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This article provides a detailed guide on how to access the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) portal, known as YEA Portal Login.

YEA Portal Login

YEA portal login process is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is to access the platform and follow all instructions to complete your application.

This gateway is one among other sophisticated platforms that have been availed by the government to ease service delivery. It is the government’s way of using technology to better the lives of its citizens, especially the youth.

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn, develop your skills, and get financial aid to start your business? The Youth Employment Agency aims to empower the youth via skills training and internship modules, they have created a seamless platform to facilitate easy access. And everyone can go for any national youth employment program after a successful registration.

YEA Registration Requirements

Are you wondering what is required for registration at the YEA portal? Everyone ought to satisfy the following to begin the registration process.

  • Any applicant with an existing or running module cannot apply at the YEA portal.
  • Interested applicants ought to be between the ages of 18 – 35 years.
  • Applicants must possess verifiable data about themselves.
  • YEA has the full mandate to shortlist and engage an applicant.
  • Even if an application is successful, it doesn’t guarantee engagement.
  • Starting July 4, 2017, all applicants that have received a valid and verifiable engagement letter from YEA are considered engaged.
  • Every applicant should have a working phone number. YEA Portal Login

YEA Portal Login

How to Log into YEA Portal and Register for YEA Programme

If you want to register for YEA, you ought to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the official website, and browse the preferred module you desire. You can also check out the artisan directory, job centre, flagship and work abroad programmes.
  • If you are interested in getting a job, click the “job centre” tab at the YEA portal, it will redirect you to the platform. Here, you can fill the online registration form for job seekers.
  • Every module has its registration form and period of application. If the “register for this module” link is active, it will direct you to a page whereby you can complete your registration.
  • YEA District offices also provide registration centres for applicants that cannot access the internet to complete their registration and application.
  • Once successfully filled, print out the form, attach all relevant documentation like your passport, and copy of national identification and submit at your district’s YEA office.

What Vacancies Are Available At YEA?

If you are looking forward to the YEA recruitment, it would be a great idea to familiarize yourself with the programs the state corporation affords the youth.

YEA Modules

The Youth Employment Agency creates jobs for the youth via modules. These give the Ghanaian population a great avenue for earning a source of living. They are as follows:

  • Youth in Community Service and Security: This programme augments the human resource capacity of Ghana’s security services.
  • Youth in Community and Health Assistants: This module seeks to provide employment opportunities for Ghana’s youth by supporting health services in hard-to-reach communities.
  • Youth in Sports: This programme aims to train youth in different sports development management.
  • Youth in Entrepreneurship: The primary aim of this programme is to equip the youth with relevant expertise and skills to create new job opportunities.
  • Youth in Paid Internship: This module targets youth that seek exposure in their profession to boost employability.
  • Youth in Agriculture and Afforestation: Gives the youth opportunities in the agricultural sector and related businesses.
  • Youth in Sanitation and Coastal Assistants: The module gives the youth employment opportunities in the sanitation sector.
  • Community Teaching Assistants: The program creates employment opportunities for the youth via agricultural and related businesses.
  • Youth in Apparels and Textiles: This module trains the youth in the art of textile and garment making to make them employable in the fashion industry.
  • Industrial Attachment: The objective of this module is to provide graduates with hands-on experience to earn them more skills in their professions.
  • Youth in Information Communication Technology: This programme intends to give the youth relevant information technology knowledge required in the labour market.

The Job Centre at the YEA Portal

The Job Centre is the ultimate platform for job recruitment and the creation of employment opportunities for the youth of Ghana. This platform acts as a one-stop-shop to link job seekers with employers and solve unemployment concerns in Ghana.

YEA Salaries for Beneficiaries

Every beneficiary of this government agency’s programs ought to receive some allowances referred to as the YEA salary. This is only for those that are verified and have satisfied all requirements put forward by the Youth Employment Agency.

Ordinarily, beneficiaries fill be YEA timesheet. The monthly sheet is available at the official YEA portal for download. In the form, individuals should fill the days worked in a month as well as their E-zwich and mobile money numbers.

Additionally, beneficiaries are meant to access the Youth Employment exit fund that is paid in bulk. This package is based on the number of months that the beneficiary has worked and been paid.

This exit package amount is usually deducted from the youth’s monthly allowances and is supposed to be paid at the end of their contracts as exit funds. Although many have been confused about the YEA exit fund payment, the management team has, over time, come out clearly on the terms of engagement and what it means.

YEA Renewal

You are probably wondering whether YEA provides beneficiaries opportunities to renew. Although not always, the Youth Employment Agency gives individuals in some module’s re-engagement opportunities after a thorough review of their work.

All successful applicants can access their status of re-engagement from the YEA re-engagement portal. Here, they will find all the necessary details. Additionally, re-engaged beneficiaries should visit their respective district offices to pick their letters.

The YEA portal is massively beneficial to Ghanaian youths that are looking for employment opportunities and to improve their skills. This is amongst the most productive projects that the Ghanaian government has launched to benefit the young population.

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