Top 22 Low-Stress Jobs for Introverts with Good Pay

Last Updated on February 9, 2024

Are you an introvert looking for a job that fits your personality? Then come right in and peruse the list of low-stress jobs for introverts that I have compiled in this blog post. I have listed and discussed 25 of these jobs, so there are lots of options for you to choose from.

As an introvert, I know that you do not like being the center of attraction nor do you like excessive noise or socializing. Rather, you prefer solitude and having a small close circle of friends, isn’t that right?

Such a personality, introversion, can affect your life in tremendous ways, especially in your career, which is why you must understand your personality and pick a career that is best suited for your personality. This way, you will enjoy what you do for work and have a satisfying and successful career. Doing the opposite will only bring you misery and slow down your career success.

But what are the jobs that are perfect for an introvert?

Now that is where this article comes in.

We have curated a carefully researched list of low-stress jobs for introverts to help you find a career that naturally fits your personality, which in this case is introversion so that you can start making the necessary preparations to get into that field. By “making necessary preparations” I mean getting a college degree, certificate, or enrolling in an apprenticeship program that will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skillset to kickstart a career in that field.  

This blog post will also help you identify and avoid the worst jobs for introverts so that you do not pursue a career that will bring you misery and, ultimately, failure.

Although, we already had a previously published blog post on high-paying jobs for introverts that you can take a look at later that list included both stressful and less stressful jobs. But we decided to niche it down to just the less stressful jobs, as any introvert, any day any time, would pick a less stressful job over one with plenty of stress. And with the aid of this article, you can easily know the jobs with less stress and go for them.

Mind you, the less stressful jobs for introverts curated here are the ones that come with high pay.

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Who is an Introvert?

If you like spending time alone, hanging out occasionally with a few friends, naturally focusing on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation, being quiet and reserved, and prefer a calm environment then you are an introvert.

There are two other personality traits and they all have careers that fit them best. To learn more about the other personality traits, my recent article on the best jobs for ambiverts offers more information.

As a person with this personality trait – introversion – you must pursue a career that naturally fits your personality. And if you do not know which job fits an introvert, the low-stress jobs for introverts curated here will guide you.

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Low-Stress Jobs for Introverts with Good Pay

Here comes the main icing on the cake. This is where you will find the carefully researched list, with details, of high-paying low-stress jobs for introverts. But I went further to specify the low-stress jobs for introverts with no experience and without a degree. So, read carefully so as not to miss out on these important details.

Without any further ado, the following are the low-stress jobs for introverts with good pay:

1.     Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work with various organizations, businesses, brands, and individuals to create and design high-quality logos, fliers, and pictures using software. It is one of the low-stress jobs for introverts which comes with good pay as they earn over $52,000 annually.

This job requires a high level of creativity and attention to detail both of which are natural characteristics of introverts. Solitude is required for creativity and since introverts prefer solitude, many of them are creative. Therefore, graphic design is a job that would suit many introverts. Also, getting the role of a graphic designer does not require a degree. You can get into the role by taking online or in-person courses in graphic design.

2.     Veterinarian

This is one of the low-stress jobs for introverts that requires a degree to into, which can be the stressful part but the job itself is not stressful and you have to be an animal lover to be successful at this job. Veterinarians or veterinary doctors treat and prevent diseases in animals, so a huge bulk of your time would be spent in silence with the animals.

If you are an introvert who loves animals, this is a career you should consider getting into. However, it would take you 8 years to become a licensed veterinarian which seems like the con. But on the good side, these guys are well paid earning over $124,000 per year in average salary.

3.     Truck Driver

You will mostly see truck drivers working alone or with a single helper. There is little to no social interaction in this job. If you love driving and seeing new places, then this is an ideal job for you. It is also a high-paying job as they earn about $1,931 per week.

4.     Blogger

Blogging is one of the high-paying low-stress jobs for introverts without a degree but excellent writing skills and knowledge of SEO are required to excel as a blogger. A passion for writing can also get you started as a blogger then you can take online courses to learn technical SEO and other skills for blogging.

Since you already love writing it would be easy to kickstart a career in blogging. You can start blogging about your passion, whatever it is at all, and the whole world will come to read them and with all these, you will not show yourself. In fact, as a blogger, your readers do not need to know you or see your face and that is why blogging is a great career for introverts.

5.     Content Writer or Freelance Writer

If you cannot deal with owning and operating a blog, you can decide to become a freelance content writer. This means that you will write high-quality content for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Some of your clients can also be bloggers. This is a great career for introverts who are skilled writers or passionate about writing. It is also one of the low-stress jobs for introverts without a degree.

There are many aspects of content writing such as script writing, SEO writing, ghostwriting, technical writing, copywriting, and many more. It is left for you to pick one or two aspects and narrow them down. As a freelance writer, you get to pick your working hours which makes it a low-stress job.

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6.     Mechanic

If you enjoy working with your hands and fixing things you may want to consider becoming a mechanic. As a mechanic, you will fix and repair vehicles for clients. In this job, there is little to no social interaction with clients and you get to work in an enclosed space away from the distractions of the outside world. The average salary of a mechanic is $25.18 per hour.

7.     Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is on the rise as more and more companies and businesses are going digital and a lot of people are working from home. As a virtual assistant, you will also be working from home assisting your employer with administrative tasks but virtually. You will schedule meetings, make travel arrangements, manage email, and receive calls.

Virtual assistant is one of the low-stress jobs for introverts with no experience or degree, however, you must know how to use a computer or laptop as you will most likely be working from it. As a virtual assistant, you get to enjoy your solitude while working. The hourly rate of virtual assistants is between $10 and $20.

8.     Wind Turbine Technician

A wind turbine technician is a professional technician who tests, maintains, repairs, and services wind turbines – a tool for collecting the wind’s (green) kinetic energy which converts it into electricity. You will need, at least, an associate degree in wind turbine technician to get into this field. This degree takes 2 years to complete.

As an introvert, you may want to consider getting into this field because it fits your personality type and it is a growing industry with a high demand for wind turbine technicians. Wind turbine technicians typically work alone or with a few groups of people in large fields. The median salary of a wind turbine technician is $57,320 per year.

9.     Video Game Artist

A high level of creativity is required to work as a video game artist and this amount of creativity requires solitude which are characteristics that introverts possess naturally. Video game artists work in studios that are usually silent and secluded from other departments in the organization, and this is done so to improve concentration which is very important in game design.

Video game artists also work with a small group of people. A degree is not required to become a video game artist, your talent and abilities in game design can get you started but a degree or certification will help you stand out in applying for a job. Ultimately, you can decide not to work for anyone but design your games and sell them to video game companies.

10.  Artist

Are you a creative good at painting? Then you should consider a career as an artist. You can excel in this career as an introvert because your personality trait makes you enjoy solitude which boosts concentration and gives room for creativity. It is one of the best low-stress jobs for introverts out there.

11.  Librarian

The job of a librarian is nearly the same as an archivist. The library is also a place that introverts love to be and since you are one, you will enjoy working here as well. As a librarian, you will assist patrons find books of their choice. Since it is a calm environment, you will enjoy the thrill of working in solitude. The average salary of a librarian is $58,967 per year.

12.  Web Developer

Web developers are artists who use programming languages to build and design websites. A high level of creativity and concentration is required to work as a web developer which makes it a good career option for introverts. Most web developers work from home and those who work in offices are secluded from other people in the organization. They have their own space with very interaction from the outside world to avoid distraction.

This is one of the low-stress jobs without a degree but if you get a degree in software engineering or computer science then employers will pick you over those who do not. However, your experience as a web developer is much more valuable to employers compared to any degree you may have. You can become a web developer by going to Udemy and paying for online web development courses.

Web developers earn an average salary of $81,473 per year in the US.

13.  Archivist

Archivists work in museums or libraries where they sort, explore, and maintain historical items such as pictures, vintage maps, old scrolls, video and audio tapes, sculptures, history books, and other relics. Museums and libraries are places of solitude mostly enjoyed by introverts. Also, because of the delicacy required to handle such items, an introvert is usually the perfect person for the job.

This is both a fun and less stressful job for introverts that does not require a degree to get into. The average salary for an archivist in the US is $57,056 per year.

14.  Editor

Editors are professionals who take notes of errors in books, technical documents, pictures, articles, academic journals, audio, newspapers and magazines, and other cinematic materials and correct them or offer better alternatives. It is a perfect job for introverts as it requires solitude to concentrate on the content that requires editing. It also requires an eye for detail.

Editors mostly work on their own to avoid distractions. They earn over $67,336 per year.

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15.  Transcriptionist

This is one of the best remote jobs for introverts that pay well and, of course, is without stress. Transcriptionists listen to audio messages or videos and rewrite the content on their computer using MS Word, Google Docs, or any other software for writing and submit them to their employer. You can combine this job with your main job as a side hustle if you wish this is to show you how easy the job is.

You will need a PC and an earphone for this job. Typing fast is also a necessary skill to work as a transcriptionist. Most, if not all, transcription jobs are remote, therefore, you get to choose when you work. A high level of concentration is required for this job which means you have to be someone that loves solitude to concentrate. So, you see it is a perfect job for introverts.

Transcriptionists’ average salary is $41, 995 per year.

16.  Landscape Designer

While veterinary medicine is ideal for animal lovers, landscape design is an ideal job for those who connect with nature and the environment. This profession requires you to use your creativity and love for nature to design landscapes, ponds, water fountains, pathways, or any outside space to make them look beautiful. Landscape designers earn over $67,000 per year.

17.  Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you will manage the social media accounts of businesses, organizations, or individuals by engaging in posts, constructing high-quality posts, and employing strategies to increase engagement and visibility to the company’s profile. You will also reply to messages and comments as well.

This is a fitting job for introverts as they can work in solitude. Your followers will not know you personally and vice versa as you will be working directly with your client. Even if you don’t like hanging out with a lot of people in real life, you can do that on the internet as a social media influencer and earn some money. The average salary of a social media manager is $57,732 per year.

18.  Photography

Okay, hold on. Before you argue that photography does not fit an introvert let me remind you that there are different types of photography and you can go into the one that has little to no interaction with people. You can be a wildlife photographer or a nature photographer, all these do not require human interaction as you get to work alone most times in a forest or a place with little to no people.

You can sell your photographs online. There are different platforms, like, where you can sell your pictures.    

19.  Data Analyst

Data analysis is a job suited for introverts as it requires you to mostly work in solitude. As a data analyst, you will be able to research, collect, and analyze data to solve problems and make decisions. This profession is one of the high-paying jobs for introverts and with or without a degree, you can get into the field, there are online certifications in data analysis available on Coursera.

The average salary of a data analyst is $76,735 per year.

20.  Researcher

Researchers mostly work alone or with a few other scientists but they are usually focused on their work and barely socialize except when they talk about work like sharing their research progress. This is an ideal job for introverts as you will get to work in solitude and secluded from other departments in the organization to avoid distraction.

Also, your colleagues will most likely be introverts. This is one of the highest-paying low-stress jobs for introverts with an average salary of $81,746 per year.

21.  UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers are creatives who make use of frameworks to design user-friendly website interfaces. They work hand in hand with software engineers and web developers to design and build digital products. Due to the amount of creativity required, UI/UX designers mostly work in solitude to avoid distractions and build their concentration and creativity.

The job is not a stressful one as you can work from home. There are also options for work as a UI/UX designer. You can work as a freelancer or work full-time with a company. The average salary of a UI/UX designer is $87,353 per year.

22.  Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk is one of the low-stress jobs for introverts without a degree and experience as neither is necessary to get this job but your ability to learn fast is needed as you will learn on the job. Data entry clerks mostly work from home and all they need to do is input/compile data into computer files or database systems. The job comes with less stress and pays an average of $18.33 per hour.

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As promised, you now have information on all the low-stress jobs for introverts at your fingertips. This article will help you in making a better-informed decision on the career to pursue that fits your personality.


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