FAQs on Subsequent HELB Loan Application 2023

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Last Updated on April 3, 2023

Here’s a guide on how to complete the Subsequent HELB Loan Application 2023.

Subsequent HELB Loan Application

What is HELB

HELB stands for the Higher Education Loans Board. It is a statutory body that was established in 1995 by an act of parliament and it is also a state owned corporation in the Ministry of Education.

HELB is responsible for funding eligible students who quality to join institutions of higher learning in the country such as universities, colleges and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education Training) institutes.

It does this through loans, bursaries and sometimes scholarships that it awards to needy students who are Kenyans.

Subsequent HELB Loan Application 2023

Here’s how to apply for HELB subsequent loan in 2023

  • Login to the Helb mobile app.
  • Select the loans section.
  • Choose the type of loan.
  • Accept the financial literacy form.
  • Update your details and then submit your application.

Whether you are a government-sponsored or self-sponsored student in both public and private institutions you can apply for the HELB subsequent loan and get approved.

Note: This application guide is not for First Time Applicants. Only make your HELB loan second and subsequent application if you have already applied and benefited before.

Using the HELB App

It seems that the best, easiest and most convenient way of applying for the HELB second and subsequent loan is by using the HELB Mobile App.

This is because it doesn’t need a lot of paperwork or complications, just an internet connection and the app is enough.

However, you can also use HELB USSD option *642# if you face difficulty applying through the HELB app.

How to Apply for HELB Subsequent Loan Using Mobile App

The process is simple, download the app, register and start your application. Here we’ll show you how so that you don’t make mistakes.

In first step we’ll show you how to download app, register and update your details and in second step will show you how to apply.

If you have already downloaded and updated your details on the HELB app then skip to second step.

1. First Step: Registering your details

  1. Go to Google Playstore and search for HELB app.
  2. Download and then open the app.
  3. The first screen should appear as the image shown above. Enter your mobile number on the first screen to receive a one-time verification code.
    1. Tip: your pin will be sent to both your email and phone number as an sms. If you don’t see the sms check your email inbox or spambox. It is there.
    1. Note: If your first screen is asking for a pin and not mobile number as shown above press the back button on your phone once or restart the app.
  4. Enter the 4-digit verification code you received and press validate.
  5. The app should take you to the next screen where you set your own 4-digit pin.
  6. The next step is to enter your first name as it appears on your ID card, then your ID number and email address.
    1. Tip: Do not put all your names in the name field. Only enter the first name appearing in your ID card.
    1. Note: ensure you use the same email address that you used during registration.
  7. After that press proceed and the system will populate all your other details including your full names, your KRA pin, school, course and year of study.

2. Second Step: Applying for HELB second and subsequent loan

  1. Open the HELB Mobile App and enter your 4-digit pin. Ensure you are using the latest version. If not go to the playstore and click update or delete the app and start from Step A above.
  2. Once inside the app go to loans and select Undergraduate loans.
  3. An option will appear showing all the available loans that you can apply. For Degree students select the “Undergraduate (UG) Second Subsequent Loan” by clicking the green icon that says “Apply”. For Diploma and Certificate students choose the “TVET subsequent loan” option and click the green apply button on it.
  4. Check and update your details.
  5. That’s all. You will see a notification saying “Application Received”. You will also receive an sms with your serial number and the date you applied.

FAQs on Subsequent HELB Application

Do I need to submit documents for HELB subsequent loan?

No. The application is done online and no paperwork is needed.

How much money will I get for HELB subsequent loan

The amount awarded for your HELB subsequent will be the same as the one for the previous loan.

How can I apply for HELB subsequent loan?

You can apply using your phone through the HELB mobile app or student portal.

When will HELB subsequent loan application be opened?

The application for subsequent HELB loan usually opens in June/July.

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