UNESCO-IHE Delft Sahel Fellowships 2022 for Mali, Burkina Faso & Niger nationals

Last Updated on February 22, 2022

UNESCO-IHE Delft Sahel Fellowships

This program aims to strengthen the capacity of professionals and decision-makers in the water sector to improve water management in the Sahel region countries to better cope with the challenges of stressed water resources including under the impacts of climate change.

To increase the relevance for specific water scarcity challenges in the Sahel, and to stimulate cooperation between professionals from different disciplines offered by IHE Delft, the students will participate in a number of additional, dedicated activities.


  • The fellowship includes: full tuition fee, health insurance, cost of visa/residence permit for the Netherlands and a monthly allowance of EUR 970 per month from the start till the end date to the program (not exceeding 12 months).


  • Candidates are a national of and work and/or live in one of the eligible countries: Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.
  • Academic admission to the MSc program in Water and Sustainable Development 2022
  • Application for admission submitted before 1 May 2022
  • Strong motivation statement.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Qualifications
  • Quality of the motivation
  • Recommendation letters
  • Gender (females will be prioritised)
  • Distribution among countries (when a final list of prospective participants is available, IHE Delft will assign fellowships as equitably/equally as possible between the countries eligible for the fellowships).


  • Submit an online application for admission. When you are completing your application, you will be requested to answer 5 motivation questions. In order to increase your chances for scholarship, you are requested to answer these questions as detailed as possible and focus in your motivation on your vision on Water Scarcity in your country. The questions you need to answer when completing your application are the following:
    • Why are you applying for this program? Max 600 characters with spaces
    • What are the specific challenges, issues or problems (in your country, region or worldwide) that you would like to address once you have completed this study? Max 1000 characters with spaces.
    • How will this program enable you to address above-mentioned challenges, issues or problems? Max 1000 characters with spaces.
    • What are your most relevant qualifications and experiences that make you a suitable candidate for this program? Max 1000 characters with spaces.
    • Where do you see yourself five years after you have graduated? Max 1000 characters with spaces.
  • There is a question in the application form, where you have to provide financial information. Under the heading Financial, there is a question called: payment options. There you have to select: Scholarship.
  • After receipt of your application, IHE admission committee will decide if you meet the academic admission criteria. If this case you will receive a provisional admission letter and you will automatically take part in the selection for a SAHEL scholarship.
  • In July you will be informed if you have been selected for a scholarship. As the number of SAHEL scholarships is limited, you are requested to search in the meantime for other scholarships.

For more information, visit UNESCO-IHE Delft.

Deadline: May 1, 2022

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