Top 10 Best Places To Live In South Africa

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Top 10 Best Places To Live In South Africa

South Africa is an opulent destination, a home that has it all ranging from the exotic wildlife in the country, plenty of diversity, and this makes it an excellent destination for expats. The country which is also known as “The Rainbow Nation,” has nine provinces and numerous major and minor cities you can choose from to live in.

Do you want to move to South Africa for any specific purpose be it for vacation, holiday or to pursue a career, and you are looking for a place to live in that will suit your desired lifestyle and aspiration?

In this article we shall consider the 10 best places to live in South Africa. Keep reading for more information.

Interesting Facts About South Africa

  • Home of the world’s most luxurious train
  • The longest continuous wine route on earth is found in South Africa
  • South Africa has 10% of the total bird’s species on earth
  • The only manufacturer of the Mercedes Benz C Class right hand drive cars is none other than South Africa.
  • Table Mountain is one of the oldest mountains on the planet.
  • There are eight amazing world heritage sites in South Africa.
  • The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the world’s 6 floral kingdoms
  • The world’s oldest human remains were found in South Africa
  • The only country in the world where 2 Nobel Peace Prize winners lived on the same street
  • It is the largest meat producer in Africa.

Basic Requirements To Live In South Africa

1. Visa

2. A valid temporary residential permit

3. Permanent Residence Permit

4. Citizenship in South Africa

5. Marriage certificate

10 Best Places To Live In South Africa

Here are the ten best places to live in South Africa;

1. Cape

Cape Town ranks the number one best place to live in South Africa. Situated in the southwest coast, the seaside town of cape is famous, small and friendly, it also a big city with a lots of different neighborhoods.

It’s a popular destination for expats looking for affordable life who also desire to live in waterfront. There’s everything from top nightlife and a load of history, to hipster cafes and a phenomenal dining scene. All of this in the enigmatic shadow of Table Mountain. The crime rate is quite low.

2. East London

East London is known for its luxury and stunning country, located at the Indian Ocean. The country East London is industrious to the core, it a dream country for expats who wants to combine, natural beauty living with urban living. There have an excellent opportunity for wildlife spotting, scores of natural attractions,

 East London offers affordable life in their seaside if you love the sound of an ocean and you will like to live by it great choice you. And you can hang out close to the city’s shops and restaurant, and there’s also top surfing to be had a nearby Nahoon Beach.

3. Durban

The third best place to live in South Africa. And also the third largest city, located in the eastern portion of the country, the culture is infectious. The city is well known for its goodies cheap, sunny, warm climate and beautiful beaches. their food is incredible, Rents and their living cost is low than in Cape Town, and the larger properties in Morningside and Durban North are very popular with expat, families relocating to the city to live. If you choose to live in Durban your healthcare is covered with medical facilities that meet the same quality standards as in the UK.

4. Johannesburg

Johannesburg is situated in the northeastern portion of South Africa, It is also known as the city of Gold and Africa’s largest city to live in. The country is not a relaxed kind of place, but it filled with endless job opportunities.

There are also a ton of museums where you can learn more about the country explore

If you have taste for good food Johannesburg is for you it has a world class restaurant, you can have your detectable food scene. With their low cost of living you can afford anything, The rents for apartments are cheaper than in major UK cities.

In terms of crime some parts of the city has high crime rate, but if you avoid the seedier areas and apply common sense, it shouldn’t detract from the pleasure of living in such a pulsing metropolis. And with their amazing weather you’re free to go

5. Pretoria

Pretoria is a sparkling city, located northwest of Johannesburg. When it comes to the administrative Pretoria is the capital. It is now change to Tswana Ndebele in honor of the chief who ruled the city before Boer arrived. They country has a lots of offer during weekends, markets selling variety of crafts, with things like freedom Park the National Botanical Gardens these areas such as Waterkloof and Boardwalk are safe and green. Pretoria has good amenities, with beautiful vibes the country is safe but some night life can be avoided

6. Wilderness

Wilderness as one of the six best places to live in South Africa, it is located in the Western Cape Province. Wilderness by nature, is a holiday home, the country is small and quite safe. In the summer you can spend time swimming in the sea, at the estuaries of Wilderness, you’ll find a lots of rare kinds of birds in the lagoons and too. The quantity of natural attractions on your doorstep you won’t be disappointed that is if you love nature.

Wilderness is surrounded by rolling hills that are just ripe for getting to grips with the natural environment of the Western Cape. Life in Wilderness is extremely exciting, fun, and cheap too.

7. George

George is located in the Western Cape; it’s a province capital and also legislative capital. The country is also known, as the capital of the Garden Route. George is fashioned town, it is very well developed and has an excellent infrastructure of schools, hospitals. George is small size, and there are many recreational activities to involve for you.

 The country much recreation, good clubs, bars, and restaurants and more than enough stores and local businesses to keep shopping addicts excited In this unique community is quite a welcoming placing if you don’t mind to be known by first name then this place is perfect for you.

8 Franshhoek

Franshhoek is a beautiful vineyard situated in Western Cape of South Africa. It is a natural and serene country, with a lovely history, famous for producing amazing wines.

 Franschhoek residents’ lives high quality life, if you love eating out side Franschhoek is for you, life in this country is quiet, peaceful and enjoyable, filled with luxuries. If you love spending your weekends with your family Franschhoek is for you. Their living cost is very low too.

9 Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay is a country of good amenities, affordable life, located in the Eastern Cape Province of the South Africa. A municipality that is well recognized internationally, if living by the sea is your dream life, and then Jeffreys Bay is the best place for you. It’s a beautiful paradise, swanky bars, trendy cafes, with an amazing social scene, with the wonderful temperature for young couples and single too.

 Jeffreys Bay is well developed and friendly country that thrives on tourism and fishing.

10 Knysna

Knysna is in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, a beautiful city with lots of outdoor activities it is situated at 60km of the east, it is also known as south Africa hidden gem. Its beaches city you can also find secluded sections of the city that are more relaxing, allowing you to settle into a comfortable lifestyle. The population consists of retirees, tourists, and families for the most part. Knysna is safe city, with affordable accommodations, life here is spectacular.


There is no doubt that South Africa is an exciting place to live. I hope the above list of best places to live in South Africa will help you make the perfect decision on where to live and have an exciting time in South Africa.

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