URA Vehicle Registration in Uganda | How to Register My New Car

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

URA Vehicle Registration in Uganda

Sometimes information on how to register vehicles or get license plates is not readily accessible or available. So we decided to write an article about it. All vehicles must be registered before they are allowed to travel on the roads. It is very dangerous to drive a car that is not registered. It is against traffic rules and regulations in Uganda and involves penalties.

URA Vehicle Registration in Uganda

Vehicle Registration in Uganda is the legal way to connect you to the car you own. This is a process of allocating of a unique identification number to a particular motor vehicle. This applies to vehicles imported into and within Uganda.

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By registering your vehicle with the department of motor vehicles or transportation agency, you have legal rights over that car, and you can drive it without violating the law. As a rule, the registration is an official document that you carry in the car while driving.

IMPORTANT: “Re-registration” in relation to a vehicle, means the registration of a vehicle from one number plate category to another, where both number plate categories are registrable by URA.​
There are two scenarios that are found in re-registration:

  • Duty Free motor vehicles to ordinary registration plates
  • Old series to new series of registration number plates.​

The process is only done online and to apply for Re-Registration you must have a new registration book in your names.

Why do you need to register your Motor Vehicle?

  • A motor vehicle user can easily claim ownership of their own vehicle or be the title owner since owner details are captured first time on entry of vehicle details in the URA system.
  • The process facilitates acquisition of number plates and registration book for the motor vehicle.
  • Easy access to a loan policy from the bank
  • Easy track of ownership in case of loss of the registration book.
  • Easy transfer of the motor vehicle.
  • One can easily search their motor vehicle details.

Conditions for Motor vehicle registration

Motor Vehicle should be:

  • Legally imported into the country from the country of origin.
  • Fit for the purpose for which it is intended to be used.
  • All relevant duties should have been paid.
  • All other legal documents should have been provided.
  • The vehicle should be legally exported from the country of origin.
  • The importer of the vehicle or motor cycle, must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Required Documents for URA Vehicle Registration

  • Application form signed by the applicant and stamped also if the applicant is a company
  • Original logbook
  • Old registration plate
  • Copy of the applicant’s original ID card
  • Physical verification report of the motor vehicle
  • Certificate of incorporation in case of a company
  • Covering letter in case the applicant is a company
  • TCC in case of PSV and commercial vehicle

URA Online Vehicle Registration

  • Visit the URA web portal https://www.ura.go.ug/index.jsp and Login to your TIN account using TIN and password. Under e-services, Point on Motor Vehicles registration then select applications from the extended menu.
  • Under form type select new form then Purpose of Application as Re-Registration.
  • Fill in all the mandatory fields then click on ReReg Trans & Dereg page and select the plate category you want to change to.
  • Select the attachments and go to the payment Registration page and click on Register Payment. Details of Re-Registration fees will Auto populate, select bank and payment mode then submit the application.
  • Upon submission, you will get an e-acknowledgment receipt. Scroll down the page to print the receipt, print the form and payment slip. Make payments in the selected bank and submit application to Licensing office near you.
  • Your applicant will be send to the Uganda revenue authority(URA) headquarters services office for approval
  • URA will acknowledge receipt of your Motor Vehicle Re-registration application instantly Once you submit all the necessary documents and will notify you about your application status within 2 working days after receiving all the necessary information.

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