Universities In Ireland With High Acceptance Rate: Top 5 List

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Do you want to study in Ireland and you are looking for universities in Ireland with a high acceptance rate, especially for international students? Then read further, this article has everything you are looking for.

Universities In Ireland With High Acceptance Rate

Ireland is one of the preferred study abroad destinations in the world. Many international students choose to study in Ireland for several reasons. For many students, the main reasons are the quality of education and the friendly and multicultural environment in the country.

Sometimes it is hard to get accepted into universities in Ireland due to the high level of competition. However, some universities might have very high acceptance rates.

Here is the list of some of the universities with the highest acceptance rates in Ireland. This list is useful if you want to know the universities in which you have the best chances of getting accepted.

What Is An Acceptance Rate For Universities In Ireland?

The acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants accepted into a University. Usually, it is calculated by the total number of applicants against the number of students accepted.

A higher acceptance rate means higher chances of getting admitted to a university.

This is one of the basic things a student should look out for in order to widen his or her chances of being enrolled in the institution of their choice.

How Acceptance Rate Affects Admission

The acceptance rate of an institution affects the offer of provisional admission in several ways.

If the acceptance rate of a school is low, it shows that the institution has a selective admission policy, and as such fewer applicants are offered admission.

The acceptance rate of an institution does not determine the quality of the school to some extent. This is because acceptance rates act as a measure of an institution’s exclusivity.

Institutions that are highly selective have acceptance rates in the single digits, i.e 7% or 8%. Additionally, schools that many applicants seek admission to usually have the lowest acceptance rates.

Universities In Ireland With High Acceptance Rate

Here are some universities in Ireland with high acceptance rates; they are those that offer international students an excellent opportunity to study in Ireland:

1. Maynooth University

Acceptance Rate: 73%

As an internationally recognised institution in Ireland, Maynooth University has had accelerated growth over the past few years. It featured among the top 50 young universities (under 50 years) in the 2017 world rankings by Times Higher Education. Maynooth University was founded in 1997 as an autonomous university and was known as NUI Maynooth up until 2014.

The main campus (divided into North and South campuses) is located along Maynooth-Kilcock road. There are over 9,000 undergraduates, 1,800 postgraduates, and 300 doctoral students enrolled in various programs at the institution. As an international student, you can apply to this university in Ireland with high acceptance rates, considering it currently hosts students and staff members from over 20 countries. Arts, Engineering, and Social Sciences are the main faculties and are further subdivided into several departments. On top of specialised subjects in various departments, critical skills is another unit that first years can opt to add to their list of subjects.

2. University of Limerick

Acceptance Rate: 70%

Another least selective university in Ireland is the University of Limerick. It has enrolled just over 11,000 students, and some of them are international students. The school also has employed about 1,300 able members of staff – this brings the ratio to 10 students for every available lecturer. It is divided into four faculties which include Kemmy Business School, Engineering, Arts, and Education & Health Sciences. In total, the university offers 72 undergrad and 103 postgrad programs. Some of the main research areas at UL are Bioengineering, Information Technology, Applied Mathematics, and Energy & Sustainable Environment.

One advantage of studying at the University of Limerick is the fact that it has one of the best industrial links in Europe. As such, once you have completed your studies, the fastest-growing chances of you getting a job are quite high. With a network of more than 1,700 employers, at least 2,000 students are guaranteed placements every year. 

3. Dublin City University

Acceptance Rate: 63%

With just over 45 years of operation (founded in 1975), Dublin City University is with no doubt one of the fastest-growing universities in Ireland. DCU is committed to excellence and not only focuses on academic and research knowledge but also individual talents. The university’s objective is to continue gaining international recognition by mentoring more students from various countries worldwide. Since its founding, Dublin City University has mainly focused on business, computer technology, science & electronics, and communication. These are still its trademark courses with more programs being introduced along the way.

The acceptance rate of about 63% means Dublin City University is one of the universities in Ireland with the highest acceptance rates. If you are planning to pursue an interdisciplinary course, then DCU is your ideal choice. The university was also the first one in Ireland to include a work placement in its degree programs. Dublin City University supports exchange programs, and some of its students are currently studying in France, Germany, Spain, and Austria.

4. Technological University Dublin

Acceptance Rate: 61%

The Technological University Dublin started as an amalgamation of three institutes of technology in Dublin. As such, the university took up all the functions of the three institutions in January 2019. The technology institutes were initially founded in 1887 as Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tallaght, and the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. TU Dublin is currently the first technological university in the Republic of Ireland. It is also the second-largest institution for higher education (third-level) in the country with a student population of over 28,500.

The buildings of the former institutes are currently the university’s three main campuses. The university focuses on the application of theory to real-life issues through work placement and problem-based learning. The 61% acceptance rate puts TU Dublin on the list of the least selective universities in Ireland. At the institution, you will gain more than academics as there are a lot of extracurricular activities such as sports and societies.

5. Griffith College Dublin

Acceptance Rate: 60%

Another university with a high acceptance rate in Ireland is Griffith College Dublin. The institution offers third-level courses to both local and international students. It is also one of the largest third-level institutions in the country – one reason why it accepts many first years every year. It has three main campuses located in Dublin, Limerick, and Cork. In total, this university in Ireland with high acceptance rates hosts over 6,500 students enrolled in 14 faculties and schools.

Griffith College Dublin has programs in various fields such as business, accountancy, law, pharmacy, computing, journalism, and education. Therefore, you can choose your preferred course and start learning as soon as you are ready. Although the university enrolls many newcomers, the number of applications it receives is what makes the acceptance rate fall to about 60%. As such, you will need to have convincing results if you are to be accepted.

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