13 Free Online Aptitude Test Practice Websites

Last Updated on February 18, 2024

Your search for free online aptitude test practice websites is over! This blog post has covered all the information you need to prepare for an aptitude test and maximize your chances of success.

Have you once applied for a job and you were given some test to write? That test you wrote is an aptitude test and it is used by HR and employers to assess suitable candidates for employment. The test is part of the recruitment process and will determine if you will be employed or not.

Aptitude tests are written by psychometric experts and come in many different forms but whichever form it comes in, it is for the same reason; to measure a job candidate’s skill, ability, and potential. Some of the most common aptitude tests are numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, situation judgment tests, logical reasoning tests, and personality reasoning tests.

An aptitude test is not something you read for, like I mentioned earlier, it is a test given to assess your skills and abilities, not your knowledge or intelligence. This is something you clearly can’t or don’t need to read for, neither is it necessary to do some cramming. However, you do need to prepare and get used to the format of the aptitude test, and familiarize yourself with what the test looks like so that it doesn’t seem shocking or new when you see the questions for the first time.

That is why we have prepared a list of free online aptitude test practice websites that you can visit and take as many aptitude test practices as you want without paying a dime. All the many different forms of aptitude tests are also on these websites for you to practice.

Aptitude tests are designed to be challenging, therefore, practicing beforehand will give you an edge over other candidates as you will most likely perform better than them. So, whether you are applying for government jobs or a non-physical job, it is best to take a practice aptitude test just in case.

Why is Aptitude Test Needed for Jobs?

The following are reasons why aptitude tests are needed for jobs:

  • Used by employers to determine the specific skills and abilities of job applicants to know which role in the organization is the best fit for them.
  • Since aptitude tests are a standardized way of evaluating the skills and abilities of candidates, it helps employers compare candidates fairly and objectively thereby reducing the risk of bias or discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age, or ethnicity.
  • Business-related scientific research shows that reliable aptitude assessments are valid predictors of job performance.
  • It saves plenty of time in the hiring process

How to Prepare for Aptitude Test – Online Assessment Test for Jobs

To prepare for an aptitude test, all you need to do is practice daily. This can be expensive if you are using paid sites but with the free online aptitude test practice websites curated in this article, you can practice daily, as many times as you want, without paying a dime.

Practice is all you need to prepare for an aptitude test.

Free Online Aptitude Test Practice

Free Online Aptitude Test Practice Websites

The following are websites where you can practice different forms of aptitude tests for free:

1.     Job Test Prep

Job Test Prep is one of those free online aptitude test practice websites out there that makes the practice aptitude test you take as real as it can get. So, each test that you want to take has a timer and starts to countdown once you select a test to take just like taking a real aptitude test.

When you complete your tests, your data such as your test time and pass score will be displayed for you to see. The best thing about Job Test Prep is that you don’t need to sign up for an account to take the test.

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2.     Graduates First

Graduates First is another trusted site to practice aptitude tests. The platform is used and trusted by hundreds of academic institutions for assessing solutions to help their students get jobs. It is also used by recruiters and HR in the employment process. So, begin to use Graduates First to practice to familiarize yourself with aptitude tests when you begin applying for jobs.

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3.     Assessment Day

Employers, HR, and recruiters alike use Assessment Day to create aptitude tests to assess job applicants before they progress to the next phase which is the interview. Just like every other site on this list, Assessment Day also has free online aptitude tests but what sets the site apart from others is that the aptitude tests are regularly updated as per industry requirements.

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4.     Jobzilla

On Jobzilla, you have access to over 11,000 free aptitude test questions that are written by accredited industry experts and are designed to replicate real exams used by recruiters and HR. The site offers free tests on numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, situational judgment, logical reasoning, personality tests, quantitative reasoning, and many others.

Jobzilla also has tests on school subjects like biology, math, and chemistry. You can show the site to your siblings in high school to practice with before an examination.

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5.     Wonderlic Test Practice

This is another website where you can practice free aptitude tests curated by experts. The questions cover numerical reasoning, verbal ability, mechanical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and abstract reasoning. The platform is also super easy to use and does not require you to sign up for an account before taking the free aptitude quiz.

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6.     WikiJob

WikiJob is a popular website that offers all kinds of career-related resources that will maximize your chances of getting selected. Among the many resources the platform offers is a free practice aptitude test that you can take without creating an account on the site.

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7.     Practice Reasoning Tests

This is another website with a wide range of tests that students and job seekers can take for free. One such test is the aptitude test designed for job-seekers and those seeking a suitable career to get into. Practice Reasoning Tests offer free aptitude tests practice that cover numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgment, inductive reasoning, intray exercises, and mechanical reasoning.

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8.     123 Test

123 Test is a free online aptitude test practice website with a wide range of tests for career and personal development. You can even find a test you want to take if you have something in mind and it is completely free and designed to give you a feel of the real deal. If you are a recruiter or HR, you can also use the 123 Test to set aptitude tests for job applicants.

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9.     India Bix

India Bix is one of the free online aptitude test practice websites, and no, it is not only for Indians. People from anywhere in the world can go on India Bix and find aptitude, as well as other tests, to practice for free. College and high school students can also use India Bix.  

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10.  Practice Aptitude Tests

Practice Aptitude Tests is a website with both free and paid aptitude tests. You can decide to buy the tests or take them for free as practice. You will have to create an account to use the services on Practice Aptitude Tests, this includes buying or taking the aptitude test for free. Sign-up is quick and easy if you have a Google account.

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11.  12Min Prep

12Min Prep is another option where you can practice aptitude tests absolutely for free. The site offers the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) – a popular pre-employment cognitive ability test that follows the concepts of classic cognitive ability tests. Preparing with this test increases your performance exponentially.

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12.  Aptitude-test.com

Aptitude-test.com offers free practice aptitude tests for job applicants and students, to enable them to prepare better and pass the real test with ease. You can practice with a cognitive ability test or a mixed aptitude test if you wish but the free package is limited. Lastly, the tests have timers and start to count down the second you begin just like in the real-life case scenario.

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13.  Freshers Live

Prepare for a job assessment with Freshers Live’s free online aptitude practice test. The test is designed to Assess the logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities of the individual. There are also other tests on various fields like programming, networking, English, and general knowledge.

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You have come to the end of this article and I am sure you have discovered 13 gold mines where you can practice aptitude and other career or school tests regularly for free. You now have free access to the information you need to set up your career path. The ball now lies in your court!


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