Jobs In New Zealand For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship 2022/2023

Last Updated on October 19, 2022

Are you concerned about getting a visa sponsorship job in New Zealand? If so, welcome to this post!

Currently, there’s a wide range of opportunities for several foreigners looking for job in New Zealand especially one with visa sponsorship. From the latest data, the demand for foreign professionals has been on the increase in New Zealand, resulting in the welcoming of approximately 45,000 foreigners yearly into the country.

In this article, you’ll get to find out about some jobs in New Zealand for foreigners in with visa sponsorship now available for application, alongside what you need to know about visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand as a foreigner.

What Is A New Zealand Visa Sponsorship For Employers?

A New Zealand employer-sponsored visa is what lets skilled workers who are nominated by their employer or company to live and be a legal working resident in New Zealand. It is what enables employees from other countries to explore their employment options with New Zealand companies, if their services are needed.

Usually, finding Jobs in New Zealand for foreigners with visa sponsorship might be challenging. However to gain employment into New Zealand, there are certain requirements one need to consider some of which will be discussed as we proceed.

What Are The Requirements For Working In New Zealand As A Foreigner?

Some primary requirements for working in Germany include the following:

1. Visa requirement: You need to make sure you have the right visa, before you travel to New Zealand. If you are coming to New Zealand to work, it’s likely that you will need a job offer or a job before you can apply for a resident or temporary work visa. Once you have your visa, you’ll potentially be set to work in New Zealand.

2. Qualification/ Education requirements: A person can’t be employed if they can’t legally work in New Zealand in the job they apply for. It is the duty of the company or employer to make sure that an employee can work for them legally. With respect to more formal qualifications, it’s a prerequisite of employment for most jobs in New Zealand that supervises qualifications must compare with New Zealand’s standards and be accepted by local employers. An organization called The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) assesses foreign qualifications to determine whether they meet New Zealand standards.

3. Age requirement: Mostly, employment visas will not have an upper age limit. It is intended for anyone between 18 and 35 years, depending on their home country.

4. Criminal Status: if you consider working in New Zealand as a foreigner, having a clear record of criminal activities is important.

5. Health / Fitness status: Foreigners applicants who desire to work in New Zealand should be clear of medical illnesses, which mean you must be mentally and physically fit to work in this country.

How Do I Get Sponsored To Work In New Zealand?

In spite the fact that jobs in New Zealand for foreigners with visa sponsorship are not so easy to come by at times, there are few things you need note about easily being sponsored to work in New Zealand. They include the following:

1. You need to identify potential visa sponsorship industries in New Zealand that are short of workers, and Search for Vacant positions through various advertisements.

2. Also, you need to find the firm linking these employers to workers from around the world to make an application.

When applying use the following steps: First, make sure you’re on the right application website, type in your information, include your email address and others, type what you are searching for and where you want on the website and Lastly then apply.

 To start for the New Zealand visa sponsorship job, you will need a New Zealand –style, CV, documents and a job offer. You should know that as a foreign employee, New Zealand employers are most interested in your;

  • Work experience.
  • Qualifications and Education.
  • Technical and personal skills.
  • Community and volunteer experience.

Companies Offering Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In New Zealand

Here is a list of some companies that make provision for jobs in New Zealand for foreigners with visa sponsorship approved by the New Zealand government. 

1. Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Industries: Government Health Care Medical (they provide healthcare, medical and public services).

2. AFFCO Holdings Limited

Industry:  Consumer Staple Products (they provide the world with New Zealand’s finest premium meat products).

3. Landcorp Farming Limited

Landcorp operates a national pastoral farming business of dairy, sheep, beef, and deer farms: 116 farming units adding up to 365,257 hectares.

4. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is one of the leading airlines in New Zealand and in the world at large which provide a corporate product unique in the airline industry.

5. Bunnings Limited

Industry: Retail & Whsle – Discretionary

Being remarkable for providing jobs in New Zealand for foreigners with visa sponsorship, Bunnings Ltd. of New Zealand is a top company that manufactures and distributes building products.

6. Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited

Livestock Improvement Corp Ltd is an agri-tech and herd improvement company.

7. Kmart NZ Holdings Limited

Industry: Retail & Whsle – Discretionary (The Company’s line of business includes the retail sale of a general line of apparel, house wares, hardware, dry goods, home furnishings, and groceries).

8. The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group is largest retailer in New Zealand’s, selling products from household and department store merchandise to tech essentials.

 9. Alliance Group Limited

Industry: Consumer Staple Products (Alliance Group Limited is a famous food company owned by skilled and passionate Kiwi farmers who produce the finest quality free-range grass-fed natural lamb, beef and venison).

10. Lion NZ Limited

Industry: Beverage (Lion New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest alcoholic beverage company).

11. Arvida Limited

Arvida is one of the largest operators of retirement village and aged care facilities in New Zealand providing retirement living accommodation and aged care services to over 4,500 residents in the country. This company now makes available several jobs in New Zealand for foreigners with visa sponsorship for those interested to work with them. 

12.  Mainfreight Limited

Industry: Industrial Services (Mainfreight Limited is a global logistics provider).

High Demanded Jobs In New Zealand For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship

There is a great chance of receiving sponsorship for a New Zealand visa if one of your fields is among the following fields:

  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Engineering
  • Trades
  • Finance / Business
  • Advertisements
  • Telecommunications
  • Health and Social Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Science

Websites To Find Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In New Zealand

Below are some of the top job search websites for job positions in New Zealand you could use:

1. SEEK is the New Zealand number 1 Job website to find all Jobs in New Zealand with Visa Sponsorship. It provides a list of all types of Jobs, fields, names of companies, occupations, and all job descriptions. The first thing is to get a Job.

Here are the procedures to Find a Job on SEEK New Zealand Website:

To apply, first Visit the SEEK website:

  • Next, in the Search Bar enter a Keyword “Visa Sponsorship“
  • Then choose Location “New Zealand“.
  • Now it will compile all Jobs in New Zealand that Supports Visa Sponsorship and other benefits.

Other websites include the following;





New Zealand is one of the world’s most attractive countries to work in if you’re looking for a well-paid visa sponsorship jobs abroad. Not just do these jobs in New Zealand for foreigners with visa sponsorship provide easy entry into the country, but offer incredible opportunities to explore several other benefits.

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