Major Threats to a Business and Ways to Ensure Your Business is Secure

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What Are the Major Threats to a Business

What Are the Major Threats to a Business

What Are the Major Threats to a Business: Ever since companies started conducting business online, security has been a concern. As the majority of companies have grown their online presence, security has become the biggest threat to the future of these businesses. Much advancement have been made to improve the company’s security, however, those who pose a threat to that security have made advancements in their approach as well.

Since eCommerce has risen to be a massive business in recent years, data has become an essential resource to all businesses. This is because data is used to better understand the customer’s behavior on a regular basis. With this information, companies can create products and effectively market towards their customer’s needs and wants.

As you can imagine, the inability to secure your business’s data has the ability to jeopardize your business. If you have improperly trained employees or ineffective software, you are risking your business’s continuity and credibility. This type of mismanagement could potentially lead to you watching your clients move on to your competition. That is a scenario no business ever wants to witness. So how do you go about preventing this type of catastrophe from occurring? Just as you created a business plan when you started the business, it is imperative that you dedicate just as much care into a security plan. As your most cherished company resource, you cannot allow any room for error that might make your data vulnerable to attack.

There are all types of data out there depending on the type of business and not all data is stored the same. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on data stored digitally and discuss basic security measures that should be universal for all companies. These measures can be built upon to meet the specific needs of your particular business.

Ways to Ensure Your Business is Secure

1. Hire Experts

We all know that an important part of business is keeping a tight budget and avoiding unnecessary expenses. However, when it comes to your company’s security, spare no expense. Security is literally one of the keys to the longevity of your business. Especially, if systems and technology are not your business acumen.

It would behoove you to hire those that are experts in this field. There are many service providers out there, like JDE Consulting, that can assess your systems and pinpoint ways to eliminate the risks to the safety of your systems. They can then devise a variety of packages for you to choose from whether it be on-site backup, integrated solutions, or options for cloud recovery that best meets your specific business needs.

2. Employee Training

Whether or not your business resides in the technological sector of the corporate world or not, new avenues of attacks are being invented daily it seems. So it would be advantageous to keep your employees up-to-date in cybersecurity training. A multitude of threats exist that aim to destroy the integrity of your data.

Threats like computer viruses, worms, and advanced hackers are exhausting every effort to access your valuable data. If your employees are properly trained to spot evidence of these events occurring and take measures to prevent further intrusion, then you have just created a line of defense that is invaluable.

3. Multiple Layers

Since it is impossible to predict how you would be attacked, it would be wise to employ various layers of defense. The first and most important place to start is with your computer network. Make sure that you and your staff create strong passwords for your user accounts and use two-factor authentication when possible.

Also, it is imperative that you have a strong firewall as well and install a licensed antivirus on your network. Just like changing the oil in your car to make sure that it continues to run smoothly, you need to constantly upgrade your security programs. Another measure you can take is to secure all of your company laptops with encryption.

There is a lot that has to happen to truly protect your company’s data and information. Unfortunately, it is a never-ending battle that requires constant attention. However, as long as you are aware, prepared, and employ your defenses, you should have no problem keeping those that pose a threat to your company at bay.

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