15 Best Vintage Thrift Stores on Instagram South Africa

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Thrifting is a practice that has existed for decades, but its acceptance has changed over the years. Thrift stores have become a sanctuary for many people who want to live on a budget while living sustainably.

Vintage Thrift Stores on Instagram South Africa

Online thrift stores are a booming business and have established themselves as a staple. Today they offer cheap, easily accessible, and totally sustainable fashion.

With so much demand, Instagram has become one of the go-to platforms when it comes to fashion and searching for cool essentials and pieces to buy.

In the 2022 trend report, Instagram reveals that online thrifting is the most preferred by millennials.

In 2022, nearly 1 in 4 (23%) users are expecting to thrift more online through second-hand websites. About the same amount of teens and young adults (24%) are expecting to contribute more to clothing sustainability by selling their own goods through an online store or social media.

In this article, we have put together a list of the most trusted Instagram thrift stores that offer the best vintage and streetwear pieces and are affordable.

15 Best Vintage Thrift Stores on Instagram South Africa

Here is our list below:

1. Vintage Spaza: @vintagespaza

2. Drip Boulevard: @thedripboulevard

3. Jozi Vintage Plug: @jozivintageplug

4. Gully Closet: @gully_closet

5. fabrikhunter: @fabrikhunter

6. Blaqsquare: @blaq.square

7. A Thrift In Jozi: @athriftinjozi

8. Frayznix Vintage Rack: @frayznix_rack

9. Save Vintage: @save__vintage

10. Silk Slack: @silk_slack_store

11. Hyper Thrift Closet: @hypethriftcloset

12. Nighty 9: @nighty9.99

13. Thrifty 031: @thrifty031

14. Propersellthrift: @propersellstore

15. Only Thrift Online: @onlythrift_online

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