How to transfer Data on Glo to Glo for the first time

Last Updated on March 8, 2023

Looking for a quick way to share Glo data with another Glo line? Do you have extra data to share with other Glo users? If so, we will share with you this important guide on how you can transfer Glo data to other Glo users. Stay with us.

How To Transfer Glo Data

Are you Glo user and do you have extra data to share with family and friends? Transfer Data from Glo to Glo? Glo Network has provided an opportunity for its users to share data, buy data, and transfer MB from one user to another.

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How To Transfer Glo Data

To share data, you must be subscribed to one of the Glo plans that have a feature of gifting and sharing. There are a few options that you can use to share your data and you can choose which one to use, depending on your personal preferences and needs.

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In order to share data with someone else using Glo, you must carry out the following:

1. Choose whether you want to dial *127*01*<recipient’s number># or send “Share [Recipient’s number] to 127. Both options will lead to the same outcome; your data plan will be shared with this person.

2. If you want to remove the person from data sharing, you should dial *127*02*<phone number># or send “Remove <phone number>” to the same number 127.

3. If you want to send data to someone as a gift or to fill your other number with data, you can dial *127*<USSD plan number>*<phone number]># or you can send “Gift <phone number]>to the number 127.

4. You can visit the website from the phone while using your Glo SIM and performing the operations from there.

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