How To Apply For Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Nigeria 2022 Show

Last Updated on February 9, 2022

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Nigeria

With the show’s former host Frank Edoho back on set, who wants to be millionaire is back people. First aired in October 8 2004, the show is an edutainment and live broadcast where to leave with the money bag, contestants would have to sit on “the hot seat” has Mr Edoho calls it and provide correct answers to fifteen questions.

Who wants to be a millionaire was created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill and Steve Knight following an adaptation from the UK version of the same name and had Drank Edoho as the host.

After a thirteen year break which began on June 25 in 2017, the show’s second series seems to have found its way back into the Nigerian entertainment industry with Frank Edoho as the host which means we’ll be seeing lots of folks on the hot seat again pretty soon.

This super amazing show was a hit while it aired, and for the first time we had Aroma Ufodike make away with a whooping #10m making him the first contestant to have received such prize. I used to stay up all evening to watch the show and even watch the rerun. I remember when my uncle would say “you’re going to compete for who wants to be a millionaire” each time he wanted me to read and I’d freak out, rush into my room and hit my books, it was crazy. With the way the show runs, its hard to predict the kind of questions the host will dash at you.

I know you have lots of questions and i am anticipating, I can’t wait to see what his series will be like, so for those of us who would love to try out, i bet my uncle has dumped the idea of having me contest because little girl grew up hitting books and books.

This show is sponsored by UP in collaboration with BLK Hut media with license of Sony Pictures. The show will commence from March 2022, deadline is on 4th March and will run for 52 weeks airing every Sunday evenings from 8:30pm to 9:30pm so you could watch them on Africa Magic Family on Dstv, Stv and NTA.

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  • You can apply by sending your name, location and phone number to 33854 or 132 using an MTN number at just N100.
  • To answer the weekly home quiz, text your name to 230 at N100.


Dial *569# or *7006*20#. You will be charged N6.58 and then you will have to select from a list of options, something like this;

  • For studio play participation
  • For question of the week
  • For sponsored play

Contestants who qualify will be contacted and date will be scheduled.

Here is how the show works, during the contest session, you will be given three lifelines, “50/50” chance where the computer deletes at random two incorrect answers and leaves you with one wrong question and the correct answer. The “ask a friend” where you get to call a friend, read out the question and receive an answer in 30 seconds is, crazy right? Or the “ask the audience”, spectators get the chance to bail you out by sending the answers, in this part, the majority carries the vote. You should note that this contest is almost like a computer adaptive test where the questions get increasingly difficult but intriguing.

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