10 Best Wedding Souvenir Ideas In Ghana 2022

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Looking for the perfect wedding souvenir for your guests? In this article, we share ideas on some of the best wedding souvenirs in Ghana that will fit your budget.

Wedding Souvenir Ideas In Ghana

A wedding is a great opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a new family. Wedding souvenirs may vary from edible gifts to useful items that are used in everyday life. They don’t have to be very expensive but cute so that the guests feel happy. So, it must be something that will help them remember this special day.

There might be thousands of wedding souvenir ideas, but everything depends on the couple’s taste, budget, and preferences.

No need to choose costly gifts as there are many cheap wedding souvenir ideas. To thank the guests for sharing the special day you can even give some DIY gifts. To commemorate the event, you can put a memorable engraving on the souvenirs. We have got the 10 best wedding souvenir ideas in Ghana that your guests will love!

10 Best Wedding Souvenir Ideas In Ghana

Everyone loves gifts. Ghanan newlyweds give little presents to those who take part in the wedding ceremony. Ghanan brides are very insistent on making their wedding gifts unique. There is no better way to appreciate your guests and family on your special day than to give a cute favor. The wedding favors should not be expensive but be a reminder of the event. Here is a list of the most exciting and memorable gifts.

1. Sets for spices

One of the most useful and pleasant gifts among the top ideas for wedding souvenirs in Ghana for those your friends and family members who enjoy eating spicy food.

Salt and pepper jars are an inseparable couple that symbolizes sharpness and taste to life. It is even more interesting that they are always are together just like the couple hopes. Sounds like it is a wonderful souvenir for a wedding.

2. Succulents

A plant in a small pot looks very cute and can be a symbol of the birth of a new family. It is one of the cheapest though not the worst options at all.

Of course, weddings are expensive, but souvenirs don’t have to be. If you are Ghanan bride on a budget, you will definitely look for some affordable wedding souvenirs. This way you can still give away a piece of happiness.

3. Travel mugs

Cute travel mug also can also be a great wedding souvenir. This is a useful favor that will always remind your guests of the memorable day. Travel mugs designs are numerous, and these items are usually not extremely inexpensive.

4. Hand fans

Exotic design fans originates from China, but it became hugely popular in Africa because of the hot climate. The eastern tradition of giving a fan as a wedding souvenir is very old, but it still is regarded as one of the top ideas.

Custom fans can be a symbolic present featuring a picture of the married couple on one side, and their vows, wedding song lyrics, Bible verses, names of the newlyweds engraved on the other.

It would be better to get some portable hand fans for the wedding guests to let them bring the handy souvenir wherever they want. A hand fan is a very useful souvenir that comes in handy, especially, at the summer wedding. In Ghana, you can easily buy hand fans even in the street market.

5. Unique shot glasses

Shot glasses are another souvenir idea to create a handy gift for wedding guests. Glasses can be beautifully engraved with various inscriptions, wishes, wedding couple’s initials, names, the date of the wedding, etc. Such a practical present will help to solve a few problems at once: to provide the guests with glasses at the wedding party and make remember the event.

6. Jotters

A wedding jotter is another incredible idea for a wedding souvenir. You can even buy simple designed notebooks and create the customized jotters yourself. Giving small but useful presents to guests at weddings is not an unusual thing for Ghanaians.

Everybody uses notebooks to jot down different a thing, that’s why this souvenir can be used to capture the most memorable moments of the special day.

Quick development of the fashion industry in Africa pushes couples to make wedding souvenirs as stylish as possible, and wedding jotters are no exception. Be sure to make a cover for jotter beautiful and personalized. The details to include are the names of the wedding couple or their initials and the date of the wedding.

It’s very easy and affordable to print some funny phrases, Bible verses and newlyweds’ names, photos, calendars, stickers, labels on the jotter cover. If the colour of the jotter matches the colour of the wedding, it looks very harmonious. Depending on your preferences, jotter style and design can be classy, shabby-chic, vintage, minimalistic, etc.

7. Umbrella

During the rainy season in Ghana, everybody needs umbrellas, especially wedding guests. If you are looking for wedding souvenir ideas when it rains cats and dogs, then umbrella can be a right answer! Another advantage is that you can print the pictures of you and your husband on these umbrellas with ease. It’s a very affordable souvenir idea, and all you would need to do is just find a good printer.

8. Fridge magnet

Fridge magnet always comes in handy. This cute and affordable present is easy to carry until the wedding comes to its end. You can also engrave your names and date of the wedding on the magnets.

9. Customized mobile phone

It is definitely very expensive souvenir for wedding guests, but you appreciate your wedding guests that much and want them to feel unforgettably happy at this event, then you may consider this idea. Your guests will not forget this special day for sure.

It is important to give a gift from the bottom of your heart and the price on the price tag does not matter. The cool thing is that guests can take their own wedding photos and make videos. So, if you want your wedding to be as memorable as possible, you are going to give your guests the best wedding souvenir they ever got in their lives.

10. Sunglasses

To show your guests that you care about their comfort, you can buy a pair of sunglasses, customized with your names or just having it plain. This souvenir is really a very useful one, and your guests can use it over and over again after the wedding ceremony.

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