How To Write An Announcement Letter 2022 (With Samples)

Last Updated on August 2, 2022

How To Write An Announcement Letter

When we want to say an official statement or declaration, an announcement comes into play as it allows us to reach a wider volume of audience, gain a voice, and pass across our message to the general public as intended if it’s properly and effectively done. An effective method of sharing information or news that allows businesses or organizations to meet their targeted audience or effectively pass vital information across to a large group or number of people is through the announcement.

An announcement letter is a type of letter that is been used by a number of businesses and for personal situations or needs. Business organizations or companies depending on the focus of the announcement and what it’s meant to achieve, send announcement letters to their clients, sales prospects, or their own employees, either for change in price, vacancy, the introduction of new products, change in the system of operations and position e.g change of ownership and partnership.

What is an announcement letter?

An announcement letter is a formal public statement, notification, or declaration that contains information about an event that has occurred or is about to happen. It can also be seen as a formal document that can emphasize possible changes, actions, or relevant information about something that’s occurring within a company or business organization and society.

When to write an announcement letter?

An announcement letter can be written for diverse reasons depending on the situation. Some reasons are:

  • Job opening
  • New branch location.
  • Change in policy (new or amended).
  • Retirement.
  • Events; birthdays, weddings, obituaries, etc 

How to write an announcement letter?

The following steps are to be followed in writing an announcement letter to have an effective response or feedback.

  • Gather all appreciated information: Gather useful and tangible and relevant information about the announcement to be made before outlining your letter. An announcement letter has the primary objective of highlighting relevant information to the applicable audiences or recipients in the most efficient manner possible. For example in a store, it is important to inform the staff about a new product, its price, and change in the market price of goods which could be a result of inflation or deflation as the case may be.
  • Outline your letter: Outlining what you intend to say is the next step to take when writing an announcement letter. Having a framework for your announcement will help you maintain the organization of your letter that will help your targeted audience clearly understand the letter’s focus and any relevant details that are related to the topic. Furthermore, consider the long-term goal you hope to achieve by sending the letter, such as new prospective business relationships, ensuring and improving customers loyalty and trust.
  • Make it brief: Concentrating on the subject of the announcement from the beginning to end, makes an announcement letter effective. So consider keeping your letter brief and understandable for your recipients. Also, omit or avoid any information that is not relevant to the topic.

Some of the elements to include are:

  • Salutation: Salutation can be informal such as “Dear customer”, or you can personalize it and include names in each letter.
  • Introduction: Make the introductory paragraph brief. It should only include the purpose of the announcement.
  • Body: Here you mention any related details of the announcement. Bullet points can be utilized as it can ensure that your readers remain focused on intended or definite details you want them to keep in mind or get acquainted with.
  • Call to action: This involves giving a proper description of the action that you would like your readers (clients or employees) to act upon. For clients (customers), it may be a discount or promo you’re offering them on a new product. For employees, detailed tasks or targets you want them to achieve or complete within a specific period of time.
  • The benefit to readers: This involves you explaining the benefit of the announcement to both the company and the recipient. This can be placed in the body paragraph or in a separate paragraph.
  • Gratitude: Ensure you extend or express gratitude to your recipient before concluding the letter. If your letter is addressed to clients (customers), thank them for their continued business. If the letter is meant for your employees, consider pointing out how grateful you are for their commitment and efforts to your business. 
  • Remain positive: If the announcement is a challenging one to address, such as tragedy, epidemic hiring freeze, or impending layoffs, try framing the announcement to be positive as possible.

You should consider:

•             Showing appreciation for their hard work.

•             Show concern for their well-being and offer suggestions where possible.

•             Assist them in looking for jobs.

•             Express anticipation of hiring as soon as possible.

Why is writing an announcement letter important?

  • To create awareness about a happening or about to happen event.
  • It expresses a show of value to the recipient.
  • It aids preparation or enables us to have a backup plan not to be taken unaware e.g job layoff, epidemic etc.
  • It allows access to information.

Announcement Letter Samples

To our valued staff

Because of your commitment and dedication to your respective duties and departments in the company, we are pleased to inform you of the budget surplus incurred in the company, and as such this will attract a raise in wages of every member across all departments.

Please find time to meet within your departments to discuss the items you would like to purchase and a more efficient strategy to employ to enhance the continuation of good turnover in sales. Your conclusion should be drafted and mailed to your department managers in a week’s time from today so we can evaluate and access your suggestions for immediate approval.

Thank you for all your selfless service rendered on daily basis. This wouldn’t have happened without the collective efforts and actions of the entire staff.

Warm regards,

Okon Dan.

Dear colleagues,

Please be aware that there will be laying off of some staffs. This is prone current to the current instability of the Market which has driven us into taking this temporal action. We hope that through this measure, we can avoid the close down of the company.

We understand job getting a sustainable job is almost difficult, but we believe with the project we are trying to pursue we will be able to call you back as this current situation will not last long. We appreciate your efforts and value your support of our organization. We look for better times ahead in the nearest future.

Warm regards,

Andrew James


An announcement letter is an important letter that helps enlighten or create awareness about a happening or about to happen event in various spheres of life in society. It could be friendly or otherwise, but whatsoever the case may be it prepares one’s mind. In writing an announcement letter bear in mind your audience, the reason for the announcement, the benefits you stand to achieve, and also the way forward or how to approach it to yield the expected results.

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