How to Answer ‘What Attracted You to This Company’ Interview Questions

Last Updated on April 29, 2022

What Attracted You to This Company Answers – Common interview questions employers ask during job interviews are, “What Attracted You to This Company” “Why Are You Interested In This Position”, “Why Do You Want to Work Here”. Have this questions ever been thrown to you in a job interview and you sit right there soaked with sweat lacking what answer to give? This article will make sure you never experience such again.

What Attracted You to This Company Interview Question Answers

Regardless of how the question is phrased- interviewers are measuring how compatible you are with the company. Making incompatible hires is expensive so interviewers have a vested interest in weeding out improper fits.

They also want to know that you have done your due diligence, that you have researched the company and know a sufficient amount about the job and the organization.

They also want to know about your priorities, and your answer will give them insight into such details as whether you value flexible hours more than salary.

When answering, be specific instead of generic, and be positive without becoming overly flattering. Show that you’ve done your research.

How to Answer “What Attracted You to This Company” Interview Questions

Show That You Researched the Company

You reply must demonstrate that you are serious enough about the job to have researched the company to the point that you feel like you are compatible.

To that end your answer should include at least a couple of facts about the company that are not generic. (Statements such as “The Company is great” are generic.) These facts should be part of what attracted you to work for the company.

Suppose that the job description says that the company has a huge picnic every summer for employees and their families. You could answer in part that you value companies that recognize the importance of family togetherness and would love to be able to socialize with your co-workers outside of work hours.

Deploy Flattery

But Not Too Much: You want to be positive when answering top job interview questions. At the same time you want to avoid too much flattery- as it can make you sound empty and superficial. Excessive flattery may come in the form of generic adjectives such as the abovementioned “great-” coupled with others such as “amazing-” “awesome-” and so on.

One may be okay- but don’t repeat and repeat them. Never spend so much time flattering the company that you forget to tie the two elements of the question together: the good things about the company and the similar values you hold.

Specificity goes a long way; explain where you found out these facts or attributes about the company. Suppose that you read about the annual company picnic in a magazine article that profiled family-friendly companies; you want to mention where you found it.

Include Specific Considerations: Recruiters really do want to know what attracted you to the company- so when you read job descriptions- research companies online and chat with current and former employers- keep a few considerations in mind that you can use for your answer.

They include employee satisfaction- what the company can do for your career progression- how the company allows you to pursue your goals- and any opportunities the company provides for a work-life balance. Avoid talking negatively about current and past employers.

Best Answer to “What Attracted You to This Company” Interview Question

1. When I read about your company’s unique approach to customer service last year in [Name of Magazine]- the attraction was immediate. I’m intrigued by your approach to employee wholeness and putting employee happiness first.

Happy employees in turn provide better customer service- so it’s a win-win. That tactic is different- to be sure- and I love innovative approaches. In addition I like the fact that you allow employees to choose their own work hours as long as their results speak for themselves. Companies who trust their employees matter a great deal to me- and the opportunity to set my own work-life balance is immense.

2. I noticed your company last month at [Name of Charity Fundraiser]. In the span of just a few minutes I picked up on what your company is all about: giving back to the community- fostering an atmosphere of employee togetherness outside of work- laughing and having fun- and clowning around- literally! I chatted with a few of the employees working the booth- and everyone was so warm and positive. Further research I conducted when I got home from the event only confirmed what I’d picked up on. My personal values include giving back to the community and having fun doing it- so I knew I had to investigate opportunities to work for your company.

Hopefully, by now you have a good idea of how to answer the question – “What attracted you to this company?” Be specific- show you’ve done your research- and be positive. Start today to prepare for this and other top job interview questions and answers.

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