NATIS License Checker | Check Your Driving License Status in South Africa

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NATIS License Checker: Do you wish to check your driving license application status in South Africa? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we provided a detailed guide on how to check if your driver’s license is ready in South Africa. In times past, this process was very tedious, but recently, it has been made easy by the NATIS system.

NATIS License Status Checker

How to Check Your Driving License Status in South Africa

How do I know if my license is ready for collection? You can use an SMS service to track the status of your card. Simply text your ID number to 33214, wait a few moments, and you should receive a message indicating the progress of your documentation.

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It is vital to understand that this is not a government-provided programme, and you will need airtime to participate. Free texts and other similar packages on phone contracts will not help you in this situation, and the SMS will not be sent to this number.

Can Someone Else Collect My Drivers License In South Africa?

Suppose another person is to collect the driver’s license. In that case, they will need to have an affidavit with their name and ID number (of the person standing in your place), and an explanation as to why the driver cannot collect the documents themselves with a certified copy of the driver’s ID. In addition, you must retrieve your new card from the same testing centre where you applied.

Can I Check My Drivers License Status Online In South Africa?

How do I check the status of my driving license? To check the status of your card, log onto the website, input your ID number and other information, and the National Traffic Information System (NATIS license check) will provide you with the information you need. Unfortunately, the RTMC has also been chastised for delays, notably regarding its online reservation system.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Driving License? 

The national lockdown has created a significant backlog in the process. However, on average, it takes between four and six weeks for your official driver’s license card (the one that fits so neatly in your wallet) to be ready. You no longer need to stand unnecessarily in queues, as one can check their driver’s license status either online or via SMS. Thanks to the NATIS system, all the required information is at your fingertips, which was initially implemented in 2018 to reduce long lines and eliminate corruption.

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