10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get into in Europe in 2023

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Last Updated on April 3, 2023

Are you planning to study dentistry and looking for the easiest dental schools to get into in Europe? Here, in this article we cover the grounds for you. Dentistry remains one of the most respected professions nationally, and an increasing number of young men and women seek to enter dental schools each year.

Easiest Dental Schools to Get into in Europe

The requirements for getting into a dental school can be exhausting to meet up with, and the acceptance rate is mostly low. If you are looking for a dental school with a high acceptance rate, then, this compilation of the easiest dental schools to get into in 2021 is for you.

Every year, dental schools receive thousands of applications from interested students while only accepting a small fraction of those who apply. Generally, the major headache students who wish to study dentistry have is that most dental schools demand a lot of documents and a certain level of academic performance from applicants. Notwithstanding, there are dental schools with good acceptance rates where you can study dentistry.

Here, we compiled a list of dental schools that are quite easy to get into in 2021. This article will throw more light on the basic requirements for these dental schools.

Why is a Dental School Important?

The most important thing to consider in choosing a school should not be the cost, but value. The ratio of quality over price should be considered.

Taking care of your dental health is very important. Truly, having good dental hygiene prevents bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. This is why we all need a Dentist to give us the best dental care we need. In fact, dentistry is one of the best fields to get into.

In addition, a Dentist is also responsible for other operations in the teeth such as the filling and crowning of teeth, the straightening of teeth, and the construction of artificial dentures. However, one can’t just wake up and decide to be a Dentist without attending a dental school.

In simple terms, a dental school is a tertiary educational institution that offers programs for students interested in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases that affect the teeth or gum.

Therefore, if your dream is to attend to the oral healthcare of others, then, attending a Dental school should be a goal you must achieve.

What Do I Need To Apply To A Dental School?

Getting into dental school is so competitive. However, it is not impossible. Dental schools, like every other school, have requirements that should be met by every proposed student.

Before you even get to the application process of any of the easiest dental schools to get into, you have to decide what kind of dental program you want to apply to. Your consideration should be based on these:

  • Firstly, you have to be sure of the accreditation of the school.
  • Secondly, you have to know about the reputation of the school.
  • Also, you should consider the acceptance rate of the school.

Is the School Public Or Private?

Finally, you have to know the number and duration of the program. It is important for each applicant to fully research each institution they plan to apply to. Indeed, it is difficult to get into dental school without a bachelor’s degree. So, if you want to be a dental student, you have to meet up with the requirements below.

Dental School Requirements

Dental school undergraduate course requirements differ from school to school. Here are the basic requirements for anyone who wants to get into dental school.

Before applying to dental school, you must have completed a year of chemistry, biology, physics, organic chemistry, each with laboratory work and English. Also, some dental schools require undergraduate coursework in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, biochemistry and English composition.

In fact, getting into dental school isn’t just a matter of grades. You also need to participate in extracurricular activities that show you’re a well-rounded student.

Try to volunteer, specifically in activities under the dental or health care fields. In fact, the volunteering experience will give you a major edge over other applicants. Shadowing a professional is also encouraged.

Meanwhile, one nice thing about applying to dental school in U.S.A is that the process is streamlined. In fact, you can apply to schools throughout the U.S.A through a single organization. All you need to do is to fill out all the forms once, no matter how many schools you apply to.

Dental schools do not require a particular major, but it requires a majority of student’s degrees in a science area. By the nature of the Dental Admissions Test (DAT), which is mostly Biology and Chemistry, students tend to major in one of those disciplines.

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The DAT score is a requirement for admission to dental school. It is scored on a 1 to 30 scale, while the national average in recent years has been the result of 19 to 20.

If you would like to apply to the easiest dental school, then, you should try your best to achieve the scores that will put you on a competitive footing among all the other applicants.

What is the Dental School Acceptance Rate?

To be accepted by the school of your choice is the goal of every student. However, a school can’t accept every student that submits an application. It is for this reason that you need to also consider the acceptance rate of a school while you apply.

The acceptance rate of a school is determined by the ratio of the number of students who are admitted into that university, to the number of students that applied.

Generally, getting into a Dental School is quite hard. This can easily be attributed to the low acceptance rate of most schools. However, according to research, dental school acceptance rates can be as high as 20% or as low as 0.8%.

Once you’re accepted into a dental school, you will begin a four-year program to complete a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.

So, if you are interested in attending a dental school, you have to make your application stand out, and also, make sure you meet up with the school’s admission requirements. Good luck, as you put in your best.

Tuition Costs at Public Dental Schools

Well, it is not new to us that tuition in public dental schools is lower than tuition in private schools. This is because public schools receive funding from the state and the federal government.

In 2017 – 2018, public school students paid $37,877. This price includes tuition and mandatory fees, but it does not account for living expenses or supplies. The four-year cost of tuition nears $151,508.

Tuition Costs at Private Dental Schools

Private dental schools tend to charge more for tuition. This is because they lack state and federal funding. Tuition costs vary greatly between schools, but on average, private institutions charge $67,087 per year. The four-year cost totals $268,348. In addition, other expenses include lab fees, preclinical supplies, books, dental kits, scrubs, and exam costs.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Dentist?

Getting a degree in dentistry from any of the top accredited dental schools must require you to give it your time and resources.

In fact, the average time required to complete a dentistry program in a dental school is four years. Meanwhile, this is after you must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree program.

Finally, after you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree program, the next step in becoming a dentist is by taking the Dental Admissions Test (DAT). DAT is designed to assess your fit for dental school.

10 Easiest Dental Schools to Get into in Europe

1. University of Mississippi

39.2% Acceptance Rate

The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Dentistry is the only public dental school in this state, located in Jackson. Spending your four years studying dentistry here would be an amazing opportunity. The requirements for admission include completing multiple semesters on English, chemistry, physics, biology/zoology, advanced biology/chemistry, math, and statistics.

This dental school is also a participant of the ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) which we’ll explain at the end of this article.

2. LSU Health Sciences Center

16.8% Acceptance Rate

Don’t let the outdated website fool you, the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans has a modern and vibrant School of Dentistry. This school offers more dentistry courses than usual, including oral and maxillofacial surgery, which can lead to the highest-paying jobs once you graduate (an average salary of $242,370).

But this school is best for residents of Louisiana. For the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, they only accept 56 Louisiana residents, 4 Arkansas residents, and 5 out-of-state residents (other than Arkansas) per year.

3. Ohio State University

14.8% Acceptance Rate

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is one of the best for offering hands-on experience, with clinical training programs and several community service programs. A doctorate from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry prepares you for primary care and dental specialties.

This dental school has recently embarked on a $95-million project to expand and improve the facilities, so students who attend can practice with and learn using the latest technology. This is a large and busy (yet friendly) campus!

4. University of Missouri – Kansas City

14% Acceptance Rate

The School of Dentistry at this university in Kansas City operates a student dental clinic and community clinic in the UMKC Health Sciences District. You can find dentistry options in research fields as well as practicing fields here!

For the Doctor of Dental Surgery program, the average DAT Academic Average is 19 and the average science and math GPA is 3.6. So, while this school has a higher acceptance rate for applications, you’ll still need to pass these high standards

5. Augusta University

13.8% Acceptance Rate

The Dental College of Georgia is located in Augusta as part of the Augusta University. As a student here, you’ll study on campus and may attend one of the many clinics the dental college serves across Georgia – your entire fourth year of studying is dedicated to patient care. There are two degrees on offer: The Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and a dual degree in oral biology.

90% of the applicants accepted will be from the Georgia state, while the other 10% are from other states (or countries).

6. University of Washington

13% Acceptance Rate

The School of Dentistry at the University of Washington (Washington state, not DC) offers graduate and post-doctoral programs plus internships and other learning opportunities. There are also training opportunities in the Office of Research. Based in Seattle, you’ll be in a class with 63 students for the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree – most will likely have a baccalaureate degree already.

Although the small class size makes it harder to get a place, there are fewer course requirements to get into this dental school.

7. East Carolina University

11.3% Acceptance Rate

This public research university in Greenville has eight community service learning centers around North Carolina, for hands-on learning during your dentistry courses. But before you get your hopes up, this university is currently only accepting applicants from within North Carolina. This is to address the lack of practicing dentists currently in the state.

If you do live in North Carolina, you will need a college degree (in any major) before you can apply to this Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) approved dental school.

8. University of Utah

11.1% Acceptance Rate

The University of Utah School of Dentistry only offers one graduate degree (the Doctor in Dental Surgery degree program) and the General Practice Residency Program for advanced clinical dental education.

For the DDS program, there’s the usual list of required courses including various biology and chemistry topics that you must have studied. But for this dental school, you’ll also need to have shadowed a minimum of 4 different dentists for 40 hours total!

The school accepts applicants from all states but prioritizes those from Utah as well as surrounding states such as Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

9. New York University

11.1% Acceptance Rate

NYU College of Dentistry educates almost 10% of the entire country’s dentists! That’s an impressive stat and having NYU College of Dentistry on your resume will certainly be impressive when it comes to finding a job. To be accepted by this dental school, you will need a bachelor’s degree OR a GPA of 3.5 and 90+ credits. You will also need 100 hours of shadowing (observing a working dentist) and three individual letters of evaluation.

10. University of Iowa

10.6% Acceptance Rate

Last on our list is the College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics at The University of Iowa. As well as the DDS program, this university also offers advanced standing programs and graduate specialty programs. You will need a C grade or above in their list of required courses, and evidence of job shadowing (although there’s no minimum number of hours). For the DAT score, the average of accepted dental students to this university is 20.5, just above the national average.

This article compiles the easiest dental schools to get into in Europe in 2023. Read through the article and pick a school that you satisfy their eligibility thoroughly.

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