Top 11 Easy Government Jobs That Pay Well

Last Updated on February 6, 2024

If you are looking to work in the public sector, that is for the government then gather here and let me walk you through the easy government jobs that pay well.

There are government jobs and then there are easy government jobs. The major difference between them is that the latter are jobs that are easy to do and less stressful just like the easy jobs that pay well and low-stress jobs for introverts which offers a serene and flexible work environment and culture.

In such jobs, the work environment is stress-free, there is no pressure at work, and the working hours are flexible. You can be able to balance work with family and/or other responsibilities and activities.

The truth is, that some people are naturally fragile and cannot work or cope under pressure. If you are such a person nothing should concern you with a job description that says “can work under pressure”, avoid such jobs by all means as such a job will only bring you misery even though it is a high-paying job.

So, what you want is an easy job that aligns with your nature, a job that perfectly fits your personality and your way of life, these are important factors to consider when looking for a career to get into. For instance, if you are an introvert, avoid the best jobs for extroverts and, instead, go for the best jobs for introverts but if your personality trait lies between introversion and extroversion then you should go for jobs for ambiverts.  

At this point, you should already understand what I mean by getting into a career that you naturally fit into. If you cannot handle pressure then look for careers that offer a peaceful work environment, flexible working hours, and vacations. These are the type of jobs you will find in our compiled list of easy government jobs that pay well below but it is for those who wish to work in the public sector.

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Easy Government Jobs That Pay Well

If you are looking to work in the public sector, here is a guide on the easy government jobs that pay well.

1.     Auditor

Auditors are professionals who examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements, give advice, or audit and evaluate statements prepared by others. You will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, finance, accounting, or a related field to work as an auditor.

As an auditor working with the government, you will work with decision-makers to evaluate the duties and responsibilities of government entities, ensure that government funds are used for the right purpose, and comply with laws and regulations. The average salary for an auditor is $92,000. It is one of the highest-paying easy government jobs.

2.     Translator

Both state and federal government entities work with people from different countries and states where the languages are different and both parties cannot understand each other. A translator conveys messages with written materials between both parties and removes the communication barrier.

Aside from speaking, translators working in government agencies also convert written materials, documents, and memos to different languages and ensure that the messages are communicated effectively. Translators earn a median annual salary of $52,330 per year. As a translator working in the government sector, you will be handling sensitive materials.

3.     Secretary

This is one of the easy government jobs that pay well without a degree. You can land a role as a secretary in a government agency, and of course, the roles are not different. You will schedule meetings, take calls, manage emails, type and store documents, and report to your boss. It is an easy job in government and pays an average salary of $45,945 per hour.

4.     Air Traffic Controller

This isn’t just an easy job but a fun and awesome one too. I say this because of where you will work in the government as an air traffic controller and who you will be working with.

As an air traffic controller, you will work in the Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Education and Training Command, government airport, or at government flight training schools where you will be in charge of directing traffic, monitoring aircraft in flight, keeping aircraft well separated, overseeing the takeoff and landing of aircraft, and communicating weather and air stability data to pilots.

You see it is a fun job, and a fun job is without stress. So, this makes air traffic controller one of the easy government jobs that pay well earning an average salary of $120,830 per year.

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5.     Webmaster

A webmaster working in the government sector is an IT professional who manages and maintains government websites. You know these days all arms of government, from local to federal, now have websites. Webmasters will maintain these websites by ensuring the creation of new pages, adding new features, making it more seamless and user-friendly, removing outdated content, and fixing downtime of the site.

To become a webmaster, you must have deep knowledge of web development. Webmasters are also called website managers. The average salary for a webmaster is $65,506 per year.

6.     Postal Clerk

This is one of the easy government jobs that you can get into without a degree or previous work experience. You can be trained on the job to acquire the necessary skills and acquire experience as you continue in the job.

A postal clerk in the public sector works in government post offices and carries out the same tasks as any other postal clerk. That is, they receive letters, documents, and parcels, organize and sell postage and stamps, and sort and examine parcels to be posted. The hourly pay of a postal clerk in the US is $19.48.

7.     Flight Attendants

You can become a flight attendant at government-owned airports work in airplanes, especially for government personnel, and attend to dignitaries. Your job is to ensure that your passengers are safe and comfortable. It is a convenient job that pays well within and outside the government. The average salary for a flight attendant is $85,316 per year.

8.     Librarian

There are government-owned libraries where you can work as a librarian and get well paid plus other governmental benefits that come with it. Librarians working in government-owned libraries have access to certain books, documents, and relics that are not necessarily available in regular libraries which, to me, is among the thrill of working in a government-owned library. They earn up to $58,000 per year.

9.     Park Ranger

A park ranger protects preserved parklands. There are private and government-owned parklands, and working in government-owned parklands comes with good salaries and other excellent benefits. If you are someone who loves nature and being the outdoors then a park ranger will make an ideal job for you.

Park rangers may also be called upon in an emergency to protect people and properties, aside from that, you are chilling with nature all day. The average salary of park rangers in the US is $38,660 per year.

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10.  Lifeguard

Are you an excellent swimmer? Then this job is for you.

You can work as a lifeguard on government-owned beaches and pools. The payment is usually more than working at privately owned beaches. However, to become a lifeguard, you will be required to take some training programs so that you can learn the policies rules, and regulations to work as a lifeguard.

The average salary of a lifeguard is $15.27 per hour.

11.  Office Assistant

The task of an office assistant is closely related to that of a secretary but they do a bit more than secretaries. Office assistants carry out administrative tasks in an organization including ensuring that the environment is clean and neat. A lot of people prefer working as office assistants in government organizations because of the good salary and excellent benefits.


This wraps up the list of easy government jobs that pay well. These jobs here offer a low-stress working environment and are great for people who cannot work or cope under pressure.

Lastly, government jobs provide stability, good salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for advancement without requiring extensive education or experience. With an understanding of the government hiring process, highlighting your transferable skills, and considering volunteer work or internships, you can get your foot in the door to rewarding public sector career paths.


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