Top 10 Cute Anime Boys With Adorable Names (2023 List)

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

Cute Anime Boys

Like some female anime characters, male characters also have nice traits. If you think the attraction is only for anime girls, you might want to think again. Most often in anime we see hot and charismatic guys. But there are also those guys who steal our hearts with their extremely high level of attractiveness. This is often due to their appearance, or perhaps due to their attitude. But one thing is for sure, these cute anime boys are so adorable that you can pinch their cheeks, squeeze them, hug them, protect them, or even take them home.

1. Mikoto Mikoshiba

Mikoto is one of Nozaki’s assistants. He is in charge of the effects and flowers. He may look like a playboy on first inspection, but on the inside, he is actually a tsundere. At first, he flirts with girls with great confidence, but later on, he cringes and gets ashamed of his words and actions even to the point of blushing and hiding his face.

2. Shou Kurusu

Shou is the energetic and adorable member of ST☆RISH. He is the roommate of Natsuki and the twin brother of Kaoru. He has an upbeat personality, but Shou tends to get defensive when he gets teased about his short stature.

3. Lag Seeing

Lag is a letter bee who possesses a special gun known as ‘Shin Ganjuu.’ He loves to help those in trouble and is always determined when delivering packages. But, behind his cute appearance is a tragic past. As such, Lag grew up to become an emotional character and is often regarded as a crybaby by most of the characters.

4. Hanabusa Aidou

Dubbed as ‘Idol’ by the Day Class female students, Aidou is a vampire who has the ability to freeze matter. He is the cousin of Akatsuki and the loyal right-hand man of Kaname. He is usually very flirty, friendly and cheerful, most especially to the Day Class students.

5.  Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou is a Ghoul Investigator who happens to be the partner of Yukinori. He is enthusiastic, skilled and resourceful in his work. But, don’t let his ‘flower boy’ image fool you. Behind that cute appearance and playful demeanor is a twisted and frightening personality.

6. Ciel Phantomhive

This cute anime boy is the heir of the Phantomhive family. Ciel takes over their family business following the tragic death of his parents. Although he is just thirteen-years-old, he is very business-savvy. When he is not doing business affairs or investigating mystery cases, he enjoys his cup of tea, particularly Earl Grey, and sweet desserts.

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7. Nate River

Popularly known as Near, Nate is the successor of the famous detective, L. Just like Mello and L, Nate also grew up in Wammy’s House. This cute child prodigy loves to twiddle his hair, play with his toys as well as solve complex problems like…finding Kira.

8. Shouyou Hinata

Hinata is the cheerful and energetic middle blocker of Karasuno High’s volleyball team. He may have a bubbly personality, but he becomes competitive when it comes to volleyball. Hinata may be the second shortest player on his team, but that doesn’t stop Hinata’s determination to win his games and spike past tall blockers.

9. Momiji Souma

Momiji is the bubbly and cheerful rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac. Momiji loves to wear the girl’s version of their school’s uniform but pairs it with shorts, instead of a skirt. Despite his wealthy background, he loves to help Tooru with her cleaning work and even covered for her when she got sick.

10. Aladdin

Aladdin is a cute anime boy who happens to be a Magician and one of the five Magi. Aside from being kind and cheerful, he is also the type that can easily make friends with almost anyone. Aladdin is also protective of his friends and would do anything to help them.

11. Gon Freecss

Gon is a friendly, innocent and athletic young boy with a big heart. He aims to find his father and would go to any lengths in order to achieve his dream. Gon may be naïve at times, but his determination to succeed makes up for it.

12. Nagisa Hazuki

Nagisa is the adorable and cheerful breaststroke swimmer of the Iwatobi High School Swim team. He gets along quite well with everyone in the club and is not afraid to speak his mind. Nagisa tends to get enthusiastic about things that interest him and would often use unconventional methods to solve his problems.

13. Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Mitsukini, also known as Honey, may look like a little kid, but he is actually a 3rd-year high school student and the oldest member of the Host Club. During his free time, he loves to eat sweets, play with his plush bunny named Usa-chan, or ride on the shoulders of Mori. Despite being child-like with a cute appearance, he is actually an expert martial artist and no one dares to wake him up during his naps.

He is also often compared to Momiji (mentioned above) since they resemble each other, appearance and personality-wise. Moreover, they are associated with rabbits!

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