Universities In Spain With High Acceptance Rate 2022: Top 10 List

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Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Do you want to study in Spain and you are looking for universities in Spain with high acceptance rate, especially for international students? Then read further, this article has everything you are looking for.

Universities In Spain With High Acceptance Rate

Spain is one of the preferred study abroad destinations in the world. Many international students choose to study in Spain for several reasons. For many students, the main reasons are the quality of education and the friendly and multicultural environment in the country.

Sometimes it is hard to get accepted into Spanish universities due to the high level of competition. However, some universities might have very high acceptance rates. Here’s the list of the universities with the highest acceptance rates in Spain. This list is useful if you want to know the universities in which you have the best chances of getting accepted.

What Is An Acceptance Rate For Spanish Universities?

The acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants accepted into a Spanish University. Usually, it is calculated by the total number of applicants against the number of students accepted.

A higher acceptance rate means higher chances of getting admitted to a university.

This is one of the basic things a student should look out for in order to widen his or her chances of being enrolled in the institution of their choice.

How Acceptance Rate Affects Admission

The acceptance rate of an institution affects the offer of provisional admission in several ways.

If the acceptance rate of a school is low, it shows that the institution has a selective admission policy, and as such fewer applicants are offered admission.

The acceptance rate of an institution does not determine the quality of the school to some extent. This is because acceptance rates act as a measure of an institution’s exclusivity.

Institutions that are highly selective have acceptance rates in the single digits, i.e 7% or 8%. Additionally, schools that many applicants seek admission to usually have the lowest acceptance rates.

Universities In Spain With High Acceptance Rate

Here are some Spanish universities with high acceptance rates; they are those that offer international students an excellent opportunity to study in Spain:

1. University of Girona

Acceptance Rate – 90%

Established in 1446, the University of Girona is one of the oldest institutions for higher education in the world. In 1991, it became reconstituted as a university specialized in Economics, Sciences, Social Science, and Humanities. It currently has five campuses that host more than 15,000 students in total.  It also is one of the Spanish universities with the highest acceptance rates. The university excels in the research department is an active player in the development of present and future societies. According to the U.S. News & World Report, it is ranked 627th in the world based on overall performance.

2. University of Jaen

Acceptance Rate – 89%

Informally known as UJAEN, the University of Jaen has already gained international recognition despite its young age. Founded in 1993, UJAEN has already outperformed its older counterparts. It has its main campus in Jaen and other two satellite campuses located in Ubeda and Linares. The university offers more than 96 undergraduate programs in Social Work, Social Sciences, Health Sciences,  Engineering, among others. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s in Telecommunication Engineering are both taught in English. Approximately 89% of all applicants are accepted into the school. Therefore, the University of Jaen is a university in Spain with a high acceptance rate.

3. University of Valladolid

Acceptance Rate – 85%

Another university in Spain that you should consider applying to is the University of Valladolid because of its high acceptance rates. Similar to the University of Girona, Valladolid is also one of the oldest in the world with its first set of students admitted in the 13th century. Therefore, it has some of the most historic buildings still standing within the university grounds; some dating back to the 15th century. According to recent statistics, the university has enrolled over 32,000 students in the available programs. Although some of the courses are taught in English, it would be a good idea to take Spanish classes before joining. It will not only aid your learning process but also enhance your social life.

4. University of Barcelona

Acceptance Rate – 80%

The city of Barcelona is famous for its footballing side of things, but it has more to offer. The University of Barcelona is one of the best in the world, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In total, the university has 63,000 students enrolled in over 391 programs in various fields of study. According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Barcelona is the best among all Spanish institutions for higher education based on overall performance in and out of class. The U.S. News and World Report ranked UB 45th worldwide in the 2016-17 world rankings. Therefore, despite its high acceptance rate, one will still need outstanding academic results to be considered.

5. University of Rovira I Virgili

Acceptance Rate – 80%

Located in Tarragona and Reus, the University of Rovira (UVR) was founded in 1991. It has other research and teaching institutions in Tortosa and El Vendrell, Spain. In total, all these centers host more than 12,000 students tutored by about 1,500 faculty members. As such, the ratio of the student population and available academic staff is about 1:8, which is impressive since it has an impact on the on-time graduation rate. On joining URV, you will have over 50 programs from which to choose the course that best suits your career option.

6. University of Deusto

Acceptance Rate – 79%

With a 79% acceptance rate, the University of Deusto is another university in Spain with a high acceptance rate. It has more than one and a quarter-century of operation, offering its service to both domestic and international students. The university is a private institution under the ownership of the Society of Jesus, and the oldest Spanish private university (1886). Deusto is subdivided into six colleges and schools; Engineering, Business, Law, Theological, Social & Human Sciences, and Psychology & Education.

7. Complutense University of Madrid

Acceptance Rate – 77%

Looking for a university in the city of Madrid that might suit you? The Complutense University of Madrid has an acceptance rate of 77%. As such, if you are confident about your results, then you have a high chance of being selected as part of the next freshmen. It has one of the most diverse student bodies in the country with over 80 nationalities represented. Also, there are over 300 programs offered for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

8. University of Vigo

Acceptance Rate – 75%

Next on our list of Spanish universities with high acceptance rates is the University of Vigo, which comprises about 14 schools, faculties, and colleges. Another young university in this list was established in 1990, the university hosts over 21,000 students and about 1,500 administrative staff. Some of the most popular courses offered here include Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Forestry Engineering, and Computer Science; hence being considered the most technical in the region.

9. King Juan Carlos University

Acceptance Rate – 70%

Despite being the youngest on this list (founded in 1996), it is the second-largest in Madrid. King Juan Carlos University (UJCR) offers over 200 degree programs in various areas of study. The 44,000 students enrolled in the institution are distributed across three campuses, all composed of at least one school or faculty.

10. University of Valencia

Acceptance Rate – 60%

The 10th in our list of universities in Spain with the highest acceptance rates is the University of Valencia, which is relatively selective despite having one of the highest acceptance rates. It was founded in 1499 and, as the name suggests, is located in Valencia. UV has over 65,000 students (45,000 undergraduates) and at least 3,300 teaching staff, which translates to a ratio of 1:22. Some of the popular fields include arts and humanities, health sciences, engineering, social sciences, and applied sciences.

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