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Last Updated on March 31, 2022

Ever wanted to audition for the Voice of Nigeria, but weren’t sure where to start? If you’re ready for your talent to be recognized, we’re here to help you figure things out. Check out this guide below for information about the Voice of Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria Audition 2023, Voice of Nigeria Audition Requirements, and how to register for the Voice of Nigeria audition.

Voice of Nigeria Audition Registration

This is to inform the general public that The Voice Nigeria 2023 Audition Registration has not yet started. For the interest of those that don’t know much about The Voice Nigeria, we are going to enlighten you here.

About the Voice of Nigeria

The Voice Nigeria is the Nigerian version of the TV series (The Voice). It premiered on Africa Magic television channels Showcase and Urban on DStv in Nigeria on 10 April 2017 and was sponsored by Airtel and Coca-Cola.

The Voice Nigeria is the Nigerian version of the TV series called the Voice talent contest sponsored by the Nigerian telecommunication brand (Airtel) and Coca-Cola premiered on the Africa Magic television channel in search of the nation’s new big star. This is where contestants around Nigeria get the opportunity to showcase their unique voices.

With judges like 2 baba, Waje, Partoranking, Yemi Alade, and Timi Dakolo, who are there to help you build and improve on your singing skill and style.

What are the Stages?

The Show is usually run in three stages as shown below;

  • The Blind Auditions
  • The Battle round
  • The Live Shows.

1. The Blind Auditions:

In the first stage called the blind auditions, the coaches, as well as all noteworthy performing artists, have their chairs faced away while the contestant sings meanwhile, the coaches have a time duration of 1minute and 30 seconds to decide if they want the contestant on their team or otherwise.

Then at the end of the blind auditions, each coach will have a maximum of 12 talents each on their teams.


2. The Battle Round:

In the battle rounds, the coaches then pair their talents in twos and give them a song to do after which the performance is done, the coach has to then pick only one person while the other person either goes or gets stolen by another coach.

Note: Each coach has just only 2 steals.

3. The Live Shows:

As for the live shows, the coach then gives his talents a song to perform where the coach eventually just saves one out of the four talents he has while the rest are left in the fate of public votes.

The game is getting tough, right?

However, though the public votes can only save one from each team weekly as the others are evitably removed from the show.

This is how the talents are reduced from a total of 32 up to 16 and then to 12, then to 8 finalists qualified for the final.

The winner and runner-up are decided by public votes.

How to Register for The Voice of Nigeria Audition

Please Note/Read the Following Important Instructions before starting The Voice Nigeria Audition Registration Form excises.

  • You must be resident in NIGERIA with a valid form of identification. You will provide the Company with documentation in order to substantiate your age (i.e. birth certificate and/or valid international passport).
  • The completion of an application does not guarantee that an applicant will receive an audition or participate in the Programme.
  • Acts may be invited to audition for the series by researchers acting on behalf of the Producer. Such acts will be required to audition on the same basis as any other applicant and normal program rules will apply.
  • Applicants who are not available for a first-round audition may still be considered for audition on the basis of a submitted DVD or video clip at the sole discretion of the Producer whose decision will be final and binding.
  • Once you have met all the requirements as well as taken heed to all the instructions, then you can progress to complete the form here: https://africamagic.dstv.com/show/the-voice-nigeria

Voice Nigeria Registration Requirements

Below are some vital information that will be needed on The Voice Nigeria 2020 Talent Show Registration, they include;

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Expiry Date
  • Nationality I.e your country
  • Country of Residence
  • Mobile Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Home Address And Place Of Work (If Any)
  • Country, Email, Marital Status, GenderHome Language, Other Languages,
  • What genre of music do you perform in?
  • Do you play an instrument/s (name the instrument/s)

N/B: Fill out the form properly.

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