10 Best Transcription Jobs Online In Kenya (2023 Review)

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

Transcription Jobs Online Kenya

Looking for ways to earn extra income this year? Online transcription jobs in Kenya could be for you. Today we will be sharing some of the best websites that can help you make money online in Kenya through transcription. Most of these sites pay through PayPal and the good news is that you can withdraw money from your PayPal account to your Mpesa.

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10 Best Transcription Jobs Online In Kenya

Here are some of the top transcription jobs websites for Kenyans to make money online.

1. Speechpad Transcription

Official website: https://www.speechpad.com

The awesome thing about transcribing with Speechpad is that as a transcriber, you will be paid twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) without worrying about earning withdrawal limits. Payment is through PayPal. Learn how to withdraw money from PayPal to mpesa on this page.

2. Castingwords Transcribing

Work from home in Kenya by transcribing for Castingwords. Transcribe Audio, Videos, and captions. Visit castingwords.com to apply.

3. Gotranscript

Become a transcriptionist with Gotranscript and make a living online. To create an account visit gotranscript.com

4. Scribie Transcription

Scribie is a transcription service provider that was initially known as CallGraph. They allow Kenyans to apply and work from their homes. Visit scribie.com to apply

5. TranscribeMe

If you are a beginner, this is the best transcription site to use. You don’t need any transcription experience to apply. To sign up visit transcribeme.com

6. Crowdsurf Transcription

If you are good at speaking English then crowdsurf is the best place for transcribers. Applicants must have media and audio transcription review experience to work for them. You will be paid per completed task. To apply visit crowdsurfwork.com

7. Rev Transcription

Official site: www.rev.com

Start earning money online with Rev Transcription jobs. To become a freelancer with Rev, you will need to do an online grammar transcription test. The application process is not easy but if you happen to pass their tests you will not miss some work to do as they have plenty of well-paying jobs.

8. Transcription Hub jobs

Enjoy the flexibility of working online from your home with Transcription Hub. It is a new company but they offer some good pay. Join them through www.transcriptionhub.com

9. Verbit Transcription

Official site: verbit.ai/

Verbit is a legit transcription company but they have a scarcity of jobs.

10. Voxtab Transcription

Official site: www.voxtab.com

This transcription company is affiliated with some of the top companies like Sony, Morgan state university, TESOL, Aviva e.t.c. Be sure to get a job.

Final Words

Concluding our list of the best transcription jobs online in Kenya, you’ve probably noticed that if you’re looking for transcription work, there are a lot of options available.

But even though transcribing jobs is easy and usually requires no experience, they’re tedious and monotonous. So, if you’re asking yourself, can I do transcription work part-time? Then yes, you totally can.

However, can you make a living transcribing? Most likely not, unless you’re a professional typist or plan to diversify your option in the future by going for other language-related gigs.

Don’t take our word for it, try it out and find out if it works for you or not. Happy Scribing!

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