What Companies Are In The Transportation Sector?

Last Updated on October 18, 2022

Companies in the transportation sector provide the service of moving people and things from one place to another: land, sea or air, are the three main means of transportation. Therefore, today we consider what companies are in the transportation field.

What does the transportation sector do?

The transportation industry is a collection of businesses that offers ways to move people, goods, and supplies around the globe. Airlines, road and rail, maritime, freight, highway services, and logistics from one location to another are all included in the transportation sector.

Several different business categories make up the transportation sector, including the following:

  • Air freight: Airlines are needed by businesses that offer logistics and shipping services.
  • Airlines and aviation services: This can include businesses that support or produce airlines, air traffic management systems, heliports, and landing strips.
  • Marine transportation: Marine transportation companies transport people or products across waterways.
  • Highway and motor carriers: Transporting persons or products over highways and roads are the responsibility of highway and motor carriers.
  • Freight railways: Organizations that handle rail freight or passenger traffic.
  • Postal and shipping services: Postal and shipping companies provide services that transport, ship, and deliver goods.
  • Transportation infrastructure: Infrastructure-related businesses in the United States construct, maintain, repair, and provide assistance.

What Companies Are In The Transportation Sector?

Below are the best companies currently operating in different sectors.

Land Transportation

Companies engaged in the movement of people or products over land will profit from the activity, whether the vehicle is a bus carrying passengers, a truck hauling cargo, or a train car carrying hay bales.

The two modes of transportation used the most over land are the automobile and the road. Here are a few examples.

1. UPS

Two teenagers who had each loaned the other $100 in 1907 formed the US Postal Service, Inc. They started the largest and most successful package delivery service in the world in a Seattle basement.

2. Uber

Uber, who invented ride-sharing, is currently the world’s largest ride-sharing business in terms of volume. It is also accessible in 80 other nations and offers quick transit for people who want to move about cities.

3. DHL

One of the leading logistics businesses is DHL. The company transports more than 1.5 billion packages yearly. DHL North America provides shipping services across Canada and the US in less than six days.

4. Enterprise Holdings

In addition to owning Enterprise, National and Alamo are owned by Enterprise Holdings. With around 9,500 locations, the industry powerhouse in automobile rentals earned $22.5 million in 2020.

5. Lyft

Lyft, a ride-sharing service founded in 2012, is second only to Uber in terms of popularity in the US. In 2018, Lyft began encouraging commuters to utilize electric scooters, which customers could find via the Lyft app, following in Uber’s footsteps.

6. The Hertz Corporation

The Hertz Corporation is a significant player in the vehicle rental industry, with around 12,000 outlets as of 2022. The business owns Hertz Rent-a-Vehicle in conjunction with the Thrifty and Dollar rental car brands, with projected revenue of $5.28 billion in 2020.

7. FedEx

One of the most well-known shipping corporations in the world is FedEx, which has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Additionally, they offer excellent freight forwarding services. Most of the world’s largest cities have a FedEx station.

8. Avis-Budget Group

Avis Budget Group is a well-known company that owns the brands Avis, Zipcar, and Budget Rent a Car. The corporation has approximately 11,000 employees throughout the United States, and its 2019 revenue was $9.17 billion.

Air Transportation

You cannot skip air transportation when considering what companies are in the transportation field. We have listed the best ones below:

1. American Airlines

American Airlines is the largest airline in the air transportation sector. American Airlines, founded in 1926, is the biggest airline in the world by fleet size, total passengers carried, and the number of destinations it serves, in addition to the metric of RPK noted above.

With 200 million passengers annually and a major office in Fort Worth, Texas, the airline operates flights to around 350 locations.

2. Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines is the second-largest airline provider in the sector, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta Air Lines was founded in 1925 and started carrying passengers in 1929.

The airline, which has a workforce of over 80,000, flies to more than 300 destinations, averages more than 5,000 flights per day, and carries somewhere about 200 million passengers annually.

3. United Airlines

United Airlines is the third-largest airline company in the aviation sector. In 1931, United Airlines began providing passenger services after being established in 1926.

The airline has flights to more than 300 locations and is based in Chicago, Illinois. With more than 750 Boeing or Airbus aircraft, United Airlines ranks third among all airlines in fleet size and RPK.

4. Emirates

Emirates, a major airline with a base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is another major player in the aviation sector.

It is a state-owned airline that began flying in 1985 and is regarded as one of the major carriers for cargo services globally. With more than 250 aircraft, Emirates is renowned for not being a part of any of the main airline alliances.

5. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is the world’s fifth-largest airline by fleet size. Southwest Airlines is known as the biggest low-cost carrier in the world by most metrics. It was founded in 1967 and started offering passenger aircraft flights in 1971.

It employs over 60,000 people, has a more than 750 aircraft fleet, and flies more national passengers than every US airline.

Water Transportation

Another sector we must cover when considering what companies are in the transportation field is the water route. Below, we are listing some of the biggest companies operating water transportation.

1. Maersk

Maersk has been the world’s leading container ship and supply dealer since 1996. It is available in more than 130 nations.

The company based in Denmark Terminals is always concentrating on helping landside clients and shipping lines with the expansion of their companies.

2. Evergreen Line

Located in Taiwan’s Luzhu District, Evergreen Line is a shipping and cargo transportation business. Over 150 container ships operated by Evergreen travel to about 80 countries globally.

In addition to marine transportation, the corporation also manages ports, shipbuilding, engineering, and estate development.

3. Mediterranean Shipping Company

The second-largest shipping line in the world, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, began operations in 1970. International shipping company Mediterranean Shipping Company is Swiss-Italian.

One of the world’s leading pioneers in container transportation, Mediterranean Shipping Company provides its services globally.

4. Hyundai Merchant Marine

According to vessel capacity, the container shipping and freight company Hyundai Merchant Marine promises to be the biggest in the world.

HMM handles most of South Korea’s exports, and the South Korean corporation has long been the top container carrier in the nation. Its target market is the entire world, and it is one of the best logistics companies in the world.

5. Carnival Corporation

The biggest cruise line in the world is Carnival Corporation, with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. It was first established as Carnival Cruise Line in the 1970s, and it has since expanded to offer services at destinations all over the globe.

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