List Of Veterinary Schools In New York 2022 (Top 10)

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

Vet Schools in New York

Do you want to earn a veterinary degree and are you looking for the best vet schools in NY? Becoming a veterinarian can be challenging, also, the ability to be a successful vet in New York City comes down to the type of training provided in veterinary schools. Hence, the need to attend the best.

Who is a Vet?

According to Collins dictionary, a Vet or Veterinarian is someone who is qualified to treat sick or injured animals.

They provide every form of medical care to animals including surgery whenever it is required.

Vets are experts who practice veterinary medicine to care for diseases, injuries, and illnesses of animals.

What is Veterinary Medicine?

The field of veterinary medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on diagnosing, preventing and treatment of diseases.

It also assists in preventing illnesses of all kinds of animals from livestock to pets to zoo animals.

What does it mean to study Veterinary Medicine?

Similar to how doctors in human medicine go to medical schools to learn how to manage human medical issues, so do veterinarians. Before they can treat animals, veterinarians must also have extensive training through veterinary schools.

If you are interested in helping an animal as a veterinarian, it is important to be able to practice and learn before taking care of a live animal. The veterinary school provides a solid knowledge base in animal anatomy, physiology, and surgical practices. The veterinary students spend quality time in lectures, gaining knowledge, and in laboratories testing samples and researching animals.

How long is Vet School?

In New York, the Veterinary School is a four-year degree course after a bachelor’s degree program (7-9 years total: 3-5 years undergraduate and 4 years vet school).

How to become a Veterinarian in New York?

To become a veterinarian in New York, to attend an accredited school of veterinary medicine and earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine (D.V.M.) or Veterinariae Medicinae Doctoris (V.M.D). It takes approximately 4 years to complete and includes clinical, laboratory, and class components.

On the other hand, one can become a veterinarian by first obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, zoology, animal science, and other related courses then proceed to apply to veterinary school in New York.

How much does it cost to attend Vet School in NY?

The cost of veterinary colleges in New York typically varies depending upon whether you choose to attend private or public schools.

And also, it depends on how much equipment and facilities the school has, this may influence the amount of tuition fees they charge.

Secondly, the cost of veterinary colleges in New York also varies based on whether the student is a resident of New York or an International student. Resident students always have lesser tuition than non-residents.

Generally, tuition fees for veterinary colleges in New York cost between $148,807 to $407,983 for four years.

Best Veterinary Schools In New York

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Vet Schools in New York 2022.

  1. Cornell University
  2. SUNY College of Technology at Canton
  3. Medaille College
  4. SUNY College of Technology at Delhi
  5. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred
  6. Ulster County Community College
  7. Suffolk County Community College
  8. Mercy College
  9. Genesee Community College
  10. CUNY LaGuardia Community College

1. Cornell University

In particular, Cornell University is a very large university in New York and hosts four colleges and schools. It is one of the very best vet schools in NY. The Great Cornell University of Medicine Veterinary is situated in the finger lakes. The college is now part of SUNY.

Most honorably, the college is internationally reputed as a leader in public health, veterinary and biomedical research.

The College offers both degrees in DVM, Ph.D., Master, and combined, as well as a wide range of continuous veterinary medicine research.

Acceptance Rate: 14%

Tuition: $76,258

2. SUNY College Of Technology At Canton

SUNY Canton is one of the best schools in the state offering 3 exclusive vet programs. They include Veterinary Science Technology (A.A.S), Veterinary Services Administration (B.B.A), Veterinary Technology (B.S).

In particular, scholars who decide to study these programs qualify for the National Veterinary Technology Exam and not only become licensed technicians but also enjoy the professional flexibility offered by their bachelor’s degrees.

The sole goal of the SUNY Canton Veterinary Technology Program is to produce excellent graduates who are ready to start helping in the healthcare field.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics of the US Department of Labour, the careers of graduates are predicted to increase by nearly 40% over the next decade.

Acceptance Rate: 78%

Tuition: $25,284

3. Medaille University

Medaille offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in veterinary technology online or on the Rochester campus as an evening and weekend acceleration program. It ranks as one of the top vet schools in NY.

This program is uniquely formulated to help students achieve their educational goals. With the College Medaille Veterinary Technology program, you can go far.

Medaille’s veterinary technology students not only benefit from the low student-to-teacher ratio but also work with veterinarians and active researcher faculty both in the laboratory and in the field.

Upon successful fulfillment of the program, students will have the essential qualifications to excel in the National Veterinary Technician Examination (VTNE).

Additionally, the program satisfies New York State educational regulations for a license as a trained veterinary technician.

Acceptance Rate: 69%

Tuition: $46,688

4. SUNY College of Technology at Delhi

Suny Delhi presently offers over 60 teaching programs, including several annual certification programs, 46 two-year associate degrees, 20 Bachelor’s and two master’s degrees.

They offered nine degrees online. The types of degrees offered include certificates that include industry bases for different programs in the list (in sectors such as automotive mechanics, furniture making, hydraulic, heating, cooling, etc.), co-professional studies (AOS), associated with applying science (AAS)), and so on.

Acceptance rate: 64.9%

Tuition: $25,720

5. SUNY College of Technology at Alfred

Alfred State College (SUNY Alfred State College) is a public college located in Alfred, New York. It is one of the State University of New York (SUNY) networks.

Formerly Alfred’s Technical College, the university offers a variety of specializations in both a four-year bachelor’s degree and a two-year associate’s degree.

Alfred State University offers 80 specializations in arts, applied technologies, architecture, management, and engineering. Teachers have a 17:1 ratio to students and are naturally well trained in the field while maintaining a connection to the profession.

Acceptance rate: 71.7%

Tuition: $26,205

6. SUNY Ulster County Community College

The Sunny Ulster County community College delivers just a veterinary degree, which is an associate in applied science (A.A.S) degree.

First of all, the Suny Ulster Community College Veterinary Technology program aims to prepare its graduates for the Veterinary Technician national examination (VTNE). The employment rate of their graduates is incredibly high (95%).

Therefore, you have a huge opportunity to get a job in the animal/veterinary field.

Acceptance Rate: 73%

Tuition: $17,340

7. Suffolk County Community College

Suffolk County Community College also makes the list of the best vet schools in NY. It also provides just one veterinary program, the Associate’s Degree in Applied Science (A.A.S.) program.

Also, the Suffolk County Community College Veterinary Technology Program is constructed to develop its graduates for the National Veterinary Technician Examination (VTNE).

The employment rate of graduates is very high (95%). Therefore, you have the opportunity to get a job in the animal/veterinary field.

Acceptance Rate: 56%

Tuition: $19,965

8. Mercy College

The Bachelor of Veterinary Technology Program at Mercy College is solely for the preparation of its graduates for the Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE).

Furthermore, to prepare them for the credentialing Examination, which is only accessible for graduates from registered veterinary technological schools, particularly in New York.

The hiring rate of their graduates is exceptionally high (100%). Therefore, you have the opportunity to get a job on animal / veterinary premises.

In the meantime, veterinary graduates of the Mercy college veterinary program have consistently obtained 98% of the passing rate of VNTE for 20 years and over.

Acceptance Rate: 82%

Tuition: $40,152

9. SUNY Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College in New York is a dynamic veterinary school in NY. The college provides three vet tech programs. The programs include associate in arts (A.A.), associates in science (A.S), an associate in applied science (A.A.S).

The veterinary medicine studies in GCC will redeem many learners and their families thousands of dollars because their tuition fees are incredibly inexpensive.

In addition, their excellent teacher-to-student ratio (small classroom size) will enable students to comprehend adequately.

Acceptance Rate: 59%

Tuition: $ 17,790

10. CUNY LaGuardia Community College

As one of New York’s entirely accredited veterinary technology programs, Laguardia Community College is devoted to delivering educational programs that incorporate classroom training with professional experience.

This philosophy is an ideal system for a veterinary program (Vet Tech). Graduates of Vet Tech Receive a degree in associate of applied science (AAS).

The veterinary technology program is accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Medicine. The graduates of the program are eligible for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) to obtain their NY state licence and use an authorised designation of veterinary technology (LVT).

Acceptance Rate: 56%

Tuition: $32,724

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