Top 15 Record Labels In Ghana Looking For Artists To Sign 2023

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Record Labels In Ghana

As an upcoming artist, are you seriously seeking and wanting to get signed by the best music record labels in Ghana? Do you need the contact of Ghana record labels accepting demos?

Do you want to kick-start your music career and become a successful musician via reputable record labels?

If you answered YES to these questions, then this article is only what you need to read today.

With so many artists on the rise, the Ghanaian music industry is prospering and positively affecting the entire continent.

As an upcoming artist, it doesn’t really matter how talented you’re if there’s no platform to stand and let the world see you shine.

Record labels play a vital position within the music business of any clime.

Today in this article, you’ll learn actionable tips, guidelines, and answers on:

  • Functions and importance of a record label
  • Ways record labels make money
  • Ghanaian record labels looking for upcoming artists to sign
  • Ghanaian record labels looking for producers and songwriters to sign
  • Hip Hop record labels looking for artists to sign
  • Record labels accepting demos
  • Music sponsors contact details and email addresses in Ghana
  • How to contact your favorite Ghanaian record label for a deal
  • How you can send your song to these record labels
  • How to start a record label

So, ensure to take your time and read to the end to know the best options and avoid making costly mistakes this year.

Getting started…

What is a Record Label?

Record labels are the heart of the music industry.

A record label is charged with the duty of distributing and promoting your music in soft, digital, and hard copy formats to music stores, music websites, and other marketplaces worldwide.

Record labels also support artists to distribute their music, making music videos, matching artistes with brands and other artistes, and helping to record and create new music.

How Does a Record Label Deal Work?

  • You sign a label contract that states the agreement between you (the artiste) and your boss (the label).
  • As stated in the contract, the record label pays you for record sales and helps you secure more life-changing deals in the industry.
  • The label invests in your music career and development by making, distributing, and marketing your music.
  • Your record label will have a share in your earnings as stated in your contract.
  • When a record label signs an artiste, the money they pay the artiste is called an “advance”.

How Does a Record Label Make Money?

Record labels make most of their money when your music is purchased or licensed for use.

Money is also made from marketing, royalties, album sales, touring, endorsement deals, merchandise, gigs, concerts, or anything they could sell.

The goal of record labels is to make money as you too make money.


You make the millions and fame while they make the billions; they are in business and their dream is getting richer as you become rich, for these reasons, record labels want to go for talented artists that will give them billions.

Because the record label is so important to your success as an artiste it is important that you get signed by the best label possible.

So, in defining the best record labels in Ghana, these few factors were considered.

  • Artiste support and promotion
  • The success of its artistes
  • The success of its songs (number of hit songs)
  • Years in the music industry

Best Record Labels In Ghana Looking For Artists To Sign

If you are an upcoming artiste, songwriter, rapper, producer, or instrumentalist looking for a record label to kick start your music career, these record labels are looking for talented artistes from Nigeria, SA, Ghana, DR Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, etc. that they would sponsor.

1. Zylofon media

Zylofon media is one of the popular record labels in Ghana at the moment. This label rose to the limelight when the dancehall king Shatta Wale was signed. Prior to that, they had had a deal with Stonebwoy which lasted for about two years.

Currently Zylofon invests in budding artistes with promising future and great talent.

Other artists currently signed onto Zylofon Media include Tiisha, Kumi Guitar, Obibini and several others.

Tiisha happens to be the latest musician signed onto this record label.

CEO: Nana Appiah Mensah (Alleged)

2. Lynx entertainment

Lynx Entertainment has distinguished itself when it comes to artiste management. It was founded by ace beat and record producer Richie Mensah.

Their lead act Kuami Eugene won the artiste of the year in the latest Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. This brought a lot of attention to this record label.

Musicians signed on this label include: Kuami Eugene and KiDi. Formerly Miss Vee also had a deal with them but terminated it in 2020.

The artiste signed onto this record label are noted for the production of their own records (beats).

  • CEO: Richie Mensah
  • Founded: 2006
  • Location: Accra
  • Genre of Music: Hiplife, RnB, Hiphop, RAP

3. Sarkcess music

The Sarkcess Music Group is owned by Ghanaian best rapper Sarkodie. It has contributed to the nurturing of one of Ghana’s great rap talent, Strongman Burner who is currently solo.

Although Sarkcess Music is solely focused on their main act Sarkodie, they have directly and indirectly helped pushed other musicians into the limelight music scene.

  • CEO: Michael Owusu Addo (Sarkodie)

Posigee is the main (lead) producer who works with the Sarkcess Music Group.

4. Burniton music group

This was founded by one of Ghana’s biggest dancehall sensations, Stonebwoy. After Stonebwoy parted ways with his godfather, Samini, he went solo and began his own record label named the Burniton Music Group.

They are solely into the nurturing and promotion of their main act and other budding artists who gets signed.

  • CEO: Stonebwoy

5. Legacy life entertainment

Legacy Life Entertainment was started by Joseph Kwame Addisson, popularly known as KillBeatz, a Ghanaian music producer and a sound Engineer.

The label has currently signed only King Promise. Legacy Life Entertainment may sign more musicians onto their record label in the near future, maybe.

  • CEO: KillBeatz, R2Bees

6. Black avenue music

Black Avenue Music is one of the most successful music labels in Ghana. Great talent like Joey B passed through the management of this record label some time back.

It was founded by rapper and musician Desmond Blackmore, popularly known as, DBlack.

DJ Breezy is the lead sound engineer and music record producer of this record label.

  • CEO: Desmond Blackmore (DBlack)

7. Rufftown records

After Bullet decided to go solo form the Ruff N Smooth duo, he founded the Rufftown records. This label is solely into the nurturing of new talents.

They pick artistes who have great potential, promote them, finance them and push them into the mainstream.

Currently Wendy Shay is the most recognized musician working with Rufftown Records. Bullet’s first signed artist was the late Ebony Reigns.

8. Empawa Africa

Empawa is an initiative created with one simple mission: helping new artists reach their full potential musically by equipping them with the knowledge and funding to do so.

Although not fully Ghanaian, Empawa Africa is contributing greatly to the Ghana music industry. The Afrobeat giant, Mr. Eazi is the founder of the Empawa Music record label.

Musicians currently signed are J Derobie, Mr. Eazi, Joe Boy, Guilty Beatz, Killertunes, DJ Neptune, C Natty, E Kelly, Whoisakin, Namenj and King Promise.

9. Ground up

Although there is a public perception that Ground Up Chale is not a record label. However, their functions are the same as the traditional record labels in Ghana.

Their first artist to breakthrough into the limelight music scene was Kwesi Authur. Other top musicians on this label include Kwamena MP, Kofi Mole amongst others.

10. Madtime entertainment

Madtime Entertainment was founded by Kwaw Kese, one of Ghana’s biggest hiplife musicians. They nurture artists and  promote them until they gain the limelight attention.

Popular musicians on the Madtime entertainment record label include Kwaw Kese and Skonti.  Kwaw Kese recently released his Victory Album which has gained massive online and offline plays.

  • CEO: Kwaw Kese

11. Bbnz live

BBnZ Live is an advertising and management firm which offers a ‘Complete Advertising Solution’ service in the areas of Account Management, Media Planning.

  • CEO: Alvin Bekoe

12. Gadone records

Kofi Jamar is the lead artist on this record label.

13. Mawuli Recordings

Ghanaian dope rapper Gemini is the CEO of Mawuli Recordings. This label has been in the system for a while is gradually making headlines with its quality productions.

14. X Two entertainment

YPee is the lead act of this record label. Ypee got major transition into the music limelight with his Me ye guy remix featuring Sarkodie and Medikal.

15. Highly spiritual music

Highly Spiritual Music is owned and founded by ace beats producer and sound engineer Kaywa. Musicians currently on the label include Mr. Drew and Krimi.

Other artiste who have had contracts with highly spiritual music include Yaw Berk and Kurl Songx.

How to Join a Record Label

If you want to send your song to a record label and get a record deal fast, follow these steps.

  • Find a Good Studio and Record a Demo
  • Share and Promote your Music
  • Contact a record label or an agent via email or directly on their website
  • Follow up the agent [Become friends with the agent]
  • Get him/her to squeeze out time to listen to your music
  • Sign the record contract and go with the flow

How to Start a Record Label

If you’re not interested in joining a record label, you can start one and run it on your own.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a record label.

  • Choose a good name, logo, and brand look
  • Set up a good-looking official website
  • Register the record label
  • Set up contracts and legal details
  • Open social media accounts
  • Sign artistes

In summary

In today’s world music is created and distributed through many avenues, but especially through the hands of record labels.

Artists heavily rely on them to get the exposure necessary to make it big so choosing a good one is essential.

Getting a record deal is no easy feat.

It is even harder in a country like Ghana, where most record labels are only out to exploit upcoming music artists.

There are still some result-oriented record labels out there that have stood out and have continued to churn out talented singers to the entertainment industry, and signing with these labels is almost a surety for success.

While other record labels are also great, these top 15 are all excellent music labels and have perfected the art of music sharing and have worked with excellent artists to reach fans over the years.

Ensure you make correct inquiries on your chosen record labels before applying and signing deals.

Visit the official website of these record labels to make inquiries and get the latest news and updates.

We hope you find this post helpful.

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