Best Places To Live In Netherlands: Top 7 List

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

Best Places To Live In Netherlands

Have you thought of taking a tour to the most beautiful places in the world? And your income seems to fail? You will be astounded to know that you can afford a luxurious life with as little income as you earn in Netherlands.

What To Know About Netherlands?

For references, Netherlands is a country located in the Northwest of Europe with a population of about 17.7 million people. It is a coastal low land with series of dikes, lakes and canals. Netherlands has 12 distinct provinces with beautiful cities and sites for exploration. This country is rated one of the highest countries in Europe in terms of Quality life, human development, economic and press freedom. It has a number of internationally recognized organizations like the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations (NATO). Furthermore, Netherlands is ranked amongst the first tenth exporting countries in the world having refined petroleum, computers, photo lab equipment as their major export products, yielding lots of employment opportunities.

Top 7 Cities To Live In Netherlands

1. Armsterdam

Armsterdam is a famous and beautiful city in Netherlands, known to be the capital city of the country located in Western Netherlands. It ranks the top cities in Europe and is best known for its commercial activities. It has one of the world’s largest technical companies some of which include Uber, Netflix and Telsa. The university of Armsterdam and the Vrije University are the major universities in the city and one of the best in Netherlands. This city in Netherlands is very safe and provides a perfect and affordable housing system. Life in this city is abit expensive though it offers lots of opportunities for an affordable life. Best places to live in Amsterdam city include;

1) Amsterdam Noord.

2) Amsterdam de Bijlmer.

3) Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

2. Hague

Hague is the third largest country in Netherlands found on the North sea coast of Netherlands with about 500,000 people living in it. Hague is business free environment for expats, and a high employment rate. Though not the capital city of Netherlands, it is famous for hosting the United Nations International Court of Justice and Court of Arbitration. Hague is an excellent place to live in as it provides high security for life’s and properties.It has a clean, efficient and affordable means of transportation. For relaxation and tourism, the city is widely known for its beautiful beaches, classic restaurant and bars, Parks, and museums. Below are some best places in Hague which include;

1) Chinatown The Hague,

2)Haagse Markt,



3. Utrecht

The city of Utrecht ranks the third most amazing cities to live in Netherlands. It is the fourth largest city in netherlands, and is located in the heart of the country. Utrecht homes the busiest rail way and road transportation system due to its central position in Netherlands. It is an ideal place to start up a family or business as the cost of living is cheaper and affordable here than the capital city. It is an environmentally friendly city reknown for its various cultural activities and events. If you desire peace of mind, Utrecht is the perfect place that suits your desire.

Some of Utrecht best places to live in include;

1) City Center.

2) Oost.

3) Stadhuiskwartier.

4) Lombok.

5) Utrecht Zuid.

4. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest and most populous city in Netherlands covering a population of about 2.7 million people. Rotterdam homes the largest European seaport. Due to their aquatic surroundings, the people of Rotterdam usually engage in riverside activities. The city is also known for it’s modernized architectures, cube houses and interesting culture. Rotterdam has lots of museum for tourism and sport clubs with historic and important athletes. The cost of living here is quite affordable with every bit of your life creating a memory of time worthwhile.

Some good places to base in Rotterdam are;

1) Noordereilan

2) Rotterdam Noord

3) Hillegersberg

4) Kralingen

5)Delfshaven: A great place for  Expat.

5. Eindhoven

Eindhoven is widely known for its innovative character and ability to design through their technological advancements. It is the fifth largest city in Netherlands, which lies in the southern part of the country. Yearly, tourist and scholars visit the city’s natural parks to study and view species of wild animals.

Eindhoven’s best 7 Neighbourhoods (2021) includes;

1) Eindhoven-Centrum.

2) Woensel-Noord.

3) Woensel-Zuid.

4) strijp.

5) Gestel.

6. Haarlem

This city is found in the Northwest Netherlands on the river spaarne. There is no boring moment in this city as every passing second is sensational. It is one of the best places to acquire education. It is stunning to know that the cost of living in Haarlem each month is lower and more affordable. It is a suitable place to stay because of it’s relation with other international communities.

The surrounding towns of Bloemendaal, Heemstede, and Overveen are also popular locations among expats.

Some best place to live in Haarlem include;

1) Haarlem City Center

2) Oude Amsterdamsebuurt

3) Kleine Hout

4)  Leidsevaartbuurt

5) Konninginnebuurt

7. Groningen

Groningen is the largest city in the north of Netherlands having a population of about 235,287 inhabitants as at December, 2021. Most of the city’s inhabitants are student which makes it a university city. The best and affordable tertiary education can be acquired in the city of Groningen. During the winter, Groningen is slightly colder then other cities in netherlands. The creative craft and art makes Groningen beautiful and attractive for tourism.

Best places to live  in Groningen are;

1) Schilderswijk and Zeeheldenbuurt. …

2) Oosterport.

3) Rivierenbuurt.

4) Korrewegwijk and Indische Buurt.

5) Oosterpark.


Down listed are some recommend criteria when searching for a good city to live in Netherlands;

  • Cost of Living in a city
  • Housing systems
  • Safety/ security standards
  • Health care sectors
  • Education (where are the international schools located in and around the city)
  • Employment rate
  • Good Infrastructure, Transportation
  • Recreation and Culture: theater, art, festivals, museums, restaurants, parks, etc.
  • Availability of food
  • Climate
  • Geographic location
  • Natural attractions and  outdoor activities
  • Sports/ exercise
  • Shopping, lifestyle


Variety, they say is the spice of life. Move out of your home town, explore and enjoy a better residence in Netherlands. Make the choice now to acquire a good and luxurious life in it’s amazing cities enjoying every single moments of your time in Netherlands.

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