UK-Kenya Tech Hub Startup-SME Linkage Program 2.0 Application Guide

Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Applications are open for the UK-Kenya Tech Hub Startup-SME Linkage Program 2.0. Metta in partnership with the UK-Kenya Tech Hub presents the Startup-SME linkage program 2.0 aimed at providing tech startups direct linkages to SMEs which fall under their target customers for a chance to secure a commercial deal.

The program will require selected startups to present/demo their solutions to SMEs in a digital live marketplace for a partnership or commercialization deal.

In this program, they define a startup and SMEs through the following lens:

  • An SME is a self-sustaining company with a monthly turnover of over Ksh. 500,000, and has existed for over 5 years. The SME could operate in tech or non-tech front but generally has more stability through a proven business model and well-known products to known customers in known local markets.
  • A startup, on the other hand, would have existed less than 5 years, and characterized by a “move fast, break things” culture and predominantly operate in the tech front with the sole goal of innovating above market standards.


  • 4 free masterclasses modeled on the Deal Making Design Framework.
  • Access to practical templates for deal-making.
  • Participation in the Deal Rooms with potential clients and service providers.
  • Business feature on the Metta and UK-Kenya Tech networks.


Startup: They are looking for post-revenue startups with practical solutions that can help SMEs solve their existing problems. Female-led startups are highly encouraged to apply.

Startups Criteria:

  • Should be open to collaboration.
  • Should be a registered entity.
  • Must be a tech-driven startup.
  • Should have active users on their platform: demonstrate use cases.
  • Offer valid solutions in the thematic areas identified.

SMEs: They are looking for SMEs that are open for a commercial and/or partnership deal with innovative post-revenue tech startups operating in verticals such as HR, customer experience, digital marketing, agriculture, health, logistics, clean energy, e-commerce among others. Sample challenges could include: disrupted sales, logistics inefficiencies, poor website engagement and e-commerce conversion rate, etc.

SME Criteria:

  • Proof of product adoption in the market.
  • Should be a registered entity.
  • Willingness to adopt and leverage tech solutions.
  • Willingness to open its network to startups.


For more information, visit UK-Kenya Tech Hub.

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