Different Types Of Social Welfare Services in South Africa 2023

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Social Welfare Services in South Africa

A social welfare service or system is a program geared towards assisting the poor, unemployed, and marginalized in society. This social welfare program includes; health care assistance, empowerment, food stamps, and unemployment compensation.

Social welfare services in South Africa have been of immerses help to people living in urban or rural areas and that is why the government has been working effortlessly to make sure they provide support for its citizen through the social welfare service program.

List Of Social Welfare Services In South Africa

1. The Child Support Grant (CSG)

The Child Support Grant was introduced in 1998. CSG is cash assistance to poor children under the age of 6 and expanded to children under the age of 14 in 2005. CSG paid the guardians of the eligible children R460 per month per child in 2022 through the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) under the DSD.

The child support grant is aimed at lower-income households to assist parents with the costs of the basic needs of their child. The grant isn’t meant to replace other income but intended to bridge the gap in the cost of living.

2. The Foster Child Grant (FCG)

Foster parents of children under the age of 15 were eligible for the Foster Child Grant in 2010. Since 2012, the qualification for the FCG expanded to include foster children under the age of 18. The value of the FCG per month per child is R1050 in 2022, more than twice the size of the Child Support Grant. These benefits are received through cash, direct deposit, or through an overseeing institution. The grant is reviewed every 2 years through a court, and may be suspended or lapse if the child’s parental circumstances have changed, the guardians fail to comply with the court, or there is evidence of fraudulence when filing for the FCG.

3. Old-Age Pension Grant

The old-age pension accounts for the highest amount of government expenditure among all social assistance programmes in South Africa. It is been paid to people who are 60 years or older.

4. Disability Grant

The Department of Social Development offers qualifying residents income support in the form of disability grants. The 2014 CSDA study showed that the grant was only received by 10% of the disabled people in South Africa. People with disabilities above the age of 18 are eligible for the disability grant. They can receive R1010 per month per person.

5. Care Dependency Grant

Parents, guardians, and primary caregivers of children with disabilities are able to qualify for the Care Dependency Grant. To qualify, single parents must earn less than R223 200 annually and couples must earn less than R446 400 collectively, with exemptions made for foster parents. The grant provides recipients R1 890 per month via cash, electronic deposit, or administrative institution.

6. War Veterans Grant

Veterans who fought in the Second World War (1939–1945) or the Korean War (1950–1953) and who are above the age of 60 are eligible for the war veteran grant provided by the Department of Military Veterans. Each veteran can receive R1,800 per month from the South African Social Security Agency.

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