10 Easiest Degrees To Get A Job With (4 to 6 figures)

Last Updated on February 18, 2024

Are you looking to pursue a degree to get a well-paying job? To help make your search easier, this blog post provides information on the easiest degrees to get a job with. These jobs pay between 4 to 6 figures annually. Check them out ASAP!

If you are thinking of what degree you want to pursue in college, ensure that it will get you a well-paying job when you graduate so that you can get a high return on your educational investment. As the world is changing, some jobs are either getting completely wiped out or taken over by AI and robots.

Therefore, you have to ensure that the field you want to pursue a degree in will continue to remain relevant and produce jobs that will neither be wiped out due to change or taken over by AI and robots. You see, such careers always come with high pay because of their relevance and iminance to human society and to the world at large.

This is why we have curated a list of the easiest degrees to get a job with to help you easily find a degree you can pursue in a field that will produce jobs that will continue to be relevant. If you have also been unsure of which career path to follow, keep calm, and let this blog post guide you towards a suitable job.

And, just in case you don’t want to become miserable at your job just after a few years, factor in your personality traits as you read through the easiest degrees to get a job with. This means that if you are an introvert, avoid the best jobs for extroverts rather go for the best jobs for introverts but if you fall between both personality traits, then jobs for ambiverts are what you should look at.

Also remember, a degree will take between 2-4 years to complete. Two years for an associate degree and 4 years for a bachelor’s degree. However, if you can’t wait that long studying for a degree, you can either take a short-term course to get a job or go for jobs that pay well without a degree.

But you may want to consider these easiest degrees to get a well-paying job because, first of all, having a college degree will get you a job faster compared to without a degree and it is obviously going to pay a much higher salary compared to the one without a degree. Secondly, the “easiest degrees” means that getting the degree is neither a tough nor rigorous process.

So, you won’t see careers in medicine or engineering on the list of easiest degrees to get a job with because, of course, they are not easy degrees to acquire.  

easiest degrees to get a job with

Easiest Degrees To Get A Job With

The following are the easiest degrees to get a job with:

1.     Business Degree

A degree in business is one of the easiest degrees to get a job with, it is also one of the most popular majors. Business is a field that is important and necessary across all sectors. It is also one of those fields that will always be relevant and can never be wiped out due to change or with the rise of AI, instead, AI will be used by business managers to strengthen their business strategies.

You can decide to study business management or business administration whichever one you go for will prepare you for a host of careers in the business world. This easiest degree – business – has the most careers/jobs you can do and they include the following:

  • Business manager
  • Sales manager
  • Business analyst
  • Account manager
  • Business adviser
  • Project manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HR manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Investment banker
  • Logistics manager
  • Marketer
  • Data analyst

These are some of the most common jobs you can do as a graduate of business. The salaries of the jobs listed above can be over 100,000 per year.

2.     English Studies Degree

A degree in English language is one of the easiest to get. You can also do a minor in communication, education, or linguistics. Earning a degree in English can lead to employment as an English teacher, English professor, editor, grant writer, communications director, lecturer, editorial assistant, librarian, publisher, public relations specialist, and translator.

A degree in English studies can also lead to employment in some of the most important roles in the tech industry like content writer, technical writer, content manager, social media manager, and website content writer. All of these careers are high-income jobs and can earn you, at least, $50,000 per year.

3.     Criminal Justice Degree

A degree in criminal justice is one of the easiest degrees to get a job with and the degree offers quite a handful of high-paying jobs all of which I have discussed in my recent article on high-paying jobs with a criminal justice degree.

With this degree, you can decide to continue your studies to graduate school to study law and become a lawyer earning over $98,000 per year on average. Or you can become a patrol officer and earn about $64,000 per year, a detective earning an average annual wage of over $83,000 per year, a criminologist earning an average annual wage of $79,121, or become a FBI, CIA, or secret service agent and earn over $100,000 per year with other benefits.

4.     Liberal Arts Degree

Liberal arts is one of the most popular majors, like business. This degree covers history, literature, writing, philosophy, sociology, psychology, creative arts, and more. With all these fields covered by a single degree, you must have already had ideas of jobs you can do with a liberal arts degree, and as you can see, there are so many of them.

You can work as a teacher, writer, editor, graphic designer, sales representative, academic adviser, human resource specialist, event planner, social media manager, fundraiser, mediator, and education specialist, or take further education to become a psychologist. The range of salary in any of these careers is from $49,000 and above.

5.     Human Resources Degree

While a degree in business or liberal arts can land you a role in human resources, the degree itself exists and it is one of the easiest degrees to get a job with. You can easily get a job with a degree in human resources because of their high demand worldwide due to the increase in companies that are being created. Besides, any employer will prefer to employ a graduate with a degree in human resources for the role over a graduate with a degree in another field like business.

With a degree in human resources, you can become a human resources manager and earn an average annual wage of $69,358 per year or any of the following roles:

  • Recruiter
  • Compensation Analyst
  • Analyst relations specialist
  • Office Manager
  • Consultant
  • HR analyst
  • Administrative assistant
  • Industrial relations director
  • VP or human resources
  • Employment Specialist
  • Chief diversity officer
  • Employee relations manager
  • Talent acquisition coordinator
  • Executive coach
  • Training Coordinator
  • Training manager
  • Industrial relations director

These are the highest paying jobs with a degree in human resources and can pay up to six figures in annual salary.

6.     Anthropology Degree

An anthropology major covers studies in history, language, science, media, and other disciplines. If you are drawn to interdisciplinary studies, then you should consider pursuing a degree in anthropology. The field has a handful of jobs but the highest-paying job opportunities with a degree in anthropology include:

  • Interpreter: $40,000-$60,000
  • Writer/Editor: $40,000-$72,000
  • Operations Manager: $40,000-$64,000
  • Archaeologist: $40,000-$50,000
  • Project Manager: $90,000-$120,000
  • Archivist: $50,000-$75,000
  • Urban Planner: $40,000-$65,000
  • Social Media Strategist: $45,000-$65,000
  • International Marketing Manager: $70,000-$140,000
  • Historian: $45,000-$80,500
  • Research Analyst: $50,000-$90,000

7.     Communication Degree

Just like English, business, liberal arts, and human resources degrees communication is one of the easiest degrees to get a job within almost any industry. The degree covers studies in English, sociology, and media which can make you fit for over a dozen roles both in the public and private sectors.

Some of the highest-paying roles with a degree in communication are:

  • PR Manager: $90,000-$130,000
  • Staff Writer: $55,000-$80,000
  • Brand Manager: $80,000-$100,000
  • Digital Marketing Analyst: $55,000-$75,000
  • Freelance Communications Specialist: $35,000-$70,000
  • Event Planner: $40,000-$65,000
  • TV Critic: $55,000-$70,000
  • Journalist: $62,231 average annual salary
  • Director of Public Relations: $66,619 average annual salary
  • Internal Communications Executive: $76,577 average annual salary
  • VP of Sales: $142663 average annual salary
  • Director of Business Development: $97,637 average annual salary

Alternatively, you can pursue a graduate degree like an MBA to take on managerial/leadership positions.

8.     Information Technology (IT) Degree

The IT sector continues to stay as one of the most in-demand fields with a truckload of opportunities for those with a degree and without one. A degree in IT is a blend of computer science, communications, and business to prepare graduates for varieties of job roles. Some go on to specialize in programming, cybersecurity, or software analysis to become even more relevant.

There must be over 20 jobs you can do with a degree in IT but below are the high-paying job opportunities:

  • Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst: $60,000-$100,000
  • Software Developer: $70,000-$100,000
  • IT Director: $107,000-$157,000
  • Information Security Analyst: $80,000-$130,000
  • IT Service Manager: $82,500-$129,000
  • Software Engineer: $132,000-$210,000
  • Product Designer: $123,000-$188,000
  • Technical Advisor: $116,000-$116,500
  • IT Engineer: $68,500-$113,000
  • IT Auditor: $72,000-$112,000
  • Information Assurance Analyst: $84,500-$116,000

9.     Music Degree

If you love music, then you should get a degree in music. Don’t worry, a degree in music does not mean you will become a high school music teacher, there are other lucrative job opportunities with a music degree. Below are the jobs you can get with a music degree and their annual salaries:

  • Music Historian: $65,000-$85,000
  • Studio Musician: $27,000-$61,000
  • Studio Manager: $70,000-$100,000
  • Audio Engineer: $60,000-$90,000
  • Solo Musician: $36,500-$74,500
  • Organist: $50,000-$61,500
  • Music Teacher: $68,348 average annual salary
  • Concert Promoter: $72,317 average annual salary
  • Film Developer: $96,176 average annual salary
  • Music Attorney: $87,706 average annual salary
  • Acoustic Consultant: $86,850 average annual salary
  • Production Supervisor: $65,597 average annual salary

While on any of these jobs, you can build a freelance career for yourself on the side creating and selling jingles or short audio clips for brands.

10.  Supply Chain Management Degree

This is one of the easiest degrees to get a job with and you will be working in one of the most important sectors – transportation. There are a lot of high-paying jobs within this field and you can land them with just a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management but if you want to bag managerial roles faster then additional schooling, e.g. a graduate degree, may be required.

The high-paying career opportunities with a major in supply chain management are:

  • Production Manager: $100,000-$120,000
  • Transportation, Storage and Distribution Manager: $60,000-$80,000
  • Quality Assurance Manager: $110,000-$140,000
  • Category Manager: $92,894 average annual salary
  • Supply Chain Manager: $80,566 average annual salary
  • Supply Chain Analyst: $71,307 average annual salary
  • Distribution Manager: $67,912 average annual salary
  • Logistics Manager: $61,605 average annual salary


These are the easiest college degrees to get a job with and their highest-paying roles. The good thing about pursuing a college degree is that you will be qualified for multiple roles. It is then left to you to specialize in one.


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