KCAA Salary Structure 2023

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Are you interested in the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, KCAA Salary Structure 2023? Keep reading, this article has everything you are looking for.

KCAA Salary Structure 2022

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is a state corporation of Kenya that is responsible for regulating the aviation industry in Kenya and for providing air navigation services in the Kenya flight region. The KCAA offers training in the aviation professions through its affiliated East African School of Aviation. The agency maintains its headquarters in the Aviation Building at the junction entry to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Embakasi, Nairobi.

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KCAA Salary Structure

Internship – INTERNSHIP

  • KES 24,000/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 24,000/moBase Pay

Industrial Attachment – INTERNSHIP

  • KES 10,000/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 10,000/moBase Pay


  • KES 25,000/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 25,000/moBase Pay

Procurement Clerk – INTERNSHIP

  • KES 38K – KES 42K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 38K – KES 42K/moBase Pay

Office Assistant

  • KES 62K – KES 68K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 63K – KES 68K/moBase Pay

Air Traffic Control Officer

  • KES 97K – KES 105K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 96K – KES 103K/moBase Pay

Aviation Management – INTERNSHIP

  • KES 7K – KES 8K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 7K – KES 8K/moBase Pay

Telecommunications Engineer

  • KES 191K – KES 209K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 194K – KES 206K/moBase Pay

Aeronautical Information Specialist

  • KES 141K – KES 150K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 138K – KES 150K/moBase Pay

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Software Engineer

  • KES 48K – KES 52K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 48K – KES 52K/moBase Pay

IT Officer

  • KES 10K – KES 10K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • KES 10K – KES 10K/moBase Pay

Graduate Student

  • $956 – $1K/moAvg. Total Pay
  • $953 – $1K/moBase Pay

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