12 Short-Term Courses In USA To Get A Job

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

Do you want to get a job faster in the US? Here are short-term courses in USA to get a job in no time. The short-term courses will equip you with the necessary skills you need to get a job and start working immediately.

Short-term courses take, at most, 12 months to complete. So, it can be 4 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, or 6 months but it does not exceed 12 months. In essence, short-term courses require a short time to complete. It is an ideal pathway for those who do not want to spend 2 or 4 years pursuing a college degree and for those who already have a degree in one field but want to switch careers to a more in-demand field without going through the college pathway.

Many people are using short courses to gain employment and, yes, employers are accepting them whether they have a prior degree in another field or they don’t even have a degree at all. They are still getting accepted to work with just their short-term course certification.

The reason for this is that short-term courses are very powerful. Although they may take a short while to complete within that short time, you are equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge, techniques, and know-how to enter a career, get a job, and become successful. Short-term courses are packed with all you need to excel, whether in a completely new field or a current one.

This is also the reason why employers are accepting it and employing those with just a short course because they know that that individual is equipped with industry-needed skills that will contribute to the growth of the organization.

If you are looking to use this pathway to get into the workforce, I will be listing out the short-term courses in USA to get a job further below. This would help you as a citizen or permanent resident of the US to navigate through various options to get a job in the US by enrolling in a short-term course.

These short-term courses in the USA will also be beneficial to those who fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • You don’t want to go to college but you want to land a high-paying job without a degree(A high school diploma or GED can get you a job but not a high-paying one)
  • You want to switch careers into a high-paying in-demand role
  • You want to advance in your existing career by getting a promotion and earn a higher salary
  • You want to get into the workforce quickly
  • You want to stand above other employees in the ever-competitive labor market
  • You want to explore and learn new things within or outside of your field to advance your knowledge, and skillset, and climb higher in the academic ladder.

Whether you have a degree or just a GED you can take a short-term course, depending on what you want just as I have categorized above. Also, short-term courses are not in the US alone, there are also short courses in the UK for jobs and in-demand short-term courses in South Africa to get a job. You can also explore these other options as well to find out the ones you can take online.

This has already gotten too long, so, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into the main topic.

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short term courses in USA to get a job

Short-Term Courses In USA To Get A Job

Hold on! Before we get into the short-term courses in USA to get a job, I should let you know that the short-term courses can either be online, on-site, or hybrid but mostly online, and, irrespective of the mode of learning, the programs are offered by accredited academic institutions.

When you successfully complete the short-term courses, you will be awarded a certification to show that you completed the course and are now equipped with the skills to work in that role. You can then attach the certification to your CV or resume when applying for a job.

Finally, classes for short-term courses are flexible, designed to fit into your schedule, and will not disrupt your work/study-life balance, also, short-term courses are cheaper, and of course, faster to complete compared to a degree.

With all the clarity observed, let’s get down to business.

The following are the short-term programs in the US to land a job:

1.     Web Development Short-term Course

There are both free and paid online courses on web development all over the internet from Udemy and YouTube to Skillshare and Code Academy. You can take the web development courses offered by any of these platforms and join the in-demand field of web devs in just a few months. It is possible to complete courses on the front-end stack within 4 months and start seeking internships to gain experience.

However, the full-stack path will take you up to 12 months but it depends on your commitment. As an aspiring web developer, you ought to learn and practice every day. The short-term courses on web development are not only for newbies, even professional web developers can take the course either to refresh their memory, learn a new programming language, learn a new framework, or a new coding practice.

2.     Digital Marketing Short-term Course

This has to be the most common short-term course. Google is offering this course as well as other online learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, FutureLearn, Oxford Home Study, and many others. If you also head to YouTube, you will find a wide range of courses on digital marketing.

The reason why there are so many of them is because of the high demand for digital marketers there is always a new marketing strategy, a new marketing technique, or something recent on digital marketing to learn and scale your business or other businesses. There are short-term digital marketing courses for newbies without prior knowledge and also for professionals with many years of experience.

3.     Project Management Short-term Course

I recently ran into a friend from college who is now a project manager but she studied accounting.
How did she do it?

After we had graduated, she couldn’t get a job as an accountant so she did her research and found out there is a high demand for project managers. So, she took an online short-term course on project management which lasted for 3 months, and instantly got a job as a project manager when she completed her courses.

She took the course on Coursera and was given a certification which she used in applying for the job along with her resume. So, you see how my friend was able to switch careers from what she studied for 4 years in the university into a career that took her 3 months to learn. That is the power of a short-term course and you can also do the same. And yes, project managers are in high demand and will be for the coming years as the tech industry continues to grow.

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4.     Human Resource Executive Short-term Course

Do you currently work as a human resource manager? Are you looking for promotion in that same organization or elsewhere? Then take a short-term course in human resource executive and apply for a promotion. This course is specifically for working professionals whether you are in HR or another department but if you want the role of a HR then you should take this course.

If you are currently an HR manager, the content of this course will prepare you for senior-level HR management. It is a short-term professional course and can take anywhere from 3 – 8 months to complete.

5.     Business Analytics Short-term Course

Business analytics is one of the short-term courses in the USA to get a job with top business and tech companies and organizations. The course can be completed in as little as 3 months and prior knowledge in business or related fields is not even needed to take the course. You can take the course in business analytics to switch careers or to become a professional if you are already in the business field.

So, there are business analytics short-term courses for professionals and newbies. Business analytics professionals are needed by all kinds of businesses to use data to drive business decisions in an organization which can go as far as improving sales and knowing which audience to target.

6.     Data Science Short-term Course

This is similar to the business analytics short-term course above but data science encompasses it, because to become a business analyst you must learn data science, it is just a part of an application of data science. But data science itself encompasses all fields from business and healthcare to tech and social science, and these specialists – data scientists, are in high demand.

There are varieties of online learning platforms offering data science courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced experience. Whether you have prior knowledge or not, you can learn data science and land a high-paying role as a data scientist anywhere in the world with just a certificate from a short course.

7.     Brick Mason Short-term Course

Community colleges offer an associate degree in brick mason that takes 2 years to complete. But if that seems too long for you then go to a vocational institution and apply for a short-term course in masonry which should take about 6 months to complete. Brick masonry is an ideal career for those who like working with their hands. From here, you can become a site manager or a building contractor.

So far on this list, the short-term courses I have compiled are offered online but brick mason is an exception. It is a hands-on practical course so your physical presence is how you are going to learn.

8.     Product Management Short-term Course

Product management is one of the short-term courses in the USA to get a job quickly. Just as project managers and web developers are in high demand across the world, product managers are also in high demand.

So, if you want to quickly get into the field and become one of these in-demand professionals, there are short-term courses in project management to equip you with the necessary skill set and get you ready for the role in 6 months or less.

If you are already a product manager looking to advance yoskillsill and learn the latest in the industry, short-term courses are also your go-to. There are so many courses on product management available online which means you can continue working while taking classes on product management online.

9.     Real Estate Agent Short-term Course

Real estate is among the top industries in the world and with a short-term course, you can learn what it takes to become a real estate agent, gain the neskillsry skill, and kick-start a career in real estate. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to earn a 6-figure annual salary just from taking a course that takes 6 months or less to complete.

Real estate short courses are available both online and in-person and they are taught by renowned real estate agents who will expose the secret of their success in the business of real estate. Just like all the courses on this list of short-term courses in USA to get a job, there are courses on real estate for all experience-level.

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10.  Medical Billing and Coding Short-term Course

Medical billers and coders work in the healthcare industry or any organization that has to do with healthcare.

At first, I thought only a 2-year associate degree in medical coding and billing can get you this role but on further research, I found there are varieties of online certifications in medical coding and billing that can be completed in a few weeks. Some of the courses are broken down topic by topic while others offer the full package from scratch to make you a professional.

One of the platforms I found, MedicalBillingCourse.com offers an online medical coding and billing course that takes 4 weeks to complete. See the time duration? That is a short-term course.

11.  Personal Trainer Short-term Course

Do you want to help others keep fit? See them through in their fitness journey? Then a career as a personal trainer or gym instructor awaits you. Various short-term courses on personal trainers are available online for all experience levels.

So, whether you are an experienced personal trainer looking to advance your knowledge and learn the latest tips to help your clients or you have no experience at all but want to build a career as a personal trainer, there are courses available for you. Depending on your experience level, the courses can take between 1 – 6 months to complete.

12.   Cybersecurity Short-term Course

You don’t need to get a degree in computer science or cybersecurity to become a cybersecurity specialist. There are short-term cybersecurity courses, mostly online, that you can enroll in and become a cybersecurity specialist under one year. After the course, you can start seeking internships with tech companies to gain industry skills and expand your experience.

There are cybersecurity short-term courses for all experience level.


Your search for short-term courses in USA to get a job is over! This blog post has covered all the information you will need to embark on your new career. Most of these short-term courses are available online. Your consistency and practice will help you scale through and kickstart a successful career in any of the roles.


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