Ghana Zip Codes 2023 | Postal Codes for all Ghanaian Districts

Last Updated on March 17, 2023

Ghana Zip Codes

Zip codes are often required for online form applications. What is Ghana’s zip code or what is the official postal code for Ghana have been asked severally. These questions generally arise when people are stacked on online forms. That is when they are required to provide the zip codes or postal codes for their addresses.

As a Ghanaian or someone who resides in Ghana, you are expected to be familiar with your country’s Zip Codes. However, if you happen to have no idea about the zip codes in Ghana, this post will inform you of everything you need to know about Ghana zip codes.

It is no news that many Ghanaians believe that the country doesn’t have Zip codes because they haven’t heard or seen any, some never even bother asking to know the zip code of ghana.

But the truth is that it’s quite hard to find a country in the world right now that doesn’t use zip codes. In a situation where there are no zip codes, the country would have to create a very alternative.

In this post, you’d learn everything about the zip codes for Ghana, so that you don’t remain clueless henceforth.

What Are Zip Codes?

The word “Zip” in this context is a simple acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. Zipcodes are often used to determine the geographic area a person is located in. This helps to facilitate package delivery because a zipcode represents the postal code of a community, area, or building to which a package is meant to be delivered.

Zipcodes were first introduced in the 1960s by the United States postal service. This discovery was made when the United States Postal Service realized it was faster and more efficient to deliver mails using zip codes.

Ever since, numerous countries across the world, even in Africa, have adopted the usage of zip codes.

What Is The Zip Code For Ghana?

Just like other African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa and so on, Ghana also has zip codes, you can also call it postal codes although it started late after most African countries are already making use of it.

Ghana uses the postal code system to help deliver mails and other packages. So be it zip code or postal code it can be used for mail delivery or for online forms.

On most e-commerce platforms or online forms, the zip or postal codes below in this article are not recognized but Ghana has a general zip code or postal code you can utilize for online forms or e-commerce websites which are 00233 and 23321.

The two codes have been used by Ghanaians before every district started having theirs or before the launch of GhanaPost GPS. So, if you are on an online platform that doesn’t recognize your district zip code you can make use of 00233 or 23321.

What Is The Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code?

Zipcodes and postcodes are virtually the same things. Postal codes are used for the same purpose as zip codes – mailing and delivery purposes. They help to direct mail and packages to the right recipients.

The modern postal code system was first developed in Ukraine in 1932 while they were a member of the USSR. Some years later, Germany started using postal codes, after which Argentina joined, and then the UK, as well as the United States.

But despite the fact that so many countries across the world use the zip code and postal code systems, there are still some countries such as Hong Kong and Gibraltar that haven’t adopted them yet. The main reason for this is that these countries are quite small geographically, so they don’t see the necessity to use postal codes or zip codes.

So, the platform you are on will either use the word zip code or postal code and this depends on the word mostly used in that particular country.

What Is The Postal Code For Ghana?

Having realized that initially there was no zip code in Ghana, you should now get acquainted with the postal code used in the country. First of all, the Ghana Post GPS is responsible for facilitating the postal code for Ghana, and they have provided digital addresses for all major structures in Ghana.

As a Ghanaian citizen or someone residing in the country, all you need to do is set up your Ghana Post GPS to generate your digital address and your mail can be delivered successfully to you.

The first five digits of your digital address are your postal code. For instance, if you are based in Accra, your postal code should be GA145. The GA in this code represents the postcode district, while the remaining 3 digits represent the postcode area. Other areas in Ghana have their own unique Postal codes.

What Is The Zip Code For Accra?

If you reside in Accra or maybe you want to send a mail or parcel to someone living in Accra the zip code for Accra is GA078 while GA represents “Accra Metropolitan District” and the number 078 is the area code for Gold Coast City.

This means the postal code for Adenta or Tema will be the same mainly because they are both in the Accra region.

What Is The Postal Code For Kumasi?

Kumasi is a well-populated district in Ghana so you may want to note down Kumasi zip code or postal code, the zip code for Kumasi is AK-039-5028, this can be easily explained as the A represents Ashanti Region, K is the Kumasi District and 039 sub-district. The remaining last 4-digits 5028 is a unique address to further show the area in question.

What Is The Zip Code For Cape Coast & Takoradi?

Just like the rest, the same format is being used but in the case of Cape Coast Metropolitan Area the zip code is CC453 while the Takoradi postal code is WS857.

FAQs about Ghana Zip Codes

Does Ghana Have A Zip Code Or A Postal Code?

Ghana doesn’t use zip codes, at least for now. Everyone in the country uses only postal codes based on the areas they reside in.

When Will Ghana Adopt The Zip Code System?

No one knows when this would happen or if it would happen at all because Ghana is already fully accustomed to using postal codes.

Is Postal Code Better Than Zip Code?

We can’t tell for sure if postal codes are better than zip codes because they perform virtually the same purposes.

How Do I Generate My Postal Code In Ghana?

 It’s easy to generate your postal code. But firstly, you have to generate your digital address. The first five digits make up your postal code.

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