Top 23 High Paying Jobs For Introverts 2023

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Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Jobs For Introverts

Are you an introvert looking for the best job that aligns with your personality but doesn’t know where to begin your search from? Or perhaps you prefer to work alone rather than in a group setting to avoid social interactions! Relax we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we shall be considering 23 high paying jobs for introverts. Ready? Then let’s begin!

Top 23 High Paying Jobs For Introverts

1. Accountant

For those who love numbers, becoming an accountant would be the perfect career for you. An accountant is responsible for recording, preparing and examining financial records, analyzing opportunities and risk, and for the verification of financial transactions. As an introvert, who is self-critical and excellent in identifying errors, which is very important in accounting makes it a suitable job for introverts. As an accountant, you can earn a medium salary of $77,250.

2. Actuary

An actuary is a business expert who deals with mathematical analysis of risk and uncertainty. Do you love working with statistics, math, and financial theories? Becoming an actuary can be a great introverted job option for you to consider. Actuaries are responsible for determining the financial risks for certain outcomes and assist businesses in developing policies to minimize those risks. It’s a good career path for an introvert because it requires a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving. The median salary earned by an Actuary is $105,900.

3. Content Writer

A Content Writer with an average salary of $78,060, is also one of the 23 high paying jobs for introverts. They are responsible for publishing content for websites, blogs, and other related media. To thrive in this field you need to be able to write well and have strong research skills.

4. Application Developer

As an Application Developer, you can work with several industries and companies, either full-time or self-employed, and possibly remotely in designing, creating, and updating programs and apps for devices. If you seek to bring brilliant ideas that are profitable to live and assist in developing applications, this is the best job to consider. You can earn an average salary of $79,000 as an application developer.

5. Content Editor

As a content editor, you need to be able to understand complex concepts and have sound editing skills to function effectively in editing reviews, and written works for accuracy, clarity, and style. The medium salary you can earn as a content editor is $63,400.

6. Research Scientist

A research scientist is a professional who is responsible for investigating scientific problems, by utilizing their knowledge of science and mathematics to develop new products or processes. Research scientists are expected to be creative and critical thinkers. They often work independently and can earn an average salary of $131,490, which makes it a great job among the 23 high paying jobs for introverts.

7. Executive Chef

If you love food and you desire to please people with your cooking, you might just have to consider becoming an executive chef. As an executive chef, you are placed with the responsibility of managing the kitchen to ensure everything is prepared to the appropriate standards, training staff, and also create menus. The average salary an executive chef can earn is $55,000.

9. Archivist

An archivist is responsible for preserving and organizing records and documents and it’s a well-suited job for an introvert as it requires patience and attention to detail and also offers the opportunity to work with people one-on-one which is a preference for introverts. Archivists can work in libraries, universities, and research institutions in supervising and maintaining collections of historical items as well as the artwork. Working as an archivist can fetch you an average salary of $50,120.

10. Architect

Architects are known to spend most of their time working independently in planning and designing buildings and other structures. If you’re an introvert who’s creative, pays attention to details, and loves problem-solving, architecture is the perfect job for you as it won’t require much social interaction in the cause of their work. Being among the 23 high paying jobs for introverts, they can earn an average salary of $80,180.

12. Film/Video Editor

Film and video editors are responsible for assembling recorded footage into finished products. To be able to execute this type of job, they need to acquire strong editing skills, an understanding of storytelling, and the ability to work under pressure. The average salary you can earn working as a film or video editor is $60,360.

13. Mechanic

This is a great job for introverts that love to work with their hands and have a sound understanding of how machines work. It’s also among the list of jobs for introverts as they don’t have to spend much time interacting with customers; rather they spend more time working on their own, troubleshooting and repairing issues. They earn an average salary of $46,880.

14. Paralegal

Paralegals are responsible for helping lawyers in making preparation for cases. They undergo a lot of research and source information from various sources. Despite the fact that they do have to interact with lawyers, these jobs are well-suited for introverts because they require a lot of independent work. Paralegals earn an average salary of $56,230.

15. Court Recorder

Court recorders are also one of the 23 best jobs for introverts in 2023 and they are responsible for recording court proceedings. To function effectively in this career path, they need to possess the ability to work independently and have good writing skills. The medium salary you can earn working as a court recorder is $60,380.

16. Artist

Becoming an artist offers you an endless medium of opportunity to choose from, be it painting, sculpture, textile, or other pieces of art. This career path is a great career for creative-minded people who want to work at home or in a studio independently, which makes it well-suited for introverts. Artists can earn a medium salary of $49,960.

17. Translator

There are several types of translation jobs of which text and audio translation is more suitable for introverts. As a translator, you are responsible for converting written text or recorded audio from one language to another. The ability to understand both languages fluently is an added advantage to having strong writing skills. The average salary earned by a translator is  $49,110.

18. Content Manager

If you would love to work with clients in developing content, such as blog posts, videos, and interactive, as well as building a strategy for them to perform better, then you can’t go wrong by becoming a content manager. As a content manager, you can remotely in overseeing a company’s content creation and strategy, as well as manage writers. Content managers can earn a medium salary of $54,000.

19. Social Media Manager

Also on our list of the 23 best jobs for introverts in 2023 is the Social Media Manager, who is responsible for developing and implementing social media marketing plans. Professionals in this career path need to have strong writing skills be able to understand complex concepts and be familiar with diverse social media platforms. It’s a position in which many introverts can thrive as it involves lots of online interaction which is different from in-person interaction and makes it suitable for introverts. The average salary a social media manager can earn is $55,679.

20. Digital Marketer

Through the utilization of digital technologies, digital marketers are responsible for the development and implementation of marketing plans. As a digital marketer, it’s crucial you are able to understand and have competent writing and communication skills. The average salary earned by these professionals is $133,380.

21. Medical Records Technician

As a medical records technician, you’re placed with the responsibility of organizing and maintaining medical records. Sound skill in detail-oriented and organization is needed for this job. You don’t need much social interaction in this career path and you can earn up to $45,240 as the average annual salary.

22. Data Analyst

Data analysts are professionals who take a large volume of data and transform it into relevant information. Jobs a data analyst is responsible for include identifying trends, developing market strategies, and improving business operations. As a data analyst, the ability to think critically and have strong problem-solving skills is very significant for success in this choice of career. The medium salary a data analyst can earn is  $65,810.

22. Software Developer/Test Engineer

Software developers/test engineers are required to have an in-depth knowledge of coding languages and software development tools, which are needed for designing, developing, and testing software. Although they work in team, however, the job allows for a lot of independence which makes if one of the perfect job to consider amongst the 23 high paying jobs for introverts. These professionals earn a median salary of $110,140.

23. Graphic/Web Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts for logos, websites, and other related media. While web designers oversees the creation of the look and feel of websites. It comes in handy for introverts as it requires a lot of time to focus on jobs and the execution of tasks. As a Graphic/Web Designer you can earn an average salary of 50,710 and $77,200 respectively.


Your personality and temperament have a significant role and influence to play in your early career outcomes. Hence, your ability to effectively utilize your skills, experiences, and personality to your favor is very important in achieving success in any career path you choose to venture into. We hope the list of 23 high paying jobs for introverts will assist you in knowing and choosing the best career that would fit your personality.

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