Buscar Online Booking Portal, Contacts, Routes & Fares

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Last Updated on March 25, 2022

Buscar Online Booking

Buscar Online Booking: Today we will be sharing with you how to do Buscar online ticket booking. Buscar is one of the big bus companies in Kenya. This is an intercity bus service surviving Nairobi city with other big cities and Kenya towns. Most of their buses are Scania models with local bodies assembled in Kenya by Master Fabricator and offering Buscar online bus ticket booking service.

What are the routes covered by Buscar buses?

Buscar Kenya is the passenger transport industry for more than 10 years serving those big cities in Kenya. They have a big number of customers in the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi as well as other big towns like Kitale, Busia, and Malindi. Buscar East Africa limited has expert stuff to serve you whenever you pick to travel by Buscar bus tickets.

Here is a list of cities and towns the Buscar online booking bus operates to:

•    Voi

•    Kilifi

•    Mombasa

•    Mtwapa

•    Malindi

•    Nairobi

•    Bumula

•    Nakuru

•    Eldoret

•    Kisumu

•    Luanda

•    Busia

•    Kanduyi

•    Timboni

•    Webuye

•    Mayueni

•    Kampala

BusCar Kenya routes:

•    Nairobi to Mombasa

•    Nairobi to Malindi

•    Mombasa to Malindi

•    Nairobi to Kampala

•    Mombasa to Kitale

Buscar Kenya Fleet Line

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Buscar is divided into 2 classes, the Cinemax Zone and the Live view zone.

The Cinemax section has got fifteen seats amazingly arranged like you are right in the Cinema. This is the big LCD TV screen and curtains everywhere to increase the cinema view while traveling and right below. There is a big dynamic speaker to bring to live the 3D view of the cinema.

Buscar Buses & Buscar Parcel Mombasa Contact Details

Buscar E.A. Limited

River Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Buscar booking office Mombasa town / Buscar parcel services Mombasa

Mombasa road, Mombasa

Buscar Online Booking Portal

Visit the Buscar Bus online booking portal at https://buscar.co.ke/

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