Who Owns Newsmax? – Quick Facts About Newsmax You Should Know

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Who Owns Newsmax?

Maybe you know Newsmax very well, but do you know who owns Newsmax, where and when it was founded, key stakeholders and roles? You don’t know? Don’t worry we’ve put together this short article about details of who owns Newsmax that will answer all those questions. Are you ready to ride with us? Let’s go.

Who Owns Newsmax?

Christopher Ruddy founded Newsmax on September 16th, 1998. An American journalist turned producer is the creator of Newsmax. It is a conservative American news and opinion website. A Channel was created by CEO Christopher Ruddy that was set up on 16th June 2014.  The channel reaches an audience of 35 million subscribers through the dish network and Directv. The latest data showed that the network reached about 75 million subscribers. Their tagline is ‘Real news for Real people.’

History of Newsmax

The Newsmax website was first online on 16th September 1998. Christopher Ruddy had few investors backing him up. One of Ruddy’s former employers also invested in the company; they were both at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. James Dale Davidson, the famous author, also became the initial board member and the editor of the financial newsletter. Lord Rees Mogg, the former editor of London times, filled in the Chairman’s seat afterward.

Clinton and Ruddy

The year was 1998; People noticed ruddy and his Network for its ‘anti- Clinton’ content. Then, Newsmax released a conclusive interview that captured the eyes of many as Ruddy interviewed with Clinton and that too a ‘positive one.’ People and the audience were amazed to see this 180-degree change in the atmosphere when there was another positive cover story, including Bill Clinton, in the Newsmax magazine.

To show a tighter bond, Bill Clinton went to the headquarters of the network in West Palm Beach in 2010. In addition, ruddy promised 1 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation in 2014, and Christopher Ruddy went on foundation trips to Africa with Bill Clinton.

Frequently Asked Questions About Newsmax

What services does Newsmax offer?

You can watch the news on their channel and also read about them on their website.

Are there any career opportunities in Newsmax?

Career opportunities are said to be growing day by day.

What is Newsmax all about?

Newsmax is a conservative American news and opinion website. Now the site has its news channel.

So, now we know who owns the channel and website Newsmax. We hope you find the information herein on Who Owns Newsmax interesting and useful.

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