can work as a VA in any field whether you know the field or not.


The jobs curated here will help you as a student to get a job online without experience and earn some money to cover your expenses. Aside from the money you will earn from doing any of these jobs, you will gain experience that will lead you to another job or make you more grounded in the current one and meet bigger clients.


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