Mash POA Bus Online Booking 2023: Prices, Parcel Services & Contact Details

Last Updated on January 2, 2023

Mash POA Bus Online Booking

Mash East Africa is one of the biggest bus companies in Kenya. It covers many routes in the county and has wider connectivity in East Africa, including Uganda and Rwanda. Through Mash Poa, the company allows travellers to earn credits during promotional periods that they can add to their cash accounts and claim them later.

Furthermore, Mash Poa ensures all its customers travel in style and get VIP treatment throughout their journey. If you are ready to use the company, here is how you can complete the Mash Bus online booking procedure.

How to Book Mash Poa Online

Mash East Africa provides a more straightforward, safer, and convenient way to book for a bus online. The online booking system supports all routes that the bus covers. Here is how to book the bus online:

  • Visit the Mash Poa Website.
  • On top of the screen, you will see a search bar with the details From, To, and Dates.
  • Select a town or city from where you want Mash Poa buses to pick you.
  • Select the town or city you will be visiting.
  • Select the date of travel.
  • Select a return date, if necessary.
  • Click Search. On the next page that opens up, you will have to view and select the available seats.
  • Click on View Seats.
  • A graphic will display with seat numbers.
  • Each seat number has a colour and fare amount. Yellow for VIP, Green for Business, and Blue for Normal.
  • Select a seat number based on the amount of money you would like to spend on the journey.
  • If you see a Grey colour, it means somebody has booked the seat. But once you select a chair, the colour will turn Red to indicate you have booked it.
  • After selecting a seat, choose your boarding point and dropping point.
  • You will see the fare amount displayed. Click on continue.
  • Review your ticket and click Continue.

At this point, you can either sign up or proceed as a guest. Either way, you will have to provide your contact details so that you can continue to pay and complete your Mash Poa online booking.

You can pay for your travels using mobile money services like M-Pesa or upload some cash to your e-wallet where the company will make deductions whenever you book one of its buses.

Mash Poa Bus Destinations And Fares

Mash Poa has extensive connectivity in Kenya. It also has many destinations in East Africa. If you want to book a bus from Nairobi and Mombasa, it will cost you KES 3,500 for VIP, KES 3,200 for Business seats, and KES 2,800 for regular travellers. Here are other Mash Poa destinations and fares.

  • Nairobi to Kisumu: KES 3,500 for VIP and KES 3,000 for normal
  • Mombasa to Migori: KES 3,500 for VIP, KES 3,200 for Business , and KES 2,800 for Normal
  • Mombasa to Kitui: KES 2,000 for Business and KES 1,900 for Normal
  • Malindi to Nairobi: KES 2,500 for VIP, KES 2,300 for Business, and KES 2,000 for Normal
  • Mombasa to Mumias: KES 3,500 for VIP, KES 3,200 for Business, KES 2,800 for Normal
  • Mombasa to Nakuru: KES 3,500 for VIP, KES 3,200 for Business, KES 2,800 for Normal
  • Mombasa to Busia: KES 3,500 for VIP and KES 3,000 for Normal

You can get more information about destinations and fares from Mash Poa’s website. Just make sure to select your preferred destination for the list of fares to pop up.

Mash Poa Bus Parcel Services

Mash East Africa Limited provides the safest way of sending parcels countrywide. Through the Mash bus parcel services, you can track your package online anywhere in Kenya. The company will deliver your items to your nearest pick-up point, counter-to-counter, or your doorstep, depending on your location. Its rates are competitive, and users do not have to pay for pick up.

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The company also has refrigerated buses for delivering perishable cargo to various parts of Kenya. Whenever you make an order, it will take up your live location to avoid mistakes with addresses. Delivery of parcels is on-time or within 24 hours in most Kenyan towns. But it may take longer depending on your area.

Mash caravans are available at different locations in Kenya. To send a parcel, visit any Mash booking office in your town.

Mash Poa Bus Contacts, Headquarters, And Offices

Mash East Africa has offices in many parts of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. The company’s head office in Mombasa, Kenya. The following are contact information for various offices in Kenya and Uganda.


Mash Poa headquarters is in Kenya. As such, the company boasts of an extensive network across the country. If you wish to get in touch with the company, you can use any of these details:


Mash Poa operates daily passenger and parcel services to Mombasa. In fact, Nairobi-Mombasa is the busiest route for the bus. To contact Mash Poa’s Mombasa office, use these details:

Mash East Africa Limited – Head Office, Mombasa

  • Address: P.O. Box 81613 – 80100
  • Email:
  • Parcel Office: +254-708-428-443


Mash Bus also provides daily buses from Nairobi or Mombasa to Kisumu. As one of the major cities in Kenya, Kisumu is a transport hub that connects Kenya to Uganda, Mash Poa buses traveling to Kampala often pass by the city too. You can reach Mash Poa Kisumu offices through:

Kisumu Bus Terminus

  • Address: Kisumu Bus Terminus, Corner off Jomo Kenyatta Highway, Gumbi Rd, Kisumu, Kenya
  • Phone: +254-724-893-667, +254-795-719-094


Nairobi is the busiest office for Mash Bus Company. Lots of passengers use the office on a daily basis and parcels and sent to or from the office regularly. You can reach out to this office using any of these methods:

Nairobi Mash Bus Terminal

  • Address: Accra Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Phone: +254-718-121-251
  • Parcel Office Accra Road: +254-713-832-699, +254-722-776-900
  • Belleview Office: +254-708-939-319
  • Parklands Office: +254-716-336-661


Malindi is the second destination for Mash Bus Company along the Kenyan coast. The town is popular for its beaches and most local tourists use Mash busses to travel to this destination. Here are the contact details for the Malindi office:

  • Address: Casuarina Rd, Malindi, Kenya
  • Phone: +254-733-845-464

Mash East Africa also has satellite offices in many parts of Kenya. Here are the Mash Bus online booking contacts for various towns in Kenya.

  • Kitui: +254-722-378-056, +254-724-728-470
  • Nakuru: +254-723-667-676
  • Eldoret: +254-795-719-073
  • Malaba: +254-795-719-072

Since Mash has locations in many parts of Kenya, the easiest way to find out whether the company is in your town is to contact the headquarters via email at


You can use several methods to reach Mash Poa staff in Kampala. You can visit their strategically located offices in the city centre or contact them via phone. Whether you want to send parcels or just contact Mash Poa for any other queries, use these details:

  • Location: Mash Poa, Kampala, City Centre, Dewington Rd, Kampala, Uganda
  • Phone Number: +256-775-368-381
  • Mbale Office: +256-771-277-294

If you want to go on a long-distance journey within Kenya or East Africa, consider using the Mash Bus online booking service. The whole booking is easy, safe, and convenient for customers.

Mash Poa buses have wide connectivity within the country, and customers can enjoy competitive fares. The company also offers door-to-door and counter-to-counter parcel delivery services. You can use it to send perishable cargo anywhere in Kenya.

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