Call for Applications: 2023 YouthxYouth Global Action Circle

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

2023 YouthxYouth Global Action Circle

The Global Action Circles (GACs) are peer-to-peer learning journeys, hosted by the YxY youth hosts, where small groups of youth and adult learners meet every other week around an education-related theme and personal learning question.

Each person in the GAC arrives with their own learning question which they explore, deepen, and prototype solutions for the duration of their learning journey and for many, beyond. The GACs are thus intergenerational whilst remaining youth-led and youth-centered. GACs are a uniquely “glocal” experience that enables participants to draw upon the power of global diversity and solidarity to advance local initiatives, and culminate with a final showcase at our annual YxY Learning Festival.


  • This programme is a collective learning journey for all involved, from hosts to participants, it provides the supported and guided space for young people and adult allies to bring their true, full, and curious selves to develop their capacities as activists and changemakers.
  • From theory to practice the GACs allow you to explore your radical curiosities, guiding you as you find clarity in the questions you ponder with a community of humans dedicated to understanding and navigating our rather complex and unjust world.
  • Developing lifelong connections, gaining a committed learning community, developing your capacities, and defining a clear path of action for your radical imaginings are some of the many positive outcomes that this programme offers. 


Applicant should be: 

  • Young person the ages of 15 and 26 years old;
  • An adult ally (27 years+);
  • Committed to learning and growing;
  • Passionate about transforming your education and learning;
  • Able to commit to attending the sessions every two weeks.


As part of the Global Action Circles (GACs) program, each participant is required to create a showcase project to share their learnings with others. The showcase project can be a presentation, a video, a podcast, a blog post, or any other creative format. The showcase is a great opportunity for participants to share their learnings with others and inspire them to take action. It is also a chance for participants to reflect on their learning journey.

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For more information, visit Global Action Circle.

Deadline: July 31, 2023

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