KFC Menu Prices in USA 2023 – See Details Here

Last Updated on December 10, 2022

KFC USA menu prices

KFC has plenty of different options for everyone. KFC has menu items in Family Bucket Meals, World Famous Buckets, World Famous Chicken, Big Box Meals, Tenders & Nuggets, Kentucky Fried Wings, Fill Ups, Bowls, Signature Sandwiches, Sides, A la Carte, Dessert, Beverages, Condiments, Condiments and Dipping Sauces in the United States.

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If you have a taste for some of the best chicken on the planet, explore the full KFC menu with prices included.

Family Bucket Meals
8 pc. Family Fill Up Bucket Meal$28.79
8 pc. Family Bucket Meal$28.79
10 Piece Feast$36
12 pc. Family Bucket Meal$38.99
16 pc. Family Bucket Meal$49.19
8 Tenders Family Bucket Meal$28.79
12 Tenders Family Bucket Meal$38.99
16 Tenders Family Bucket Meal$49.19
World Famous Buckets
8 pc. Chicken$19.79
12 pc. Chicken$26.39
16 pc. Chicken$32.39
8 Tenders Bucket$19.79
12 Tenders Bucket$26.39
16 Tenders Bucket$32.39
World Famous Chicken
2 pc. Drum & Thigh Fill Up$7.19
2 pc. Breast & Wing Combo$8.39
3 pc. Chicken Combo$10.55
4 pc. Chicken Combo$12.59
Kentucky Fried Wings Combo$7.79
Big Box Meals
3 pc. Chicken Box$11.39
5 pc. Crispy Tenders Box$11.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich Box$11.39
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Box$11.39
Tenders & Nuggets
Crispy Tenders Combo$9.59
Popcorn Nuggets Combo$8.27
Nashville Hot Crispy Tenders Combo$8.39
Kentucky Fried Wings
6 Kentucky Fried Wings$6.59
12 Kentucky Fried Wings$11.99
24 Kentucky Fried Wings$23.39
48 Kentucky Fried Wings$45.59
Fill Ups
1 pc. Breast Fill Up$7.19
3 pc. Crispy Tenders Fill Up$8.39
Famous Bowl Fill Up$7.19
Pot Pie Fill Up$7.19
Famous Bowl$6.59
Spicy Famous Bowl$6.59
Spicy Famous Bowl Combo$7.19
Signature Sandwiches
Classic Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo$8.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$8.99
Chicken Littles Combo$7.43
Chicken Little$2.63
Secret Recipe Fries$2.75
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$2.75
Mashed Potatoes (No Gravy)$2.75
Cole Slaw$2.75
Whole Kernel Corn$2.75
Mac & Cheese$2.75
2 Biscuits$2.27
A la Carte
A La Carte Crispy Tender$2.03
A La Carte Breast$4.19
A La Carte Drum$3.59
A La Carte Thigh$3.59
A La Carte Wing$2.63
Large Popcorn Nuggets$5.75
12 Chocolate Chip Cookies$6.59
Medium Beverage$2.39
Large Beverage$2.75
1/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket$4.79
Honey Sauce$0
Hot Sauce$0
Dipping Sauces
Honey BBQ Sauce$0
Classic Ranch$0
Honey Mustard Sauce$0
KFC Sauce$0
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