List of Nursing Bursaries in South Africa 2023

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Nursing Bursaries in South Africa

Are you looking for Nursing Bursaries in South Africa? We’ve covered the list of Nursing Bursaries in South Africa 2023 that you can apply for. Read further for more details.

Nursing Bursaries in South Africa 2023

These are some organizations/companies offering bursaries.

  • Department of Health
  • Department of Correctional Services
  • Spoornet
  • HCI
  • Ekuhurleni
  • Netcare
  • BestMed
  • Gauteng Government Nursing Bursaries
  • KZN Health Bursaries
  • Western Cape Health Bursaries
  • Department of Social Development
  • SANA Tom Arnold Bursaries

Here Are Some Of The Most Commonly Found Study Fields You Will Find Within The Nursing Field:

  • Medical care for Emergency
  • Nursing Care
  • General Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Primary Health Care
  • Public health

For A Student To Be Eligible To Study In The Fields Of Nursing One Ought To Meet The Following Criteria:

  • Must be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Must have to prove their need for financial assistance
  • Must have an outstanding academic record
  • Must have pre-approval from an institute of higher learning
  • Must have to be from a previously disadvantaged background.

What Is A Bursary

A bursary is a monetary award made by any educational institution or funding authority to individuals or groups. It is usually awarded to enable a student to attend school, university, or college when they might not be able to, otherwise. Some awards are aimed at encouraging specific groups or individuals to study.

How To Get A Bursary

Getting a bursary is quite easy, but you need to work hard. There are basic things you need to do before you can get a bursary. First, you need to contact the school or university you want to study at. Secondly, what you have to do is to check for the organization/company that offers Nursing Bursaries. After then, you need to write to the organization a letter to show your interest in the bursary application and if your application is accepted, you will be invited for a meeting and set up conditions.

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