10 Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Germany 2023

Last Updated on June 14, 2023

Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Germany

Germany is known to be a great place to work. The low unemployment rate, excellent work culture, and high demand for qualified employees have made Germany one of the prominent places to work for students and working professionals all over the world.

In this article, we shall discuss the best jobs in Germany for foreigners. But before we come to that, there are two important things to note about Germany which are:

1. Degrees are valued in Germany. For instance, a master’s degree holder will be preferred and paid higher than someone with a lower degree or without a degree.

2. Specializations are rewarded in Germany, as the more specialized you are the more of an asset you become and recognized in the job market.

Nevertheless, your knowledge, experience, and skills will enhance your chances of getting a high-paying job.

Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Germany

Here are the top 10 jobs for foreigners in Germany to look out for.

1. Electronics Engineer

Electronic Engineering ranks as one of the top paying jobs in Germany. With a medium salary of 5167€ per month. If you’re an expert in this field there are many companies that are willing to hire you.

2. Computer Science, IT professionals, and Software Developers

All business firms and industries need at least one IT professional, be it an automotive or law firm. They are highly demanded in Germany and they can earn a median salary of 5424€ per month.

3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is also one of the best jobs for foreigners in Germany in 2023. They have always been in high demand as it’s a well-known fact that Mechanical Engineering in Germany is recognized as one of the most desired dream courses for many international students.

Germany, being one of the world’s leading machine manufacturers, houses some of the most important global Mechanical and automotive companies. Such as BMW, Siemens, Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Audi.

It’s also amazing to find it noteworthy that Mechanical Engineering is one most important industries that boost Germany’s economy. The median salary for Mechanical Engineers in Germany is 4930€ per month.

4. Account Managers / Business analysts

Germany is not an exception to the high demand for Business management professionals around the world. They can work as Account Managers, Business Analysts, and also other business sectors which include;  Marketing, sales, and Human resource management. The median salary you can expect in this sector is 4679€ per month.

5. Civil Engineer / Architecture

Civil Engineers and architects are highly demanded in Germany as most buildings and historical structures within and around Germany are being renovated. As a civil engineer/architect in Germany, you can earn 4099€ per month.

6. Sales managers

A sales manager plays a significant role in leading the sales team to achieve sales targets. They exhibit excellent leadership experience, outstanding customer service skills, and strong analytical skills which are critical in achieving the goals of any business organization.

A sales manager can earn an average annual salary of €116,000.

7. Healthcare Professional

Medical personnel is also one of the best jobs for foreigners in Germany as good health is considered to be wealth which makes medical personnel very prominent in Germany. Germany is highly equipped with an effective healthcare system, the latest treatments, and modern medical tools that are required to provide a high standard of healthcare.

Germany has a dynamic health sector, that’s marked by a high level of innovation and urgently requires a new generation of medical personnel. Healthcare Professional earns an annual salary of €58,000.

8. Finance and accounting professionals

They are responsible for reporting a company’s or an organization’s financial status, collection and maintenance of data, detection of trends, and forecasting future requirements.

Financial accountants also require preparing; detailed statements, and communicating financial information to audiences and company leaders that might not have an extensive accounting background. They create cash flow forecasts, balance sheets, as well as profit and loss statements. They earn an average annual salary of €44,000.

9. Tutors/Lecturers

In Germany, more emphasis is laid on education. Well-trained and qualified lecturers and tutors are in high demand throughout Germany. A qualified tutor/ lecturer can earn €40,000 per year.

10. Mathematicians

Mathematicians are also one of the best jobs for foreigners in Germany. They are required in fields like; research and development, science, banks and insurance companies, software and telecommunications, and teaching at schools and universities. Good mathematicians in Germany earn 64,000 EUR per year.


Germany, with one of the strongest and thriving economies in the world, has a low unemployment rate, a high salary, and also a skills shortage in the labor market. Germany has always been known globally to be one of the leading destinations for working overseas.

Alongside the top 10 jobs in demand for foreigners in Germany in 2023 are other numerous job opportunities waiting to be grabbed by qualified professionals who meet the requirements. Make your best shot and earn yourself a career in Germany.

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