12 Best Federal Government Jobs Without A Degree

Last Updated on February 6, 2024

Many well-paying jobs in the government sector do not require a degree. If you are interested in them, I curated a list, with their details, of the best federal government jobs without a degree for you to look into and find a job that fits you best.

You don’t have a degree but want to work in the public sector? Yes, it is possible! There are lots of jobs in the government sector that do not require a degree but you must have your high school diploma or a GED to apply for the job. Although outside the government, some jobs do not require a high school diploma and if this is you then you should certainly look into them.

If you haven’t considered a government job, you should, and here is why; federal government jobs have financial and job security, excellent benefits, and opportunities for advancement without requiring extensive education or experience.

The federal government jobs without a degree are mostly entry-level roles, and therefore, do not require a degree to start. Selected applicants are trained on the job irrespective of their experience, so in most cases, it is not even necessary to have an experience for government jobs.

For context, local government jobs let you work for your city, county, or local community. State government jobs provide you with similar work as local governments, but you will also cover some federal concerns. Federal government jobs deal with work that impacts the entire nation.

So, the federal government roles you will be handling are at the national, and sometimes, international level. The job would be much more demanding but would have higher salaries and better benefits compared to jobs at local and state government levels.

But hey, if you don’t fancy working in the government, we have guides on high-paying jobs without a degree and high-paying tech jobs without a degree for you to find other options.

Can I Get A Federal Government Job Without A Degree?

Yes, you can get a federal government job without a degree because some specific roles within the government sector do not require a degree to apply for them or get into them. Those specific jobs are curated in this article for you to peruse and find a befitting one to get into.

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Federal Government Jobs Without A Degree

Below are the federal government jobs you can apply for without a degree:

1.     Data Entry Clerk

As a data entry clerk working in any organization, whether government or private, your task remains the same. This task is to transfer data from paper formats into computer files or database systems whether manually or using scanners. Data entry clerks are not usually required to have a degree or experience whether it is for a government or private organization that they wish to work with.

However, if you want to work as a data entry clerk you must be computer literate so that you can be taught how to use the software for data entry. Different sectors in the federal government require data entry clerks, you can imagine how large the organizations within are and the number of data entry clerks that are required. The salary of a data entry clerk is between $27,983 to $124,514 per year.

2.     Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator

The job description of this job role is already self-explanatory. These operators are integral to the federal government’s efforts to ensure proper water and water treatment and maintain environmental standards. To become a water and wastewater treatment plant operator, a certification may be required. The mean hourly range of the operator is $26.78.

3.     Subway and Streetcar Operator

The key responsibility of a subway and streetcar operator is to operate subway or elevated suburban trains with no separate locomotives and streetcars. They also handle fares, transport and serve passengers, and are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures.

With a high school diploma or GED and some on-the-job training, you can get into this position. The average salary for a subway and streetcar operator is $69,440 per year.

4.     Firefighter

Are you passionate about saving lives and property? Then you may want to consider working as a firefighter for the federal government and protect citizens from fires and rescue them in other emergencies. You must have a high school diploma or a GED to be accepted for training at a fire academy where you will be trained to become a firefighter.

Firefighter is one of the federal government jobs without a degree as you will be trained and equipped with the necessary skills to become a firefighter at the fire academy. The average salary of a firefighter is $52,500 per year.

5.     Office Clerk

Office clerks work at various federal government offices and are responsible for scheduling appointments, organizing files and maintaining records, taking calls, managing correspondence, and providing general office support.

It is one of the best government jobs without a degree because their presence is highly necessary for an office to maintain productivity and facilitate communication within federal government offices and departments. The mean hourly salary of an office clerk is $19.78.

6.     Supply Technician

A supply technician works in various sectors of government and is responsible for managing and organizing inventory, receiving and inspecting incoming supplies, maintaining stock records, processing orders, and distributing supplies to various departments or units. This is one of the federal government jobs that does not require a degree and the mean hourly wage is $23.84.

7.     Court Reporter

Court reporters are licensed professionals who create transcripts of trials, hearings, and other legal proceedings in a federal court. Of course, they also work in state and local government courts. The attendance of these professionals is important in any legal proceedings.

While a degree is not required to become a court reporter, you must undergo on-the-job training and be licensed by a legal institution to become a court reporter. The average annual salary of a court reporter is $61,660 per year.

8.     Accounting Clerk

The duties of an accounting clerk are the same across sectors and institutions. They are responsible for keeping financial records updated, preparing financial reports, processing invoices, and reconciling bank statements. They may also assist accountants with budgeting and auditing processes and use accounting software programs to process transactions.

To work as an accounting clerk in federal government agencies, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and go through on-the-job training. An accounting clerk earns an average of $22.81 per hour.

9.     Correctional Officer

A correctional officer is an official who maintains order and provides security in a correctional facility. They are trained to use rifles and supervise inmates. If you are looking for a federal government job you can do without a degree, this is one of them. Although it can get risky you will be trained on how to protect yourself before being deployed into any facility. Correctional officers earn an average wage of $24.10 per hour.

10.  Census Clerk

Census clerks are administrative professionals employed by the federal government to gather statistical information about the population of the country. You can get into this role without a degree but you will have to undergo on-the-job training. The average pay per hour for a census clerk is $19.63.

11.  Administrative Assistant

The tasks of an office clerk and an administrative assistant are nearly alike but the former are under the latter and the latter does more tasks. An admin assistant oversees all administrative operations in an organization, including a federal government agency. They train new staff, schedule meetings, and provide general support to the whole office.

A degree is not required to get into this job role but getting an online certification in admin assistant can give you an edge over other applicants who are applying for the same role. The average salary of an administrative assistant is $40,990 per year.

12.  Postal Service Worker

You can work for the federal postal service in your country without a degree, because, typically the job does not require a degree, a high school diploma and on-the-job training are enough to get you into the job.

As a postal service worker, you will collect letters and parcels, sell stamps and postal products, distribute letters and parcels, and operate various postal equipment. The median annual wage for postal service workers is $53,000 per year.


If you are looking to kickstart a career in the public sector and you don’t have a degree, the list of jobs curated here is for you. These jobs allow those without a college degree to apply for them and, maybe, transition their careers from there if that is what they wish.

Working in federal government agencies or departments is a dream come through for many as they get to enjoy job and financial stability, good salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for advancement.


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