14 Top Bachelor of Science in Biology Jobs

Last Updated on February 2, 2024

You don’t know what to do with a bachelor’s degree in biology? Get in here and see the bachelor of science in biology jobs and how much they earn per year.

Biology is one of the most important branches of science. Through this field, lots of discoveries have been made that have saved lives, provided some answers concerning life on earth, and brought forth many innovations that have been helpful to man. This same field has merged with others to birth new fields like biotechnology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, marine biology, medicine, and so on.

Nearly, if not all, branches of science relate to biology which is also part of what makes biology an extensive field of study. Due to this, careers for biology graduates are equally as extensive.

Therefore, if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology or considering it just know that there are multiple opportunities out there for you to pursue although with just a bachelor’s degree, you may have some limitations concerning careers you want to get into but it is also a stepping stone for further studies which is master’s or PhD degree, and then you will have unlimited opportunities to explore.

With a bachelor’s degree in biology, you could either jump right into the job market or pursue a graduate degree. I have curated a list, with details, of the bachelor of science in biology jobs in this post but it is necessary that you also know the graduate courses you can pursue after you have completed a biology major and want to further your studies.

With a bachelor’s degree in biology, you can pursue the following graduate programs:

  • Biochemistry
  • Medicine
  • Wildlife and ecotourism management
  • Crop protection and environmental biology
  • Fisheries management
  • Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Genetics
  • Neuroscience
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Food Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Biophysics
  • Marine biology
  • Astrobiology

Each of these programs has a wide range of job opportunities to choose from. For example, in medicine, there are psychologists, surgeons, pharmacists, medical doctors, dentists, and many more. It is then left for you to focus on which medical profession you want to get into and get an education in that specialization.

The top bachelor of science in biology jobs I have selected are the highest-paying jobs too. So any job you see here comes with a high-paying salary and that is what you need to get a return on your educational investment.

Highest paying engineering jobs and highest-paying bachelor degree jobs are also other helpful guides relating to the topic above, therefore, I recommend that you look through to see more job options you can do with a bachelor of science in biology.

With all the clarity observed, let’s get down to the main article.

Top Bachelor of Science in Biology Jobs

1.     Food Scientist – $74,160

Food scientists are found in food manufacturing companies to ensure that every manufactured food is of high quality and meets the standard. They also work with government agencies to set up policies regarding food production and with research institutes to come up with better and safer food storage methods.

A bachelor of science in biology degree or a bachelor’s degree in food science can get you started as a food scientist but you have the option of pursuing an advanced degree for specialization and career growth.

2.     Genetic Counselor – $80,150

Yes, you can kickstart a career as a genetic counselor with a bachelor of science in biology, a master’s in genetic counseling is what you will need to be grounded in the field. As a genetic counselor, your job is to provide advice and guidelines to individuals undergoing genetic testing and explain the results of the test to them. Genetic counselors may also work with people diagnosed with genetic disorders.

3.     Business Biologists – $63,400

This is a researcher who works with chemical manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical organizations to research, develop, and test new products. They can also work as managers, marketers, and salespersons. You can get into this career with a bachelor of science in biology.

4.     Biology Teacher – $64,849

With a bachelor of science in biology and a passion for imparting knowledge, you can become a biology high school teacher. Your teachings in biology will be to develop your students’ knowledge and understanding of life science, living organisms, and their interactions with the environment. As a biology teacher, you are building the next generation of biologists and scientists.

5.     Wildlife Biologist – $56,677

This is one of the bachelor of science in biology jobs and here is how to become a wildlife biologist:

A bachelor’s degree in zoology, wildlife biology, a major in biology with coursework in zoology and wildlife biology, wildlife conservation, wildlife management, or a related life sciences degree can get you into wildlife biology.

Wildlife biologists study animals and how they interact with their ecosystems as well as the impact of humans on wildlife and natural habitats.

6.     Health Educator – $60,687

As a health educator, you will work closely with community health workers and public health workers to educate the public and create awareness on health-related topics such as exercise, nutrition, and diseases to promote wellness. They also collect and study data on various health challenges create informational materials and organize training programs.

7.     Biological Research Assistant – $43,4504

A biological research assistant may work with a biologist, professor, or medical scientist to assist them with collecting and preparing biological samples like blood, food, and bacteria. They are also responsible for tasks such as maintaining lab equipment, documenting research results, and performing fieldwork. It is one of the bachelor of science in biology jobs where you get to earn money and gain relevant research experience.

8.     Physician Liaisons – $57,740

A physician liaison is a middleman between medical staff and a healthcare or medical facility tasked with the responsibility of strengthening their relationships. A bachelor’s degree in biology or a related field can get you a job as a physician liaison.

9.     Forensic Scientist – $61,101

You can become a forensic scientist with a bachelor of science degree in biology with an additional training program or a bachelor’s degree in forensic science. Forensic scientists use their knowledge of biology to collect biological evidence or samples left behind in a crime scene then analyze them and present the result to law enforcement for further investigation.

Aside from being one of the top bachelor of science in biology jobs, it is also one of the jobs with a criminal justice degree.

10.  Pharmaceutical Sales Representative – $65,759

A major in biology with a minor in sales, marketing, or advertising can get you into this job. You must sell and promote medications to pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals and healthcare organizations. If you are interested in the business side of medicine, then this is the job for you.

11.  Biologist

You become a biologist when you complete a biology major. Everyone who completes this major is a biologist irrespective of the career opportunity they decide to seek. A biologist is a researcher who conducts experiments and analyzes organic matter or organisms. Most biologists prefer to specialize in genetic biology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, or any of the wide fields.

12.  Ecologist – $77,469

Ecologist is one of the top bachelor of science in biology jobs. You can also become an ecologist with a bachelor’s degree in zoology, botany, or a related field. Ecologists study the relationship between organisms and their environment, therefore, they are involved in fieldwork, data collection, analysis, and reporting.

13.  Environmental Scientist – $59,714

There is a bachelor’s degree in environmental science that qualifies you to become an environmental scientist but you can also get into the job with a bachelor of science in biology. You can work with another environmental scientist to develop technologies and policies that protect the ecosystem.

14.  Medical Laboratory Scientist – $60,444

This is one of the bachelor of science in biology jobs and it entails performing lab tests on the blood, urine, tissue, and body fluids of patients to diagnose their illnesses and treat them. Your job as a medical lab scientist is just to take and test these samples, take records, and present them to the physician for further diagnosis then treatment.

Medical lab scientist also maintains lab equipment and take inventory of the equipment as well. There is a bachelor’s degree in medical lab science but you can also get into the role with a bachelor of science in biology.


Now, you have the top bachelor of science in biology jobs at your fingertips. Whether you are a graduate of biology, about to study biology, or still in a biology program, these are all the jobs you can get into when you graduate. And it does not stop here. You can pursue graduate studies or go to medical or nursing school to become a physician, nurse, or midwife.


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