How To Get Paid To Download Apps In 2023

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Last Updated on February 13, 2023

Get Paid To Download Apps

Do you know that you can get paid to download apps? Downloading apps is another way to earn extra money and it’s extremely easy. In order to get paid, some of these apps require you to download other apps and reward you with points that can be exchanged for cash or gift cards, while others require you to engage in other online activities such as watching videos, completing surveys, and downloading other apps.

While the money you make won’t suddenly turn you into another Jeff Bezos, it can be a good side hustle that makes you a few bucks.

Remember that the apps listed here are completely free and you will be paid to download other apps.

How To Get Paid To Download Apps

Here’s a list of the 10 best ways you can get paid to download apps in 2023

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular web reward programs that ensure you get a reward for normal activities you do online.

Once you sign up, you’d discover there are tons of ways to make money, and it’s not just by downloading apps alone. You can watch videos, shop at your favorite retailer, take surveys, search the web, find good deals, and even play games.

You can earn points and redeem those points for gift cards from Amazon and Walmart or get cashback from PayPal.

If you just want to be downloading apps for money, there’s a section on the Swagbucks app dedicated to this too. It works for both Android and IOS users.

Not to worry, it’s not a scam, as Swagbucks has paid out over $463 million in cash to its users and gives out over 7000 gift cards daily.

Visit the Swagbucks website to sign up and start earning today!


2. Grab Points

Another app you can download for money is Grab Points. Asides from Swagbucks, this is my favourite app to use.

Grab Point’s mode of operation is very easy and transparent. Advertisers pay them to get engagements- that is comments, views, social interactions. To do this, GrabPoints recruits users, members like me, and you to do online activities like Watching Videos, Taking Surveys, Completing Offers, Downloading Apps, and More!

And guess what? you earn while doing these activities!. You can get gift cards or cash out using pay pal.

Totally cool for all Android users.

Visit GrabPoints to get your share.


3. Appdown

This money-making app is really easy to use. Appdown is an app that lets you get rewards for installing apps or using its other services. Every day, they add new apps that you can download to make money.

To use this app, first install it on your mobile device then go to the home page of the app where you’ll discover the list of offers. After selecting the one that interests you, you just need to meet the requirements then earn points and redeem these points for rewards like gift cards and cash.

Appdown has a high referral bonus of 50% and this makes it a very interesting app to use. You can win more things if you have a YouTube channel, a blog, or an account with lots of followers on social networks.

I think because it’s very easy to use, there’s no restriction on any android smartphone that can be used.

Visit Appdown to download the app and start earning.


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4. Money App- Cash Rewards App

Just like other apps that let you get paid to download them, you can earn money by watching videos, completing surveys, and of course, downloading apps. When you complete these tasks, you earn credit rewards and you can get paid in as little as two days.

This app updates its new tasks so you never run out of Money Making opportunities. You can do it whenever you please and it doesn’t require maximum effort.

Unlike others, Money App doesn’t give gift card rewards. Instead, they pay you in cash directly to your PayPal account which gives you the opportunity to spend your money as you would want to. And Yes it is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

Start earning now by downloading the app below!


5. Boom Gift

Boom Gift is another outstanding money-making app. You can get rewarded for just playing games, downloading apps, and watching videos. The app is totally free as you don’t need to pay anything to register. In fact, when you refer a friend, you get a referral bonus rate of 30%. Nigga!! that is pretty high.

Boom Gift says you can never run out of tasks to complete as they refresh the tasks daily.

You can get rewards either by cash or a variety of gift cards just by downloading apps. No need to worry if it’s legit or a scam because they have paid out over $10 million in rewards.

To use, download the app, try any of the apps on the list to earn points, and once you earn enough points, you can then redeem them for a variety of rewards. Everyone can earn money as it is available for both Android and IOS users.

Download boom gifts and start earning now.

6. App Karma

AppKarma is one of the well-known apps that pays you to download various apps. The amazing thing about this app is that it focuses mainly on downloading and playing with apps.

So, you don’t need to complete other tasks like taking online surveys and finding great deals. It is ideal for those who just want to get download apps for money. If you refer your friends to the app, you get a referral bonus of 30%. As in, you earn 30% of what they earn!

If you also have a high social media presence either on Youtube or Instagram, AppKarma can help you make money. It is available for Android and IOS devices so that no one misses out.

Sign up to earn now.


7. InstaGC

InstaGC like other apps offers its users the opportunity to earn cash while doing normal online activities they do like watching videos downloading apps and taking surveys. Asides from this regular means of earning points, there is something else – Figure-eight Tasks.

Members who reach a certain level gain access to Figure Eight tasks. It is not available for every user. You just need to complete your tasks and immediately you earn a point. These tasks are simple to complete and do not require your personal information.

To gain access to this task, complete more tasks with different variety, and have an accurate percentage. This helps to increase your level, thereby giving you access to this.

InstaGC offers its users rewards in form of Bitcoin, gift cards, Check, and lots more. You can say it has one of the most varying reward systems and can only be used on your Desktop.

Visit InstaGC to learn more


8. Irazoo

On Irazoo, you can download apps and earn Irazoo points which you can redeem for points. However, Irazoo has third-party members which means they can be direct you elsewhere to redeem your offer.

When you sign up on Irazzo, you earn your first 100 points which you can redeem for rewards like games and electronics from big brands like GameStop and Best Buy. Or you can decide to redeem them for cash from Paypal.

The inventory of apps refreshes daily so you will have new and interesting apps to choose from daily. Irazoo supports Android and IOS devices which means money for everyone!

Start earning now on Irazoo!


9. App Nana

This is quite straightforward. With AppNana you can get any paid app for free. It works just like the others. You need to download an app and earn what’s known as “Nanas” and then redeem them for either paid apps or even a gift card of your choice ranging from Amazon to Xbox.

Not only do you get paid to download new apps, but you also have access to them. Not to worry, AppNana is not a scam as it has a record of paying its users over $9 million in credits. It is also compatible with Android and IOS devices.

Visit AppNana to earn now.


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10. Cash for Apps

Rounding up my list of the best ways to get paid to download an app is Cash for App. This app is the fastest way to get Gift Cards and In-App Purchases for downloading any of their collection of new apps.

For each app you download, you earn points and redeem these points for any gift card of your choice ranging from iTunes gift card to Walmart, eBay, and lots more! Cash for Apps supports both Android and IOS devices.

Sign up on Cash for Apps to get your own free gift card.


IMPORTANT! However, in your quest to download apps for money, it is very important to watch out for apps that ask you to pay for registration and then you can start earning. Some go even further by exaggerating the potential profit. Stay away from such apps as there is a high probability of them becoming a scam.

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